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Re: "Spirit of the forest, I presume" Is there any plan in the future to also include sacrificing weapons or even live animals? I had a character some time back that miraculously survived an accidental wandering into a Njerpez village (this was back when they were all very aggressive and impossible to evade) and had a ton of loot as a result after all the Njerpez were dead. I had her go and buy a bull and "sacrifice" it along with the most expensive weapon of the loot into a bog at night. It just seemed the right thing to do to thank the spirits for her survival and loot.

However, I'm not sure if the sacrifice of weapons or live animals is in keeping with ancient Finnish culture/folklore.

Do general sacrifices "mean anything" to the spirits/character karma when done outside of a quest?

December 13, 2017, 12:58:36 PM
Ability to Light Torches from other Torches This would be very simple to implement, just allowing a lit torch to satisfy the fire requirement to light another torch.

I sometimes like to have my characters craft by torchlight during the long winter nights and it's annoying to have to have to constantly build fires to keep my torches lit when realistically I should be able to pass the flame from one torch to another.

Also, perhaps some kind of "sconce" type implement that would allow us to mount the torch on a wall or table so that both hands can be free?

I've read threads before stating that bees were not kept in iron age finland, so no beeswax candles. However, were tallow candles, rushlights (, or tallow/other oil lamps in use at all? It would be fun to turn some seal or other fat into candles or lamps.

December 15, 2017, 01:49:05 PM
Re: Adding marriage - poll about how you find its priority I was considering the idea of marriage and I wonder if the current quest mechanism would work as a way to code in the process?

There could be specific (but hidden to the player) requirements to be met (be known to the village for a certain amount of time, high reputation, fulfill x other quests, etc) and at some point a dialogue might pop up that says "You know, I hear Marti the Reemi maiden over there was hoping to settle down one of these days..." and then the player can choose whether or not to pursue further interactions with that NPC. The actual process could be a quest of to the NPC, NPC says you need to ask my father/mother, points you to another NPC, said parent sends you on a task to prove yourself, etc etc.

I don't know much about marriage in Iron Age Finland, but it could all be done in keeping with what we know about it historically, even the marriage ceremony itself could involve a ritual where objects are placed in a certain way/ritual words are said. It's great that we have a quest mechanism already in place that can do this.

As a female who largely plays female players, I would of course like the marriage process to be able to go in both directions.

January 12, 2018, 07:33:36 PM
You feel unity with the waters around Just a note on how much I appreciate the subtlety of the magic system in this game.

My character was going about her business, doing some crafting while waiting for her injuries to heal, and the message pops up, "You feel unity with the waters around."

Looked around a bit, didn't see anything unusual, continued about her business.

The next day, stopped by a shelter (not my homesite) built by a lake and found a northern bow sitting on the shore. At first I thought I'd dropped it, but after picking it up, sure enough I have two of them now.

So did the spirit of the waters leave me a little gift? Did a woodsman lose it after spending the night at my shelter? I suppose I'll never know...

February 10, 2018, 06:17:04 AM
Re: Add set pieces scattered in the world similar to starting scenarios. I actually think it would add some fun flavor to the game, even if the structures themselves aren't advantageous to the player. Especially if building decaying process gets added at some point...imagine finding a mossy, half fallen in homestead and seeing if you can salvage timbers or deciding to just leave it to the ghosts...

I thought I read somewhere in a game file that the traditional method of slash and burn agriculture involved relocating the whole village after the soil was no longer fertile. I'd love to see remnant villages, maybe with straggling bits of crops mixed with the weeds...

Maybe some scattered rusty artifacts (or actual treasures?) hidden in the ruins?

I once stumbled on some human bones out in the idea if it was a Njerp  I killed the year before or an unlucky hunter, but it was kind of spooky and fun to find.

March 11, 2018, 11:09:17 AM
Domestic Reindeer Milking We can milk sheep and cows, why not reindeer?

Really just me being selfish and wanting more immersion for my northern tribe reindeer herding characters (including a fantasy of someday having a completely nomadic character who migrates and lives off the meat/milk/hides of their herd of reindeer).

From what I've read of the historic evidence of the practice, the milk yield isn't very large and the reindeer require some special handling, such as typing the female reindeer by her antlers with a rope or lasso, but I think it would be great to be able to do it and create traditional Sami-style cheeses!

March 23, 2020, 11:02:30 PM
Village Women Trading Too! Whenever I ask around, the village ladies never have anything to trade! How about we let them offer jewelry, clothing, food, cords, knives (maybe they can be the best chance at finding a small knife?), plants, seeds, etc?

If textile crafts ever go vanilla, it would be great to be able to buy spinning and weaving tools (spindles, looms, yarn) from them also!

March 26, 2020, 09:27:14 AM
Re: Adding marriage - poll about how you find its priority I think it's possible to add this feature without it becoming political. I'd like to second for the notion of more complex "bonding relationships" between characters as suggested by Dr. Hossa above. If the relationship isn't directly spelled out, then there's no need to be overly concerned with being PC, as people can fill in the gaps as they like with RP (isn't that what we do anyway?).

I also like the idea of PC's relationships with NPCs going beyond just the "marriage" definition. Maybe an old man comes to live with me and I roleplay it's my aging father. Or a child is an adopted orphan. Or a fellow woman is my sister or my cousin or my weaving get the idea.

Perhaps a feature could be added where if a young man and young woman (either one being the PC) live together for at least one game year, there's some percent chance a baby appears. If some players feel strongly against this, it could even be a toggle on/off option.

To be honest, for me personally it's less important to have the game be a marriage simulator than it is just to have some kind of more complex social interaction so my world feels less empty and lonely. Just the addition of villagers remembering and greeting me made a huge difference, having a complex companion option would be icing on the cake. Even before adding a marriage feature, I would adore it if we occasionally ran into village events like harvest festivals, solstice ceremonies, the weddings of the villagers themselves, etc. Or if the replies to "How's it going" gave more answers than "Fine" - perhaps things like "It's great, we just had a baby born" or "What terrible weather, the crops might fail!" (which could prompt extra gratitude if the PC gifts food) or "Where did you get your fancy axe (shirt/shoes/etc)?" or "I'm fine but you're looking hungry, have some bread!" if the PC is a tribesman/woman with a good relationship with the village and is starving.

March 26, 2020, 09:47:05 AM
Village Food Status and Charity (both ways) I understand the most recent update adds the option for villagers to refuse excess food goods in trades if their village is well stocked.

This brought me to a new idea that villagers' food stocks could naturally fluctuate and lead to different relationships or even "mini quests" in the process.

If the village has plenty of food and the PC is starving and has a decent relationship with the village, how about some occasional offers of food to the PC when they chat with villagers? Or increased chance of chores quest being offered to give PC trading credit?

On the reverse side, if the village is doing poorly ("bad hunting" or "crops failed this summer") perhaps there could be an opportunity for the PC to earn status/gratitude/friends by gifting some of their food supplies? Some of my long termers have pretty astronomical amounts of food hoarded and it would be nice to have a social purpose for it.

March 26, 2020, 10:09:15 AM
Re: Domestic Reindeer Milking The real life need for offspring to produce lactation is apparent. However it's my understanding that animal reproduction is on the list of features to be added someday. Until we get that feature, the milking of any of our animals is a touch unrealistic, but can be RPed around as "the baby didn't survive the winter" or that it got sent to market in the autumn or something along those lines.

I guess adding animal reproduction is the higher priority, but when that day comes it would still be neat to be able to milk the reindeer and emulate a traditional nomadic lifestyle.

March 28, 2020, 09:13:29 PM