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After an unfortunate encounter with 4 Njerpez warriors, my tribesman was at about 80% blood loss. Is there anything he can do to increase the rate of blood recovery after he staunches his wounds? Burdock and heather clean wounds; roseroot and meadsweet are painkillers; meadsweet, bogbean, yarrow, milkweed, and golden rod reduce inflammation; burdock and yarrow reduce infection; milkweed, stonecrop, nettle, yarrow, and golden rod reduce bleeding, but as far as I can tell nothing helps regenerate blood.

My tribesman already eats more red meat than is realistically healthy for him. Is there anything he can add to his diet to recover faster?

Also, when you go to the sages for treatment, they tell you to take it easy. Does doing nothing but fishing allow a tribesman to recover faster than doing strenuous work like building a house?


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I'm not aware of any food increasing the blood recovery rate (lingonberries and liver might help a little in real life as they're rich in iron, but I don't think lingonberries have any such effect in UrW).

When my characters have suffered significant blood loss I won't touch the wounds until the blood has recovered, and when starting to treat the wounds again I'd keep blood staunching herbs/blends at the ready.

I doubt UrW actually takes activity level into account. You may try taking sauna baths as they may or may not help (they shouldn't be harmful, anyway, and are certainly the right thing to do from an RP perspective).

And, by the way, how do you manage to get an unfortunate encounter with 4 Njerp warriors? The escaped slave scenario has a war camp, but if you actually managed to flee, you should know it's there. You can also attack Njerp villages (or pass near them, to get attacked), but again, you see the village at a distance.
The third option is that you've managed to find a Njerp war camp that isn't tied to the starting scenario, which would be exciting, as I'm not aware of anyone having found any of these (although they should exist, if I've understood Sami correctly).


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After killing 6 bandits with no major wounds in the Robbers scenario, my survivor decided to take his talent for war on the road and go after the Njerpez. He killed about 2/3rds of a village in hit and run raids and was returning to the site of a recent kill to pick up loot when he was spotted by the 4 warriors. He retreated, but one of them managed to pin him down long enough for two others with bows to get into range.

Lamellar over bear fur is decently protective, and they were all breathless after a long chase, but he still got hit by enough arrows that it was a very touch and go fight at the end.


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I think it's a bug, but if I don't slaughter the entire njerp village in one outing they will automatically reaggro me and be at the same fatigue level I left them at when I return, even after a month (I think same injury level too but I'm not sure.)


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Yeah, I'm seeing that too: njerpez show up a week later, still wounded, still fatigued. I prefer to alternate my direction of attack, coming from the north one day and the south the next, because it seems to minimize the chance that they'll pop up behind me, and I like to zoom in a few tiles out and walk in. So it's possible that they're fatigued from running at me from the center of the village. But it may also be that they're just tired from the previous fight.

It is possible to hide from them, even after they've gone aggro and while they're aggro. My tribesman faced off against another 4 breathless warriors on another village at night in the rain. He could move out of their light range and get behind a rock and go into hiding, and then they would move in his general direction but not right toward him. He managed to get behind one person.

I had a different tribesman in the Runaway slave scenario who spent most of a month playing hide-and-seek in the woods around the Njerpez slave camp. Those guys definitely recovered their fatigue and may have healed a bit. So if there's a bug with Njerpez fatigue recovery, it has something to deal with their villages and not the slave camp.


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I suspect fatigue/injury not being recovered is probably affected by whether the Njerps are active or not. At least in my runaway slave scenarios my characters have been staying only a few tiles from the Njerp war camp, and the Njerps may still be active (I don't know how large the active area is), while if you move away to a "safe" base, e.g. on a single tile island after each raid they may get offloaded and then reloaded in the same state as you return.

I've seen similar anomalies with meat during the height of summer: I've gone away on trips several weeks long, but the meat in the cellar was still fresh as if it hadn't been touched by the degradation checks when returning.

A third anomaly was with a character with a low endurance, which lead to a lot of fainting when getting injured (usually by stupid hirelings who insisted on firing arrows into my character's back). In one robber quest the character was hit by a robber's arrow (for a change), fainted, and promptly transported away and dumped (after being relieved of a lot of gear, of course). The character woke up, returned to the homestead and grabbed new gear (the injury wasn't that bad), and returned to the robbers' tile and was pulled out of the world tile down to exactly the same tile as when fainting, and as far as I could tell everyone had been rooted in place, including the hirelings (one of which blocked physical access to the character by the robbers, by occupying the only access tile).