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Anachronistic swords The armors right now have been rectified and now all armors seem to be historically accurate. But the swords are still very historically inaccurate!

Considering that the game takes place roughly in the 9th-11th century, the bastard sword (40-48 inches) is unlikely to exist. It's minorly plausible that some existed, but there doesn't seem to be any historical examples. Maybe this could be kept in the game and renamed to war sword and made much rarer. Broadswords should be renamed to simply sword.

The battlesword which weighs 8 lbs and is 48-60 inches in length would CERTAINLY not exist in this period. Weapons like these were used in the 16th century, which means they are even more anachronistic than plate armor.

But since giant swords are kind of cool, with its removal we should add some other cool weapon to fill the void. One plausible weapon is the glaive/halberd which some Viking sagas make reference to. Since the URW has contact to eastern peoples who historically DID use glaives, we could add this weapon. It would be a weapon of spear category that has very high attack bonus, 5 like Kaumolais spear since they're very long, but low defense bonus since they're front heavy. They would have high edge damage, medium high point damage. Njerpez should be glaive lovers since they come from the east.

October 06, 2017, 03:21:22 AM
Re: Anachronistic swords
It seems that every so often, a topic appears about anachronistic elements in URW.  To my mind, the creators have already addressed this issue adequately.  They have stated that URW is a fantasy game, and takes place in a fantasy world which is close to 9th-11th century Finland, but not identical.  I think this makes sense.  After all, the game already has spells and mystical spirits.  Surely longer and heavier swords does not stretch the imagination any further?

For the record, I was also fine with the "anachronistic" armor choices, but I don't mind them being gone, either.

Sami has made efforts to remove all the anachronistic armors, like ring and plate armor. He made efforts to change the battleaxe from the double headed fantasy axe to something akin to the Dane Axe. It's clear that his design vision, on equipment at least, is meant to be grounded in reality. With mostly everything in place, the sword category stand out like a sore thumb and seems to be the inconsistency in the game. It just feels very out of place now that everything else has been corrected.

I wouldn't have made this suggestion if ring armor and plate armor and double headed axes still existed in this game. This suggestion was simply made to maintain that consistency.

October 06, 2017, 11:04:49 PM
Looting unconcious people It should be possible to loot people who are unconscious. I want to be able knock people out with a head kick (not necessarily kill them) then take all their stuff.

However, looting things from unconscious people shouldn't be instantaneous. It should take time to loot each item on the victim's body so that the victim may wake up while looting is ongoing so it's not too overpowered.

March 03, 2019, 09:45:41 PM