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Is there actually any reason to explore caves? Do they ever contain anything? I've explored many caves and never found anything inside, not even bears or other animals, except for the one time I found a Njerp. So, should caves actually be explored, or do they just exist to add more interesting terrain (and shelter, if living in a cave is your thing)?

JEB Davis

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Yes, explore them! It's not a common occurrence, but you can find treasure.
See this story... post #10 March 14


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Not often you'll find something but there is a chance.
In last game I've visited around 15 caves and in 3 of them I've found a bear, traders and:

(3C5A98):p4hd:[:]{05370209}      | You pick up the small knife.
(3C5A98):p4hd:[:]{05370209}      | You pick up the skramasaksi.
(3C5A98):p4hd:[:]{05370209}      | You pick up the maul.

keep looking.

JEB Davis

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Wow, nekot, finding something in about 1 in 5 caves is much higher chance than I've seen. You've got one lucky character!  :)

Dungeon Smash

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I've never personally had this happen, but I've heard that bears can also be found in caves sometimes.


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Funny enough, just today I've encountered things in two caves despite never having any luck before! The first was a bear... and it killed me, unfortunately. Created a new character, and what happened early on was pretty interesting:

So I started out searching for a village to settle near-ish to. While exploring, I encountered a lost adventurer who wanted me to lead him to a village, so I let him tag along. We came across a couple caves on the way, and one of them did contain treasure: a small bronze brooch, a fistful of cranberries (ok...?), and a few leaves from some plant (random plant mod) that it said would make me fall into a trance and journey into the spirit world.

I took that as a sign that the spirits were offering to lead us to the village we were searching for, so I ate the leaves. Sure enough, while tripping on those weird leaves, I stumbled across a village. Go figure!

@JEB Davis That story was a really interesting read! I actually read through the whole thing, not just the cave part, and I'm looking forward to seeing more!

@nekot Wow, okay, that's some really good luck there! And... traders? Can't help but wonder what they were doing lurking in a cave XD