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Suggestions / Parry as skill
« on: July 23, 2020, 08:46:41 AM »
I was stopped by two robbers yesterday, So I took opportunity and make a copy of my save.
After many tries I manage to kill them with minor injuries.
It was long hard, frustrating fight and I started to think that, someone who use a tool to hit, should have some experience in hitting living targets as well, but not in counterattacks and parry.
My character cut lots of trees, make lots of boards, so should know how to use axe to hit, but in that particular fight I won because I cripple both robbers with a bow, and then backing up, and counter strike their battle sword strikes.
I don’t think that simple lumberjack could do it, most likely dodge the strikes, and then hit them precisely like in elbows or knees.
So maybe add some more fighting related skills like parry, and then it shouldn’t be a problem that simple lumberjack is master of their weapon buts that all, with someone who have decent knowledge how to parry, he wouldn’t stood chance, but from simple robbers can defend himself

Suggestions / Re: Let salt be salt, not preservative
« on: July 23, 2020, 08:11:13 AM »
If not restriction from taking some stuff from bags, salt will be best for currency like it was in ancient times.
You know that salary comes from being paid in salt ?

Suggestions / Re: Butchering and tanning agents
« on: July 23, 2020, 08:03:13 AM »
Whole leg smoked and salted like Spanish ham,
Intestines for sausages and black pudding, even cords if you dry them.
For me idea is great, because is easy to cook meat, but cook other (kidney, lungs, etc.) stuff to be tasty is harder, but you always get more dog food if you prefer.

Another thing is time, you need lot more time to butcher (whole day for elk), with do it in steps, it would be manageable in reasonable intervals and making carcass lighter.
Drop to the ground - you can process it later for lungs, kidneys, liver. Eventually stomach, and small intestine for cords/sausage but it would take considerably more time and it easy to rot.
Pancreas and spleen is usually discarded, but it could be taken for dog food.
After disembowel - removing heart, then skinning - you can do it earlier with small game - warm carcass is easier to skin, but with big animals would be harder because of weight. Hanging carcass on tree could speed up the process, both for skinning and butchering. Additionally removing rest of the blood, as it makes meat spoil faster and not so tasty.
Then, you butcher the animal:
Front legs, hind legs, head, neck with shoulder, ribs, spine for loin, and lots and lots of fat under the skin.
Then you can cut meat from it, i don't know if it worth to make different meat and tendons, blood is very hard to get "on field" - it clots fast.
Same for bones, does it make sense to make more types of bones except skull?
Take brain out from big animal would be hard "on field" or very messy, but with sharp axe and trunk, one can easy get two halves
If I go hunting, and have no transport, with big game I will do disembowel, take heart and liver (if liver is not ill ), skin, clean the skin to make it lighter, cut the legs, and tenderloins, leave the rest.

All above
It is much to wish for, but normally, after kill, you gut the animal, and took whole carcass home to butcher.

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