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Hi folks!

Welcome to Primitive Technology and Quality of Life mod!

This mod is a combo of new and old mods + some personal tweaks that I use most of the time.
I thought of sharing, if these combos make the game more pleasant to me it could make it better for others too =)

Special Thanks!
Buoidda, Brygun, Endive, Privateer and Rain for most of the items in the list!
Simon for the great Shaman Mod (I'm planning to add more of it)
Brygun again for uniting the mods in the BAC project
And the community as a whole for helping on lot's of ways :D

The main changes of this mod are aimed to make the Primitive Technology experience a little better
(at least I hope so)

Most crafting recipes are easier to make, but to balance this most prices were adjusted,
Most prices in original mods were using the value of that reader program (can't remember the name),
but the prices in the code are in squirrel hides, so an arrow with value like 7 or 8 is now value 1.
Don't know if this would change in the future...

Sorry if bad english as it's not my native language, I hope most of it is alright.

Main changes:

Make kota out of Thatch cover;
Now it's possible to smoke inside kotas! (this was a common demand in the community);
Now it's possible to use seasoning in roasted meats!;
Some Shaman Mod recipes are back! on mine and more menu;
Lot's of *COMMON* skill tags changed to make skill levels more relevant;
Lot's of stone age weapons and recipes using bones and stones;
Make bellows out of clay (as in Primitive Technology's youtube channel);
Most items that require axes now can be made with other cutting material;
Reduced lot's of items time requirements;
Changed lot's of items weights.
And a few things more!

If someone could help me making the thatchcover image readable in the game, I would thank you so much!
Somehow I could not make it work =/

Here's the Primitive Technology challenge!
This was a challenge back in the old forums, can't remember the name though...

Start as Hurt, Helpless and Afraid;
No Kaumo/Owl-tribe culture;
No living in the wild game course, or if you choose this you need to destroy all given items;
"Sacrifice" your first knife!

All items used must be harvested in nature or "Do it Yourself"
You can trade food or furs for food only!

After you make your first iron tools or cloth you can trade freely! Congratz! You have won the challenge! :D

Good Luck! and Have Fun! :D

Edit: Corrected the .Split boards. recipe!
Edit 2: Corrected more recipes and fixed some errors =)

Stories / Instakill Bull Elk
« on: April 10, 2019, 09:17:52 PM »
I'm just sharing with the community.

Never thought it was possible to instakill one bull elk lol  ;D
First time I one shoot an animal!

I was using a javelin! Yes! a javelin! I'm 70% skill with spears and I was like 2-3tiles (don't know how diagonal tiles count).

When I saw the Elk going to the woods I tried to sneak past it so I could lure him to the bog, where it is easier to follow it. After a few sneak walks I have found the Elk very close to me! Then I order my companion to attack and threw a jav on it!! Bang! Istakill! :D

So excited lol

imgur with stats (I don't know how much in number are those yellow bars)

« on: July 03, 2018, 09:47:49 PM »
I can't mod buildings!

I try to use a different kota type, even created a .png image for each part, but I can only replace the existing vanilla kota image, can't use the original AND the mod one :/

Any idea to how mod building works? It seems that it's inverted, like:
.This name is the original object. and
"This name is the name in the menu"

This code works, but created a vanilla kota cover, the image doesn't work :/

.North-west corner of a kota. "North-west corner of hut" [effort:2]  *BUILDING*  /30/   %10%
{Thatch cover} [remove] [ground]
{Slender trunk} [remove] [ground]

Tried this and it does the same as the first one

.North-west corner of a kota. "North-west corner of hut" [effort:2]  *BUILDING* [GFX_X:5] [GFX_Y:0] /20/   %10%
{Thatch cover} [remove] [ground]
{Slender trunk} [remove] [ground]

Tried this code and it doesn't work in diy_txt and biy_txt the menu option doesn't appear

.Eastern wall of hut. "Eastern wall of a kota" [effort:2]  *BUILDING* /30/   %10%
{Thatch cover} [remove] [ground]
{Slender trunk} [remove] [ground]

Is there a way to mod buildings using new images and items?

Modding / More Armour!! (First try to make a mod)
« on: June 29, 2018, 07:42:40 PM »
Are you tired of getting all sweat with your fur armour?
You don't have 9999 squirrel hides to pay for iron and mail?
Did you learn something when killing some Njerpz? They got some interesting gear...

What if you use leather? or some parts of that lamellar to make some armour? or even birch-bark!
So you take a look at your fur clothes, then at the armour people are using and you get the idea, let's try to make our own armour! More armour!

(just modified some existing things, it's my first try to make a public mod, don't know if this idea already exists)

For birch-bark lace use Buoidda's crafts mod for Barkware

Hope you enjoy :)

Suggestions / Animals aggro? Animals can become less scared
« on: June 15, 2018, 03:15:34 PM »
Hi guys!

First, this game is awesome! The only thing I don't like is that the animals that are prey they run away too fast and when in the forest you can't track them down. When you chase an animal they keep a distance, but isn't 50 meters too much?

When you are alone active hunting is too difficult.When you hunt with a dog is too easy... I know it needs to be challenging and that I like, but sometimes if I don't reroll my char until I get speed very high active hunting is nearly impossible..


>Carnivores should be more aggressive, like a pack of wolves, bears, lynx, even boars are aggressive sometimes. I just don't know in what level of aggressiveness.
>Prey could flee a little, very little less. Or you could see the direction of sound a little more dinamic, because I can see the sound direction in portrait but not in the map.
Something like Project Zomboid zombie detection, you see a transparent zombie when you hear them.

What do you guys think?
This game is great! Keep it up :)

(sorry if bad english, I'm BR)

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