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I always start with being a slave. So I ran away and 3 Njerpez were following me. My charachter is big, fast and strong. I ran and finally turned to look and hided. I saw only 1 Njerpez following and he was breathless after running and didnt have a bow.

I collected 3 rocks and let him see me and follow me. When he was 2-4 tiles away i threw all the rocks in his face. He got hurt. I hit him with my knife. He dropped his axe and fell and i killed him by throwing more rocks on his face. I took his stuff...

I went back to Njerpez camp and let them see me and ran away so that i could isolate only one of them and gave the same rock treatment and hit him to avbdomen with the axe.

I did it to third Njerpez also. In some point I got a scar on the shoulder so I left but what a great start for the game.

The key was to let them be breathless after the chase and recover myself when i let them approach. I never thought of using rocks as a deadly weapon.


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Tales like this is have been handed down over the generations. Many keep pet rocks for just such an emergency.

Seriously though... 1-3 rocks in inventory for even veteran characters gives a surprising amount of options. From pinging quick snacks, alerting foes intentionally, starting to make tools and I like to imagine at times just banging a couple rocks together to make music.