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In my experiences spoiled and fresh meat/fish doesn't seem to matter. As long as they are raw, animals will eat them(roasted meat/fish is practically useless. They can only be used in rituals). Also as mentioned, try to set your traps away from your camp. In the past, traps used to spawn animals(by a high percent) then Sami changed that to make hunting more realistic. But at the end of his statement he said that traps still attract animals to the area, although considerably low than before(there is also a possibility that your traps may sit empty for months). So take these into consideration when you are placing your traps.
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You still get big and small game, herbivores and carnivores, plus many birds, where there are no traps. So I don't see how you can live without traps around your homestead until you have a few dogs to protect your livestock. Fields will still be raided by birds I believe, doesn't seem that dogs scare them that much.