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Suggestions / CAPS LOCK indicator
« on: May 22, 2023, 04:51:25 PM »
With "q" for Quaff for drinking being a regular thing the pop up of "do you wish to die" is a bit alarming.. which comes from capital Q aka shift-Q. This happens if caps lock got pressed.

Small thing. Could you add a display in the game screen whether caps lock is on?

Suggestions / So nettle seeds are a thing after all
« on: May 17, 2023, 07:14:45 AM »
Nettles are used in the culture for clothing, its edible and good medicine.

The quantities to make clothing is very high.

Though there is stocks of it in the wilds the farmer characters ought to be able to grow it. Currently threshing doesn't produce a seed so they can not do that.

I was wrong, they just have to be harvested and threshed

Suggestions / Containers need an Unpack command
« on: May 15, 2023, 07:45:04 AM »
Once you put herbs into a container there needs to be a way to get small portions out.

I tested with roseroot in a birch bark container. 1+ lb of roseroot was in the box. When I did the sacrifice it sacrife the whole lot not just one set of leaves.

One context is that I've been using heather for general sacrifice. I decided to put my stocks into a birch-bark container mostly for roleplay an orderly kitchen. Currently my year's supply of ritual heather (200+ sets) is in one shot containers rather than using it the many times.

I can get only a minimal of uses by using smaller containers but its not going to be the 100s.

The "Apply" container needs a way to empty a container to your inventory. The "empty" assumes you are discarding.

Maybe the phrase "Unpack" to off load it to your inventory would work. then player can drop some or all for sorting.

For example 10 lbs of heather in large container but only want 1 lb while travelling on a hunt for medicine or sacrifices.
Unpack to inventory container to inventory, drop 1 lb on floor (not discard), put 9 pls heather back in the large container. Put container down. Pick up 1 lb of heather.

Not bugs / [3.72 p#1] Sauna Stove not an Oven for baking
« on: May 13, 2023, 11:54:01 AM »
Soo.. tad odd...

the Sauna Stove rather than a fireplace... counts as suitable for [boil] but not for [bake]

Showed trying to make a Meat Stew which has [bake] commands. The Meat Soup using [boil] was fine.

Im not sure if thats intended or not.

That it is called a Sauna >Stove< had me thinking it was all purpose thus could bake as well.

If its intended cabins need both a fireplace and sauna after all.

Bug reports / [3.72 p1] Material Iron failed to be Iron
« on: May 12, 2023, 06:27:30 AM »
Its been reported that the recipe below that specifically calls for the material to be iron is giving leather protection instead

thus for now we are experimenting with removing leather from it and similar recipes


//Spectacle helm
.Iron spectacle helm. *CARPENTRY* %-60% /8h/ [effort:3] [phys:hands, arms] |2|
{Steel dome} [remove] [ground] '+for initial frame'
{*steel billet} #2# [remove]    '+add curved plates'
{Iron nails} #0.25# [remove]    '+as rivets'
{Leather} #0.25# [remove]    '+as suspension and head band'
{Ball iron hammer}       '+needs advanced hammer for complex shapes'
{Pliers} [ground]      '+to hold while hammering at odd angles'
{*anvil*} [ground]       '+to hammer on'
{Medieval drill} [ground]    '+to drill rivet holes'
[ARMOUR_COVERAGE:skull face]
// reference showed price 520 torches = 30.6 squirrel hide
//2023-05 no edits applied
//2023-05-08 restore tool name from tongs back to pliers
//2023-05-08 affirming protection properties

Suggestions / Limit drop feathers be wilderness tile
« on: May 11, 2023, 09:26:43 PM »
I've got a lot of birds buzzing about thick as bees in spring sometimes. Dropping random feathers.

I'm also having the "you carry too much you horder" messages popping up. Some line items go to picking up the feathers.

Can we limit the number of stray feathers the game keeps per tile. Sort of a first-dropped-first-deleted or just don't drop if there are already 10+ feathers on the tile.

Suggestions / Building Cabin Cross piece
« on: May 10, 2023, 08:36:57 AM »
Some of us do more complex cabins then just squares and rectangles.

Could you add a cabin graphic for a cross piece. Like an X of logs. Long ends in the four compass directions north, south, east and west. It would look better then the flat joints we have to do right now. Its one tile graphic rather than 4 for possible T junctions which would still benefit from an cross X piece.

Modding / Birch-bark strip comes out in the WEAPON category
« on: May 04, 2023, 08:09:00 AM »
Apparently the Birch is more dangerous than we though.

In BAC it is allowed to gather a whole tree of birch bark at once after felling the birch. Then it is to be processed by big things by the pound but other takes making it into strips. The same strips that would have been done when the tree was standing.

