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1. Where do items go if I drop them? I often make some planks and check against an item I want (like a masterwork battleaxe) how many I will need. But usually the first time I check I lack the required planks, so I drop the axe. A while later, the axe is gone and nowhere to be found. Where do villages take it? It's a shame to carve the needed planks and then not be able to find the item again to finally buy.

2. Is there a "price list" where I can convert a particular item to a quantity of planks of a given quality?


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Fellow, regarding point 1, i might have an solution.

I think that instead of cancelling the "bartening" and then dropping the axe for yourself (the same way you've picked it up) you are giving the axe to the person you're bartening with. So the villager says "okay, so there's no deal? well, i have the axe now. You won't carry unpaid items anymore"

The problem then is that the person, even carrying the axe that was in the floor, might not will to trade it away.

Tell me if that was the problem with the "misterious vanishing" of the item.

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so I drop the axe.

As stated above or possibly, If you are dropping the item on the floor villagers may as well scoop it up to take elsewhere.. or hold.

I usually try to drop items on the floor "where I found them" if I plan to return for them.
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If you drop the villagers' items outside, they'll pick them up. It can be very hard to track them down again, though *usually* the item will be in someone's inventory.

Just make sure to drop their items inside and they'll always stay there - it seems that items in buildings are treated much the same way as items that belong to you - that is, the villagers won't touch them at all.

Personally, I like to go through the village looking for things I want, then put everything I've found into the northeasternmost building - that way it'll still be there, even if I leave and come back.