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Suggestions / seal-catching and dangers of entangling into a net
« on: December 07, 2020, 09:21:34 PM »
The proper way to catch seals would be the net, btw. (instead of the heavy deadfall)

...and people, and other swimmers. (insert Devil-smiley here)

A killer for seals, waterfowl and people nowadays too.

EDIT: Btw the 5lbs seems far too little skin for the massive grey seal.

We all know that feeling when eager to get something done and... you see a bird.

And another...

And yet another...

On fourth bird you remember a certain cult classic horror movie...

Settings in the urw_ini.txt allow to automatically ignore animals/humans.

Please add a separate row for only birds, as automatically ignoring all animals isn't very useful.

Spoiler: from urw_ini.txt • show
// Tasks will be always aborted when you get hit or injured. In addition, these settings
// are used to prompt an abort when new creatures enter your view or turn hostile on you.
// There are separate settings for humans and animals.
// NO    - never prompt to abort if these creatures enter your view
// YES    - always prompt to abort task if these creatures enter your view
// HOSTILE - prompt to abort only if this kind of hostile creatures enter your view
[TASK_ABORT_BIRDS:NO]      <-----------------   something like this would be greeeeaatt!!

I was about to tan a soaked elk skin with newly obtained bark. But I mistakenly chose birch-bark box of 'coarse grains' instead and, to my surprise, worked as tanning material. I had to fill the now-empty box and try it again to make sure. By not starting tanning but pressing escape during the pause when all conditions are met. Consequently, the birch-bark box, which was emptied when selected for tanning, did not refill when canceling. I repeat: I did not start the process.

Rye flour (made into sour mixture) can be used for tanning IRL, so initially I thought there was some purpose to all this.

But then, another thing was that I had a bag full of these same grains. That bag of coarse grains could not be selected for tanning.

So now I suspect it was the "birch-bark box of ..." that allowed the grains to be chosen in the first place. I have to test this with putting, say, dried meat inside a birch-bark container and try tanning with that.

I shouldn't even be reporting this, because now I want to use rye flour in this fashion in the future...

EDIT: Confirmed. I just tanned a bear skin with 2.1 lbs of awful dried elk cut from a birch-bark basket. Pretty sour stuff :o
EDIT: And I see birch-bark strip works too, even though the proper (reddish brown, used in tanning) bark was left on the birch... The white papery stuff shouldn't tan anything. This is a language problem, actually. Since in Finnish (for example) the outer bark (white stuff) is called tuohi and the inner bark (brown stuff) is called parkki.

Suggestions / Re-triggering command for loop snares and paw-boards too
« on: November 22, 2020, 04:26:23 PM »
Please  :)

Obviously they don't have to be previously triggered, only requirement being exactly one trap item lying on nearby tile.

Suggestions / Live fish sometimes visible in nearby water
« on: November 18, 2020, 04:40:18 PM »
Sami is improving fishing! Time to talk about fishing, people!

Spoiler: Personal rambling • show

None of you know, but I too aspired to become a roguelike coder once upon a time. Of something not totally unlike Urw. But I decided it was too much work. Later I began making crafts for a living, hunting and fishing in real life, regularily helping out with reindeers too. I come from a family of fishermen-craftsmen. (I'm saying this because I've been besserwissering around a lot here on the forums lately. So take this as a sort of claim I know something about what I blab about. I'm not always right, though, and happy to admit it when I'm not.)

Anyway, here is a visage of what I envisioned fishing to be in that game of mine:
1. pic) fish is splashing
2. pic) the character makes a successful spot check
3. pic) the character carefully wades into striking range
4. pic) notice how fish changes to its proper color when caught

I've been carrying this mental image for two decades.  I had to write this somewhere to finally let go of this persisting memory. Thank you for reading.

I read about Sami improving angling code, (
so this topic jumped in urgency.

