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It's the header:

.Trim Birch-bark. "Cord" [effort:0] [phys:hands,one-armed]  [assist:1]     *CARPENTRY*  /15m/  |-1| (patch:5) 

(patch:5) is written wrong, it should be [patch:5]

Worked when I tried it with that change.

(But I don't know if it's really relevant to start magically turning eg. birch-bark stuff into cords. )
Bug reports / Re: [3.60] Arrow crafting doesn't remove the cord
« Last post by Sami on Today at 01:56:02 PM »
Fixed now. Shouldn't take too long before next hotfix, but you can also fix this in your own game files by editing diy_glossary.txt and adding remove tag to arrow recipe.

Fixed - persists in 3.60beta-hotfix 1.
Bug reports / Re: [3.60 Beta] Amount of bark from a birch seems low
« Last post by Sami on Today at 01:07:12 PM »
The yield has been quite carefully though over, and for me it is ok. It depends on the 1. season, 2. knife, 3. timbercraft skill. Weight is not to be looked at anymore, as the relevant measure is the length of the strip.
You have to remember that bark from a standing tree is collected at height where you can reach, and it's not even possible to collect it as a long strip at very branchy section of the tree.
If we can come up with IRL reference that suggested that our measures are largely off then we'll adjust it. But just imagine how long strips you actually get, and they are inch or two wide. In reality, in the old times, bark harvesting birches were young with relatively small diameter - this isn't required in the game just yet, but the idea is there.
Bug reports / Re: Fireplace fire lasts too long.
« Last post by Tom H on Today at 01:02:03 PM »
I thought my trial-and-error method had arrived at 18 as the minimum....hmmm, well, that was with my FIRST fireplace ever, so, give this noob credit for consistency since then, anyway.
I really love the release! Unfortunately i've found a bug

That's very fortunate actually, since bugs are something we don't want in there. :)

When you use a 15 feet cord to make arrows, it doesn't deplete at all

Sorry if I did report it in the incorrect way, just couldn't find a proper forum

We have "Bug reports" section right here at the forums.
I'll cut and move your post there. Thanks for the report, and solving it also.

Thanks for your work!!

Edit: I think i've found the bug, check the arrow and the blunt arrow recipe

.Arrow. [effort:1] [phys:hands,one-armed]     *CARPENTRY*        /30/    [patch:5]
{Branch}      [remove] [patchwise] [noquality]
{Feather} (3) [remove] [patchwise] [noquality]
{Cord} =1=    [patchwise]
{Rock}        [remove] [patchwise] [noquality]

.Blunt arrow. [effort:1] [phys:hands,one-armed]  *CARPENTRY*       /45/    [patch:5]
{Branch}      [remove] [patchwise] [noquality]
{Feather} (3) [remove] [patchwise] [noquality]
{Cord} =1=    [remove] [patchwise]

I think the "remove" command needs to be added on the arrow recipe. Did that and now my cord depletes acordingly

Indeed. There's [remove] missing. Thanks.
You mentioned helping to row a boat? Suggestion, can they row the boat so I can shot aquatic life, also fatigue reduction on rowing. Dreams of standing on the prow of a punt hunting for the big white seal that gave me a grievous bleeding bite to my leg (unable to stand)

Rowing/paddling aid is a bit more complex to code, especially if you'd like the watercraft to actually move to a direction while player character is doing something completely else.
But yes, this is also would be cool, so feel free to go ahead and post a suggestion at 'Suggestions'.
General Discussion / Re: Thanks for 3.60 Beta
« Last post by Sami on Today at 12:39:10 PM »
Thanks. Kiitos.
You're welcome. Olkaa hyvät.
At your service. Palveluksessanne.

Let's continue. Jatketaan.


There's no moddable time code. Modding additions are always listed in news.txt.

(PS. Birch-bark canoes weren't actually used in UrW era and setting, and I believe the birches used in birch-bark canoes were of different tree type: paper birch, (lat. Betula papyrifera.),  whereas birches in the game are different type of birches. Paper birch bark properties make it far more suitable for canoes.)
Gameplay questions / Re: stealing questions
« Last post by Roqi on Today at 11:12:51 AM »
What I did was pile up stuff I wanted to steal in a house further away from the rest. I don't know if villagers are fine with you dropping stuff on the ground, but if so, piling it up right next to the village border would help. That way you might hope they won't hang around watching you like they do when they know you have their stuff. Drop all your excess things elsewhere to minimize penalties.

Now, you can either try to sneak in, grab the stuff, and get away unnoticed, or grab it and run. Either way it's best done deep in the night.

If they notice you, you will be chased, and if they catch you, they will initiate the 'you have to pay for those goods now' dialogue. You can just hand their stuff back to them then for only a minor hit to relationship.

Best way by far of robbing villages blind is if they're right next to water. They can't chase you on a punt.

I don't know how long they stay mad, but I do know that all the other villages in the region won't talk to you either for a time.

The 'taken' marker goes away after a while, yes - I didn't count, but it was definitely over a week.
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