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Development News / Re: Random little additions...
« Last post by Mati256 on Today at 04:53:13 AM »
I don't think kaumo furs are any different than other regular skins. Except for that one task in the tutorial.
By the way, that is the task I have been stuck in for a while because its winter and I usually travel in summer.
Development News / Re: Random little additions...
« Last post by Silenia on July 23, 2017, 10:37:19 PM »
- added: winter skin/fur descriptor

        And as we know winter furs are more valuable, and it's been like that for a long time. Now there's finally
        also an indication of wintertime furs and skins within the item description.
        For example:
        "Fine winter fox fur" or "Poor winter bear-skin"

Any chance the same could be done for Kaumo furs?  :)
Suggestions / Re: Smoke From Fires Visible From Distance
« Last post by Silenia on July 23, 2017, 10:13:11 PM »
Perhaps rather than have the smoke from fires always visible, have the game treat it like it treats human/animal tracks/presence; that is, a *chance*
*that the character sees/hears it unprompted;
*of the relevant icon being visible on the overland map (and when getting [l]ooked at, a relevant description popping up);
*that the character sees/hears it when "prompted" (that is, actively looking for such things through tracking),
with written descriptions hinting at the likely size of the fire and the overland map icon differing depending on the size of the fire?

"As roaming ahead[,] something suddenly captures your attention.
You notice here/[to the -direction-] a thin wisp[/small spire/thick column/heavy cloud] of smoke." ([,] because the current used statement doesn't actually have a comma, but ought to)

and a similar description when using tracking on the overland map, like

You walk around a little looking for tracks...
You notice here a [thin wisp/small spire/thick column/heavy cloud] of smoke."

and the description when [l]ooking at a fire overland-map icon, something like
"You see [a little/some/a lot of] smoke in the distance there."

As for smoke attracting other humans, perhaps a radius surrounding the relevant overland-tile depending on the fire's size in which already-generated human NPCs have a heightened chance of being attracted? In other words, the smoke not actually *generating* NPCs to be attracted, but if already-generated human NPCs either already are in the relevant radius when you start the fire or pass through said radius while the fire is burning, there is an increased chance they'll head to your campsite?

Perhaps one overland-tile in all directions surrounding the fire-tile for smaller fires (fires lasting anywhere up to a couple of hours), three for medium fires (lasting less than a day) and five for huge fires. (lasting more than a day)

Many, many (smaller) fires should probably be handled differently--like torching a raided village; torching a forest to make room for farmland; anything resembling a wildfire--fires and smoke attract humans, yes, but if it looks like there's a rampant wildfire most folks will opt to head in the opposite direction.

In any case, those are details that would probably require testing by Sami to figure out what works.

Behaviour should probably also be dependant on the kind of NPC they are--townsfolk shouldn't all start heading over en masse to your camp two tiles away just because you're torching the stack of poor boards they weren't interested in. On the other hand, lost woodsmen looking for help would be rather strongly attracted to a campfire--perhaps even moreso than the hostiles.
General Discussion / Re: Killed Companions
« Last post by Saiko Kila on July 23, 2017, 06:11:24 PM »
You can do nothing, but you can later make quests for the village, after they rage subsided. If you want.

You can roleplay a bit, drop some stones on the body to make a grave, or carry it to the cave. Personally I would try to cut it into pieces if it is winter and it won't rot too quick, then dry it, and sell/give to his fellow villagers, so they can retain at least some of his spirit.
Suggestions / Re: Focus on Endgame Content
« Last post by -MrWillisthePoorIslander- on July 23, 2017, 05:37:38 AM »
I imagine each village having a Hetman character which gives higher level quest for players to do, that are slightly harder than the quest given by ordinary people.

Then from there, every two or three villages have a head chief who could give players really hard quest, something like killing a Large Alpha Wolf killing local livestock, retrieving an ancient tribal weapon from a cave, and so on.

I have not played much of the game between work, get ready to move, and other things, but that is what I think will be cool.
Bug reports / Re: F1-12 not working
« Last post by Erkka on July 23, 2017, 02:48:30 AM »
What is your operating system? What kind of hardware do you use (Laptop with integrated keyboard? Desktop with external keyboard?)
Stories / A story of pain and the divines
« Last post by Lopo772 on July 22, 2017, 10:45:00 AM »
The hot summer sun laid like a tortuous rock on Viggu's back. The mosquitoes, which he had grown used to by now, laid like a thick fog in the air. They invaded most parts of the body, including the ears and nostrils, lest you had coated yourself in special tribal tinktures which for some reason kept them at bay. Some of the elders, back in the village, had told Viggu that mosquitoes were signals of protective and helpful spirits, though it was unclear exactly whom was protected by these pestuous things.