My suggestions:
- (provided the fishing rod will be craftable as Sami suggests)
- EDIT: add splashing sounds/messages to notify the character of fish presence
- it would be stupendously cool to sometimes spot big fish in water (when very close, next tile or at most two tiles away)
- this would possibly be the only way to club/spear/tridentify fish
- this form of fishing could require usually lot of moving around / along the edge of ice / wading
- only in certain places and times of the year fish would be so abundant that just standing and waiting in correct place would be good
- EDIT: I'm not suggesting big fish would be modeled as 'true/persisting' animals, because that would be unnecessarily heavy implementation

No actual change, but considering what I suggested
- smaller fish wouldn't be seen like above (or even modelled)
- with fishing rod one could catch also those smaller fish and in deep water catch big fish without seeing them (like it is now)
- EDIT: one could also wait by a spot and lash out automatically the instant a fish is seen (like fishing is now)

Additional ideas:
- imagine having to compete with bears for that spot in rapids, during salmon run (this might be just an Alaskan thing ;D)
- one traditional way of catching pike and burbot is kolkkaus, stunning. This works only when the water first freezes in autumn and there is no snow. The fish is near and under the ice. If there's not enough sunlight one needs a torch to find them. One hits the ice with an axe and the fish is stunned for a moment, enough to make a hole in the ice (3cm clear ice) and grab the fish. I didn't find proper material quickly, but at least this conversation in Finnish:

Suggestions / Add Roe deer doe / Roe buck
« on: November 15, 2020, 11:14:24 AM »
I was going to postpone this until later, but seeing that the elk thread is hot lukewarm I thought this might bring something to that discussion too.

Also yes I anticipate some point out that roe deer is a recent comer (1900s) to Finland but they have just become extinct earlier. After a quick search, Swedish wikipedia says they "returned 8000 years ago to Skandinavia" and Finnish that there's some speculation of it being native based on some old place names. Anyway, being the realism-nerd that I am, on historical perspective, I'd still be happy about them being featured .

What roe deer would bring to the game?
- variety (yea!)
- ungulate with less meat (yea!) (Finally the clichée idea of a hunter carrying a deer carcass back to camp  ;D)
- there is lack for medium sized food game - between a rabbit/capercaillie and a sow/reindeer. Ickyucky predators don't count.  :P
- AI could be like that of reindeer, though less aggessive
- would exist most commonly/mostly in South / river areas
- variety (yea!)

You've been ranting about too much easy meat. What about game difficulty?
- timidness = escape likelihood and distance
- elks and reindeer could be made more timid and less common - at least in some regions
- roe deer would be as timid than their bigger cousins are currently
- roe deer could be more abundant but less easily spotted on overland map
- being lighter and very small feet: less easily tracked
- smaller targets!
- forest reindeers could be made less common in extreme south / and not exist in archipelago

Additional ideas
- what if they could spontaneously die if too harsh a winter? (We have them sometimes here in north of Finland, spreading from warmer areas in North of Norway (even more north but warmer because of the ocean). But they tend to die off during winters - because of too much snow.)

Suggestions / Imminent death warnings
« on: November 13, 2020, 11:47:52 AM »
Rip Asllat. He had just completed his sauna and wanted to learn to swin (0%). Although I know how swimming skill works and should've been more careful, he drowned in just a few turns before I realized he was in danger. Oh the irony ;D

Another, a close call, was during winter when it was cold below game thermometer. Ásllat was sweating, wearing all fur he could make (of elk and reindeer), so I really didn't expect him to be freezing to death while taking a little stroll (<40 meters) outside his kota fire.

Both of these were numb-brained player mistakes. I wasn't paying attention / expecting so sudden danger.

I'm not all too bothered myself, but I do think that because of permadeath (written in icy characters, muahhahah) people can lose a hard-worked-for character a bit too easily. I've actually killed characters off by quitting and not saving when trying to quaff (make hole in the ice? 'yes', then drink) with rapid keypresses and some late-night carelessness and fumbling: Boom! Gone.

