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     Hi there everyone.
    I have a character that from the very beggining got interested in Naodi's mushrooms and got experimenting for months.
    Found out that eating them gets him a bit sick and also to vomit. Normally getting a small injury (-3% to -5%) that recovers alone with time.
    Consuming Meadsweet soups along eating them would decrease these episodes. And get the stomach feel way better.
    Furthermore, doing mixed mushrooms soups (Naodi's with Yellowcoat for example) would cause the Naodi's trip effect but without any vomiting nor injury.
    So that was the recreational dosis he used.
    A soup once in a while. And beyond the effects (all getting weird to the sight) nothing has poped-up as different.
    Working (fishing, making logs, contructing, traps, etc) would tend to be exactly the same as if "clean", swimming and climbing as well. I haven't noticed anything different except for the distortion in the sight.
    After some months i ate a Naodi's alone and even if i had Meadsweet to counter the effects, i got poisoned. Serious injury that scalated along time. No Meadsweet could help and now he's trying to heal by a chaman. As far as i can tell, this poisoning it's getting really serious.

    The post was to, after telling this small story, ask you all what kind of contact have you had with Naodi's mushrooms.
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"When All the rivers get poisoned....
...Then we'll realize"


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One of my survivors took a mushroom, hallucinated for about an hour, went to go check that she'd eliminated all the Njerpez in the local village, hallucinated again for about two hours, took a nap, and discarded the remaining mushroom. No stomach damage.

The hallucination effect was annoying enough that as the player of the game, I won't have my survivors eat those mushrooms again.


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My first time I used a Noadi in a stew and was tripping for days because I kept eating the stew. I then finally realized what that effect was. I never do Noadis because the effect is annoying.


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My survivors will seldom eat them if I want to RP a spirit day, perhaps on the day of meeting the spirit of the forest.

I thought the effects might be useful if I was searching for items or perhaps tracks in a spruce infested area, as the effects make items (not sure about tracks) show up on adjacent tiles and might make them easier to see if they would have been hidden behind a tree.

I have never experienced any injury from eating them raw or soups made with them.

In the real world, vomiting out toxins should help to reduce their effects on the body (as with alcohol), so taking with an antiemetic such as meadsweet would increase the danger of eating these mushrooms.  According to Wiki, a fatal dose of amanita muscaria would be 15 caps.

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Huh, I've never received injury from eating them raw. Vomiting, sometimes, but never any injury penalty. Unless that was changed in a recent update, I have no idea why that happened to you (maybe you accidentally ate something else poisonous?).

I checked the wiki in case that was due to an update; it doesn't say anything about them being poisonous. Now I'm curious, though. In my current game, they should be ready to be harvested soon, so I'll go looking for them to test this out myself.


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(maybe you accidentally ate something else poisonous?)
I had some Bearpaw as well in the inventory, so it could hypothetically have happened. But i recall pretty well was just a single "raw" Naodi's.
Besides i think that you get a "confirmation sign" before eating the bad mushrooms.
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"When All the rivers get poisoned....
...Then we'll realize"


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There was recently a change that introduced a warning about eating unknown mushrooms, but I don't think there's a warning about eating known poisonous ones.
Bearpaw is poisonous (but not deadly so) according to the wiki page on plants, unless cooked (as far as I understand, those types of RL mushrooms can be treated either by drying or by boiling and pouring out the water, but I won't pick any of them [The Njerp Cooking Mod drying does not detoxify them, which isn't exactly surprising]).

I tried Noadi some time early in my UrW career, found the hallucination effects annoying, and lack of spiritual effects disappointing, so I haven't tried since. As far as I recall there was no poisoning involved.

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My characters sometimes eat them for "spiritual" reasons ;)