I got most of this working well. However, its appearing in the category of WEAPON like might a rock or axe. It should in Timber so that part is a bug.


.Birch-bark strip. "Birch-bark strip" [phys:hands,one-armed]   *HIDEWORKING* /10m/ |-2| [assist:1]
{*Birch-bark*}   #1# [remove] '+source like a roll'
// oddly default category is weapon


I also tried this variant hoping to move it to Timber but that didn't work. Is CATEGORY an allowed mod verb?

.Birch-bark strip. "Birch-bark strip" [phys:hands,one-armed]   *HIDEWORKING* /10m/ |-2| [assist:1]
{*Birch-bark*}   #1# [remove] '+source like a roll'
// oddly default category is weapon

Play Calle I spend some real life hours doing lots of wilderness map checks looking for the bandits. Did some zoomed in map work.

IIRC in the case of an angry bear that attacked a hunter (where you recover the hand axe) can't you at least spot tracks on the wilderness map?

Looking on the forums seems there is such frustration that this thread exists:

Where they decode where the robbers are.

I think the vanilla game needs to relook at how to play out that quest.

At least wilderness map tracking should come up with "human prints here" or "human prints going north west".

As it is I it turns out that playing a legit fair game and investing in three companions, one of whom was a hunter, was ever going to work.

As my war party has since dispersed my story is written as letting it go as unfindable.

I think this is feedback to make something in the vanilla game to make it practical.

I suggest the finding tracks on the wilderness map on a successful track check, thus character skills matter


If you walk onto the tile with their shelter you get a "there appears to be a shelter here"


On the wilderness tile a pop up with bloodscrapes from a battle, that then put you at one end of tracks leading to their camp. This blood scrape where they ambushed someone.

Hemp flour very much exists in the game from grinding hemp seeds. Ive baked with it.

Trying to use "hemp-flour" as a base item isn't found. I see notes that others tried "clayweed-flour".

I've checked the syntax on vanilla hemp and it is "hemp seed" "hemp-flour"

somehow "hemp-flour" isn't a valid base object though "rye-flour" is.

Suggestions / Transport sea or land, carry not based on weight
« on: May 02, 2023, 10:35:42 PM »
One of the current things (if it still is) is that how much a boat or raft could carry was done as multipler of the weight. While simple its full inaccuracies.

For instance if you hollow out a log (modded BAC option) you reduce the weight of the log by XXX which is how much load you should gain (carrying you and your stuff in the hollowed out space). In stead the dug out log loses capacity as its own weight is down.

The BAC has some suggestions for intended floatation of objects.

I was thinking with the upcoming land carry like a travois that it would need the same thing. If the land code could get then could the same changes be made to the water code.

That I would hope for is objects for sea/land have:

Is boat? yes/no
Is land load helper? yes/no

Weight of object
Volume of the object internal
Load reduction
Flotation of the object (includes itself)

You could then have a 200 lb log that could float 400 lbs (available of 200) then dig it out to be...

100 lb dug out
100 lb internal volume
Floatation of 400 (available 300)

Rafts might not change the % load for propulsion but perhaps better punts might.

Likewise  a bag has (example figures)
2 lb item weight
20 lb volume
20 lb flotation (if you filled it up with air)
0 % load reduction

But if you make a bag with strap perhaps
3 lb item weight
20 lb volume
20 lb flotation (if you filled it up with air)
50 % load reduction

Bug reports / 3.70 p1 problems with [WEIGHT:###] command
« on: May 02, 2023, 08:31:40 PM »
For modding in our own items the Weight command lets us set a custom weight. Will post the code shortly.

In the BAC for making a boat the Finnish punt I'm seeing wrong weights coming out. The code phrasing appears correct to me and others. These middle steps are using the base item container. A dug out log could actually be used to hold liquids etc.

Instead of the 150 lbs or 100 lbs of steps its coming in at 23.2 pounds.
At 99 lbs it came in at 22.2 lbs.
Is it wierd that it has a decimal weight?

Guesses I 've made are
= that it using the base object but then 99 lbs came at at 22.2 not 23.2.
= That it has trouble with 3 digit weights but again 99 lbs also was wrong

I'm particularily concerned if the final weight will be wrong as it using a boat type base object whose ability to float is currently a mutiplier on weight. A tiny 22-23 lb weight will be a serious fail.

I am reasonably sure that in early versions this was tested as BAC was being built up but it has been some time since then.