So I suggest:

- freezing to death to actually blink continuously when it's on - isn't so disturbing because rarely is 'on' at least for long  :D
- have warning sound effect/pause when freezing (shivering female/male voice would fit here nicely)
- have warning sound effect/pause when freezing to death (intense shivering female/male voice would fit here nicely)
- have sound effect/pause when danger of drowning (gurgling female/male voice would fit here nicely)
- 'q' is a bit too often used a command for both drinking and 'Q'uitting, imho. I use 'Esc' anyways to leave game so I rarely even 'Q'uit.

Maybe have them toggleable in the ini-file

Bug reports / [3.63] Hireling drowned himself
« on: November 12, 2020, 05:28:47 PM »
I hired Santtu to chop trunks on a single tile cliff island. Few days later he was missing. I searched the island, then his village. There they said they wouldn't work for me before Santtu shows up.

Finally I found him north of the island. There was still trees standing on the island.

Suggestions / Buff up the elks, add swimming and jumping over fences
« on: November 10, 2020, 08:24:01 PM »
Ok we all know Unreal predators (even lynxes) are dangerous. But that's cool and all, I'm not here because of that.

My point is: Unreal elks aren't. They really are wimpy compared to the real ones. My current char had so much trouble chasing an elk he dropped all weapons but a small knife in order to ski faster. In the end, he knifed and kicked an adult elk to death (with near or zero skill in those). Sure he got a crush in the eye and fractured ribs and some bruises.

Now watch this video I took when an adult bull elk was spooked by our approaching car and tried to jump over a reindeer fence.
Spoiler: Bull elk stuck on reindeer fence • show

Would you have gone there with a knife? ;D He tore up the fence and walked slowly away like a boss. Here's the fence afterwards:
Spoiler: Obliterated fence • show

What happened was just bad luck on its behalf. Normally they jump gracefully over no problem. That's actually a requirement of the modern reindeer fence.

So finally coming up to my suggestion:

1) I'd like to see elks, especially bull ones, buffed up considerably. It should be madness to go against them practically bare-handed. The reward is anyways a huge amount of meat. More strength, stamina and speed.

2) Elk AI: Naturally they should almost always just flee, but when cornered they shouldn't just run circles to exhaustion but stop to rest and threaten the pursuer with a snort and kicking the ground. Fight or flight, not flight until breathless (see no. 4) ;)

3) Enable elk to jump over fences or even break them when fleeing.

4) Elks are great swimmers irl, ought to be grandmasters in Urw.
Spoiler: Basic URW elk hunting tactic • show

It'd be cool to come to a new version of urw and try to exploit this old tactic only to realize the elk just swims away. Of course there should be some reluctance to animals wading and swimming, but it'd be a cool addition. Applies to reindeers too. Let's actually speak of ungulates.

EDIT: I found this bug report:

5) Urw ungulates (hoofed herbivores) are pretty good to get out of a hole in ice?
I've noticed that ungulates fall through ice easily and get out just as easily. Imagine an elk in a hole in the ice. No way it's gonna get on the ice again unless wading. This would also be a bit of balancing to previous things that make elk hunting much more difficult. Also reluctance to enter thin ice would need to be somewhat increased, maybe only when escaping.

6) EDIT: Attack: Trampling. (Allow aggressive elks/big reindeer/beoars to enter a tile with a character, making them 'fallen'.) Hehe. And there it goes...

7) EDIT: Only pits should work for ungulates. This was always odd anyway... It's not in their nature to go into tight spots. I think all ungulates should pass all snares, lever and deadfall traps without harm or trigger. Well maybe the bear trap would be an obstacle, for a reindeer.

IRL, IRL...Why do I think this is so important game-wise?
- I think this is a major game balancing issue, increasing time span to get secure with food.
- Currently is easy to exploit big herbivore ai to get one's belly full for a long time. I'd like to see elks as a prize, not a potato.  ::)
- Making ungulates harder would make small game hunting/fishing for food more useful/needed.

Bring on the discussion! What do you think?

I thought I was smart setting up 4 traps around a baited tree, for a wolf pack nearby...

Now its leader is in one of the traps and all seven wolves (update: nine) are stuck around it.

