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Throught the game I found that the temperatures do differ from north to south but not that much. In my opinion being in the north or in the south should change how you play your game. If I live in the north I should start to get worried about the cold much sooner than someone who lives in the south(same for the summer in south). Also winter should be much more colder in north. Moreover terrain type should slightly effect temperatures too. For example if i am on a mountain terrain it should be slightly colder than, say, a forest etc.

Geographically speaking I know that temperatures doesn't differ too much in Finland from north to south(5-6 Celsius most) but as I said this slight difference can be changed for the sake of gameplay.
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as you mentioned there is a difference.

i've had both extreme north and extreme south as playstyles, and its a huge difference.

up north i had trouble farming, the few degrees difference means the ground freezes up a month sooner and unfreezed a month later, farming the the north is much harder then in the south.

there is also less variety in crops and natural plants in the north, but more valueable furs can be gotten there. the north is good hunting grounds.

so basicly, those few degrees difference are the world.


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If would be nice if there was an actual "south" though. Eg:

South: the most plants, some crops also freely growing as grasses
East/West: less plants, less crops (unless in strongly agricultural places, eg sartola and koivula)
North: very few plants, no agriculture in villages

Right now if you just move a little south from any north tribe village, you'll get the full thing, there's no progression.

Also, it's true that it's colder in the north, but you still can't dry earlier and for longer. The drying start/stop periods are fixed.