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Fire inside warning It would be nice if there would be a warning in case of making fire inside a building while not aiming at a fireplace.

Reason: I accidently burned a lot of resources stored in wooden bowls when I wanted to make a fire but accidentially did not aim on fireplace (whole stock of flours and herbs have been burned down).

July 21, 2020, 10:41:44 AM
Re: How do I build wealth I started with Javelins.
Then make some fox traps, paddles and shovels.

If you want to craft a lot, focus on trapping not hunting.

Use harsh and ragged leathers/furs to make the cords you need for arrow crafting.
Arriows is a good trading item.

Decent and fine furs can be used for tailoring, clothes sell good aswell.

Sadly we cant make woolen or nettle cloth in vanilla.
Hope that will come soon.
I dont like modding :)

Tricky trade:
If you come to a new village first time, look for all their valuables and stack them in one point.
Now start gathering enough boards to pay all of that valuables at once (cancel trade completely if you dont have enough boards for all).
That way you can trade 1000+ boards to one village, they wont accept anymore boards if they already have enough, but they dont count how many you deliver in your first trade. There is still no limit.

August 09, 2020, 05:27:16 AM
Re: Which game update you are looking forward to? Actually I am looking forward to see this marriage thing.

Personally I would prefer some settlement foundation update, so you can grow your own village. Hire people from other settlements and maybe the join your village when dont need their direct service anymore.

Some things I would also like to see is, growing your own animals, speak if have a sheep and a ram, there should be a chance every year to get an young sheep/ram.
Getting wool from sheep would be nice aswell.

More craftable basic things in vanilla, without needing to mod the game, is also a thing I really want.
Some easy things like nets, fishing rods, wooden tubs, pot aso. -- anoying that we can get those things only from trades.
Overwork of arrow crafting also needed, stupid to make arrows just from a branch, rock and feathers without any quality. Arrows should be made from shafts, arrowheads and feathers.

Some use for bones beside feeding dogs.

And a tailoring proffession, really missing.
Abillity to tailor nettle and woolen clothes and option to repair it if damaged.

There is so much potential in this game.
Well lets see what will come in future.

September 12, 2020, 07:15:33 PM