My 16yrs old is so poor and wimpy (axe is 12, all other weapon skills <10) he can't match even the smallest one 1vs1.

Any ideas? Another trap-complex? Do fences block wolves?

UPDATE: I was scared shitless with loose wolves within vision while setting new traps. Finally the first trapped ones died and the pack movement was freed. I managed to trap all but a big one. It just would not go into a trap. I also had to wait for the others to die and quickly go pick them up so as not to upset the big one that was loose. Left a bear trap, let's see. (Yeah, it's a turnip. Maybe it likes it. There's meat too.)

Bug reports / [3.63] Withering mushrooms, no description
« on: November 07, 2020, 07:21:40 AM »
I noticed a batch of mushrooms that didn't work properly. There wasn't any tile description and there wasn't anything to pickup.

If you look at the screenshot message log, I've looked with F3 at various tiles:

First at a pine.
Next at a ground tile next to the mushrooms.
Next at the pine.
Then at the mushrooms. No description.
Finally at the pine.

EDIT: They are likely withered mushrooms without message or should be withered away already but graphic persists. I found more of the same, but not consistently. Some mushrooms are described as withered.

Maybe related to the Dark spot on water bug report?

Emailed save.

Suggestions / Point and click start location
« on: November 03, 2020, 01:30:23 PM »
It would be nice to be able to choose start location more freely, for example on islands without having to choose Islander.

This would make it easier to make challenge scenarios more spesific. Or just to be able to start in an interesting place.

EDIT: Night has done excellent work and provided us with an external start location chooser:

Urw start location selector

Mod Releases / Buoidda's crafts 2.3.6 [released 2021-01-12]
« on: October 31, 2020, 08:16:25 PM »
Buoidda's crafts 2.3.6
mod for UnRealWorld version 3.63
Developed with Windows 10, no testing on other ops
Release date 2021-01-12

So, one summer day your character thought: "I should clear out all these felled trees."

Buoidda's crafts 2.3


This mod is for all those characters who want to be able to walk peacefully among blossoming trees, work their bark, pick their leaves, taste their flowers and berries... aaand to chop them down and make weapons of mass-destruction!!! Muahhahahahahaaaa (crazy laughter is obfuscated by birds' cheerful singing.)

It adds possibility to:
  • make traditional wooden boxes sewn with quills
  • make traditional sámi preserved sausages called "gurpi"
  • find linden trees, a good source of bast fibre
  • find two different willows, with various uses
  • find big rowan trees, a source of berries
  • watch the rowans flower in summer
  • collect big branches out of the occasional huge spruce trees
  • find slanted pine trees for compression wood
  • find straight junipers, birches, rowans and elms
  • chop bow staves out of them
  • make bows out of spruce, juniper, birch, rowan and elm
  • make those complex northern bows out of pine compression wood
  • make bowstrings out of various materials
  • extract linden and willow bast
  • extract spruce bast by roasting spruce saplings
  • make cordage from various fibres and rawhide
  • make 3ft ropes by braiding cords together
  • make 4ft 4-ply ropes out of birch-bark
  • harvest blood, intestine and sinew from all your bone bearing kills
  • make blood sausages and cakes. Yum! Tasty.
  • fletch with various arrowheads of various materials. Forked fowling arrows!
  • make necklaces out of bears' and seals' teeth
  • ret nettle and hemp for fibre (Rain's retting process included)

  • Place all the .txt files in the UnrealWorld game folder
  • Place all .png image files and .bat files in the "UnrealWorld\truetile" subfolder. In most cases, simply unzipping this package to URW game folder does it for you.
  • rename your original "diy_glossary.txt" to "ORIGINAL diy_glossary.txt"
  • rename "ALTERNATE GLOSSARY diy_Buoidda's_glossary.txt" to "diy_Buoidda's_glossary.txt"
  • If you have multiple mods you may have to check the hotkeys in menudef_*.txt -files. Each menu entry should have its own hotkey, including those in-game.

