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The idea is to inviting the foreign trader to a better location for trading.

1) when meeting a foreign trader in spruce mire during winter time is a nightmare to trade. Its easily miss some of the trader in that wilderness.
2) sometimes you meet a trader that carry masterwork equipment that you been looking a while but turn out you do not carry any fur since you are out on hunting trip.
3) You dont carry very valueable fur all the time since the you might get mug by robbers

1) Inviting the traders to a nearby pine/open mire to conduct business.
2) Inviting the traders to your nearby settlement to trade.

The decision to accept your invite will depend on
1) Distant to the invite location
2) Your reputation, whether you have frequent trade  previously, or kill and rob traders  8)
3) The invite location must be friendly or neutral zone. No njer, robber or hostile creature present.
4) The traders own time to live on the map. They will get despawn when the timer expired.

I believe that businessman aka foreign trader will be businessman whatever civilisation age they happen to be.
They will go anywhere for profit/trade unless that somewhere is well known for robbery, murder...


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Trade stations and the like might help as well.
When I really find something I like I mark the tile so I can return there after having returned home to pick up trade goods, which makes it a little bit easier with the current system.


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yes, either trade posts (make them stop in a few bigger towns or something) or ask them to go to a location.