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« on: May 14, 2018, 01:55:46 AM »
Hi guys can you please help me. I’ve been playing Unreal World for ages, and I’ve gotten really far with this one character. But I’ve just gone on today and it wont let me load the character  (I’ve got 3 save files with different characters).

I load the game up and go on load saved characters, and it shows only 2 save filed with a blank space in the middle, which is where the character I want to load should be. I know the data is still there because I’ve checked and the character folder FELINA (the characters name) is still there.

Please help me!!


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It sounds like the character folder may have corrupt files in it, in which case only Sami can tell if the character can be revived or not. UrW getting killed (by a bug, power outage, or deliberate player action) can corrupt the save, although Sami has improved the resilience a bit.

In general, you should copy the save file periodically (e.g. after every game session) to give you backups to return to if the save gets corrupted. Of course, that doesn't help in the current situation, but may help to handle future problems.


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Not sure if you've e-mail me already, generous473, but yes feel free to contact me and send the savegame.
Sounds like character data has not been saved correctly, reasons can be many numerous from disk write failures to windows cache quirks, but unfortunately also often disastrous.
- Sami | UnReal World creator