This mod is in multiple files. They do not overwrite vanilla unreal world installation. But to achieve clean menus, you probably want to comment out some vanilla recipes from diy_glossary.txt.
  • If you are upgrading, erase all files containing "*Buoidda's*.txt" in their name. I've renamed most to comply with Urw filename format. Sometimes I choose to reorder menu items with this letter: diy_l_Buoidda's_fibres.txt
  • I'm providing a file to make those recommended edits, called "ALTERNATE GLOSSARY diy_Buoidda's glossary.txt".
  • Rename "ALTERNATE GLOSSARY diy_Buoidda's_glossary.txt" to "diy_Buoidda's_glossary.txt".
  • You'll want to rename your original "diy_glossary.txt" to "ORIGINAL diy_glossary.txt". This way it will not be read in-game.
  • This mod will replace your rowan, alder, birch, and paddle graphics. Originals are provided.

There are number of things in this mod I couldn't force players to do
  • I cannot mod trees to change leaf cover by season. You can change them manually with enclosed batch-files and then reloading graphics with 'F9'.
  • The trees are not proper trees which you can cut down normally. Some of them you can harvest and they appear felled. Others can be picked such as lindens which give flowers (which can be converted to bast) and big rowans, which give  berries.
  • Harvest: slanted pine, juniper, all willows, straight elm, rowan and birch.
  • Pick: elm (or harvest and tresh), big rowan (pick young leaves to get lumber), lindens and spruces.
  • Whatever the method of harvesting, you are supposed to immediately use an appropriate crafting recipe to process the harvestables into proper items.
  • Linden flowers and willow leaves can also be used as herbs. Note linden are found mostly in the south-west.
  • When harvesting carcass produce, use a bone on the ground: due to a bug the bone will not be consumed. You are supposed to do it as soon as you get the bones from butchering - not later: that's cheating.
  • They are cooking recipes and demand fire for no obvious reason. This is due to modding constraints.
  • For same technical reason blood can only be collected in a pot.

See the txt files for detailed comments!


ALTERNATE GLOSSARY diy_Buoidda's_glossary.txt
*this readme file*
truetile\av-hare*.png       (3 image files)
truetile\bc-*.png           (52 image files)
truetile\it-paddle.png      (overwrite warning!)
truetile\ter-alder.png      (overwrite warning!)
truetile\ter-birch.png      (overwrite warning!)
truetile\ter-ndalder.png    (overwrite warning!)
truetile\ter-ndbirch.png    (overwrite warning!)
truetile\ter-ndrowan.png    (overwrite warning!)
truetile\ter-rowan.png      (overwrite warning!)
truetile\ORIGINAL *.png     (8 image files, 71 image files total)
truetile\bc-leafwin.bat     (2 batch files total)
                            (85 files total)


This mod contains modifications based on UnReal World game tiles and may be used with UnReal World game only. Using these tiles in any way for any other game/project is forbidden.

I have made some of the graphics, but this was mostly just cut and paste of vanilla tiles with some retouching. The juniper is a prime example. I'd very much welcome some of my tiles redrawn by some more skilled of an artist.


Credits for individual work are found in code comments.

My deepest gratitude goes for trowftd. His patient help with the various tree graphics was invaluable.

Thanks for Rain for making his original retting code.

Huge thanks for Kaaven and Atwood for their art. I may not have used much of theirs in this version, much is found in the BAC.

I have reviewed Brygun's fine community mod (BAC) and how some of my old code has evolved in the hands of others. and found some ideas like not using only staff in Northern staff-bow's name. My code is well commented, but hopefully I haven't overlooked anything important I borrowed. I'm glad how this community has evolved over the years.

All work not otherwise marked, is mine and free to use and redistribute as you please without attribution. Claim it as yours if you feel like it. Make money! Riches! Wohou! Oh? No money? Dang. Maybe this wasn't so special after all.

Noticed that when I drop everything while still wearing clothes, the weight penalty goes to zero. When I reload the game penalty is calculated correctly again.

Save 7z

What is this field for?

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