// >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
// Finnish dug out punt
// uses 6 steps
// Brygun's inspiraton based on discussions at
// espicially Erkka (co-dev of UrW) sharing a youtube
// Requires a Stone adze axe or Iron adze axe

//Start with "log" not trunk

.Pointed log. "Log" *TIMBERCRAFT* [effort:4] [phys:arms legs stance] /2.5h/ [assist:3]
{Log}      [remove] [ground] [noquality]    '+as a log smoothed on sides'
{Axe}<Broad axe>

//Shallow log (first cuttings)
.Shallow dug hull. "Wooden tub" *CARPENTRY* [effort:4] [phys:arms legs stance] /6h/ \4h\ [assist:3]
{Pointed log} (1) [ground] [remove]
{Axe} <Hand axe>
{Fire} '+to start a burn'
{Firewood} (12) [remove] '+to but in area to weaken'
// Here a hand axe can be used as you are at the open top

.Medium dug hull. "Wooden tub" *CARPENTRY* [effort:4] [phys:arms legs stance] /6h/ \4h\ [assist:3]
{Shallow dug hull} (1) [remove] [ground]
{*adze axe} '+to dig out deeper weakened burned material'
{Fire} '+to continue the burn'
{Firewood} (12) [remove] '+to but in area to weaken'
// here the adze axe is needed due the confined interior space
// this stage could also be used for a trough for
// food or water laid out for herd animals

.Deep dug hull. "Wooden tub" *CARPENTRY* [effort:4] [phys:arms legs stance] /6h/ [assist:3]
{Medium dug hull} (1) [remove] [ground]
{*adze axe} '+to dig out deeper weakened burned material'
// here the adze axe is needed due the confined interior space
// This stage could also be used as a trough for soaking leather

.Expanded log hull. "Wooden tub" *CARPENTRY* [effort:3] [phys:arms legs stance] /6h/ \6h\ [assist:3]
{Deep dug hull} (1) [remove] [ground]
{*glue} #3# [remove] [ground] '+to mix into steaming sealer'
{Water} #12# [remove] [ground] '+to mix into steaming sealer'
{*pot} [ground] '+to hold hot mix' [noquality]
{Fire} '+nearby to start heating'
{Firewood}  (6)'+to sustain fire for heating' [noquality]
{Wooden stake} (6) [ground] '+as first spreader pairs' [noquality]
{Slender trunk} (6) [ground] '+as later spreader pairs' [noquality]
{Block of wood} (3) [ground] '+as weights' [noquality]
{Tying equipment} =45= [ground] '+to secure weights to spreaders' [noquality]

//Final trimming
//pun: Finish the Finnish Punt
.Finish a Finnish punt. "Punt" *CARPENTRY* [effort:2] [phys:arms legs stance] /6h/ [assist:3]
{Expanded log hull} (1) [remove] [ground]
{Knife} <Small knife> '+for planing and smoothing'
{Rock} (1) '+to hammer knife as a chisel' [noquality]
{*glue} #2# [remove] [ground] '+to seal defects' [noquality]
{*pot} [ground] '+to hold hot glue' [noquality]
{Fire} '+to soften glue'
[NAME:Finnish punt]
// desired flotation 1800 lbs
// Log had 800,
// expanding gets 2/3 more per side or 800 x .66 x 2 = 1056
// ends got shaped -50,
// can haul 1 - 2 tree trunks plus crewman and gear

Stories / [Brygun] The Story of Calle (long story style)
« on: April 27, 2023, 10:12:47 AM »
Real world its April 2023 and I've decided to go another round of Unreal World play with story writing. Those familiar with my early ones know this thread will be growing journal style.

The next few posts are the preamples setups

Character for 2023 April

Links to my other stories:





The island challenge

An adventure to emulate Conan

A long adventure establishing a first winter house

Modding / Changing vanilla craft menu names
« on: August 01, 2021, 01:51:07 AM »
With the upcoming 3.70 "Fishing" is being added as a menu with only a few vanilla items.

The BAC mod Im caretaking uses almost all the menu slots.

It would be very helpful if as a modder I could reassign the vanilla menu names.

Im sure as other items will get added there will be future collisions that this would help avoid.


The harder thing of allowing a layer of submenus then all of the BAC could be under one letter with its own slew of menus

Suggestions / For the weaving update: other cord types
« on: May 14, 2021, 07:07:25 AM »
Some other cord types that could be incorporated in the upcoming could be other cordage types like:

Bast cord made from the Pholem. The inner bark on top of the sap wood but under the other bark. One of the other modders suggested it and I rolled it into the BAC and even being doing it real life. Its actually spiffy to be able to make my own primitive cordage. Very time consuming and... surprisingly dusty.

Backstraps from deer, elk and stag to give useful sinew

Split spruce roots. When the ground is not frozen you can dig them up then carefully split them.

These are in the BAC so an option for them exists. Im just thinking that they could be rolled out into vanilla. The backstrap one though could get tricky as youd have to make a carcass as having had its backstrap "striped" or "destrapped" or some other wording.

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