His first hunting trip with his father, Juggo, had gone well as of yet. Last evening they had continued their long walk upstream, checking traps and laying new ones where they could. Though having found no large game as of yet they still had more than half of the stream to cover, and were hopeful it would provide for them. They still had left some of the food they had brought along in case of emergency.

Laying himself to bed at their shelter in the evening, Viggu stared up towards the star-filled yet halfly sunny sky. He felt as if he was gazing into the endless distant of generations to come and generations that had gone. He felt at peace, envisiong himself and his future as finally being a true man once he had completed this first hunting trip of his. So important was the ritual of the hunting trip to his tribe (the Kuikka-tribe), that not only could you not marry at all before it had been completed, but each male was expected to make his own Kota and live for himself once he returned from the trip. Viggu had been preparing it back at home for weeks upon weeks, decidingly furnishing it as best he could. Though he would've wished several times help from his friends and family, none such could be given as per the customs of the tribe.

He fell asleep, yet woke again to a quiet and rasping sort of sound. Realising his father was likely out strolling early in the morning, Viggu thought naught of it and attempted heading back to his blissful slumber. Not long afore, however, he was jolted awake by a sudden stirr, a rasped scream that was let out. It was his father, and this was his scream of pain, death, and release from his world. A striking bolt of energy hit Viggu as he rushed towards the lean-to where his father had been sleeping a short distance away on the mire. He found him dead, his eyes closed and his body stiller than ever Viggu could've imagined. The blood-stained mire gave a orange-ish color that was disturbing and sickening to Viggu's eyes. He felt a void, or perhaps an immense pain (he was much to shocked and disturbed to tell which) as he gazed upon what had been his idol and image of the world having drifted away. There were no signs of big struggle, and death had come fast for Juggo. Before Viggu could gather his thoughts further to any sort of emotional slap across the proverbial face, he heard the roar of a beast that couldn't be far away. With the instincts of a true-grown man, Viggu quickly took all supplies he could from his father, all he could need and headed towards the nearest bit of covered forest to make sure he himself was not in range of whatever foul beast that had stricken his father.

With tears swelling in his eyes and his head feeling both full and heavy, he wandered seemingly without aim through the forest. Before long, he had lost his bearings. With no idea where he was, or how to reach his home, he fell to his knees. He cried, screamed and embraced the anguish of what had happened. Whatever creatures might have followed him, the ungodly screams and pure pain flowing from his throat had by now surely driven them away. He might have done this for an hour, he might have done it for a day. Again, he could not tell what really went on. All he knew was pain and pain ten-fold.

When his eyes were drier than a fire, and he felt as if he was wholly empty, he rose to his feet once more. He looked at the seemingly endless rows of trees and remembered the tales he had been told of what happened to each person wen they died. When you died, you left to join the spirit world in the far north, beyond the sea. So the elders said, and so it was for Viggu. He had pondered this in his crying and now looked decidedly at what he presumed (judging by the sun) to be north. He knew his mission, and he knew he could not fail. His tribe and home be damned, he could not bare to come back without his father. He was determined. He would travel as far north as he could, and he would find his father. He would bring him back from the land of the dead, or join him there.

Bug reports / Re: F1-12 not working
« Last post by Maximilien on July 22, 2017, 10:37:50 AM »
What sort of info do you require?
Suggestions / Re: Injuries and maiming
« Last post by PALU on July 22, 2017, 09:19:54 AM »
The loss of the use of an arm or a leg is basically a death sentence in the current UrW if it's permanent, as many activities require the ability to stand or the usage of both hands. Thus, these activities would have to be modified to at least be possible to perform (crutches would allow standing and hobbling rather than crawling, for instance).
Suggestions / Injuries and maiming
« Last post by Mati256 on July 22, 2017, 03:55:21 AM »
Hello. I found this interesting commentary about wounds, stabbing, etc. that might be useful for the wound system of the game.

Also, is anyone interested in a permanent wounds system? For example, the chance to loose an eye or the ability to use an arm or leg for the rest of the game?
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