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As it currently stands, there's a significant risk of falling when climbing trees, especially since the character tends to wear clothes and carry items, which means at 100% skill it's still risky. This causes me never to use tree climbing for looking around, which is a pity. It would be good if the worst that would happen is that you'd fail to get high enough to see far enough, as that would make it a usable option when looking for something.

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i agree, it seems ludicrously dangerous.  in real life, i think people are more likely to get stuck and be forced to climb back down, rather than foolishly step on a branch which cannot support them or some such


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Definitely agree with you. I for example never use tree climbing for the fear of falling. Reducing the chance of falling would be a good idea indeed.


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I think anything carried gives severe penalties when climbing trees.  I was going nuts trying to find a wounded adventurer's camp so I started using it in desperation.  I didn't have any mishaps after I started dropping everything, even taking off heavy winter clothes beforehand.  This character isn't even maxed out on climbing skill.


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Yes, carrying things adds a penalty. However, climbing trees to look for robbers seems like a very bad idea to me. If they're in the area their victim homing devices will cause them to gather around the base of the tree to surround your naked self when you come down.

Unless you have a 0% weight and 0% fatigue penalty and a 100% climbing skill you run the risk of falling, even if it's small, and falling carries with it a significant risk of injury, which may or may not be serious. Stripping/putting clothes back on takes time (and may be life threatening if it's very cold). It's simply not worth the risk.