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Throwing swords, increases sword skill.
Didn't know that. Thanks for the info.

Personally, my characters don’t go throw (non-throwing) weapons around. I don’t see it as viable way ancestors would’ve treated their expensive, and crucial belongings.
Сompletely agree. Can't even imagine a person actually throwing a damn SWORD.

I don't even train bow by shooting blunt arrows at a trapped prey. Not going to use the throwing trick, as well.

But, you can choose if you want to train in that way.
Sure, everyone plays the way he wants. My own opinion is, weapon skills are meant to be trained in an honest (and a hard) way. At least, in terms of realism (and maybe roleplaying too).

It will be too easy to grind skills, I suppose. Training weapons mastery by only fighting a real enemy/prey seems realistic and fair enough.

General Discussion / Re: Pack removal
« on: October 22, 2020, 06:58:46 PM »
Running away and setting more traps here and there seems to me the best option, unless you've got a pack of big dogs (although it's still dangerous, I guess). If you worry that this wolf pack may sooner or later come to your homestead and kill the livestock, maybe there's a reason to hire a couple dudes and hunt the wolves first. Not sure about this though, never tried.

Btw, I've cathed a wolf in a trap pit once. Going to encircle my pens with pits as soon as snow thaws.

Suggestions / Auto-confirm if hauling a single item
« on: October 22, 2020, 05:51:10 PM »
When grabbing a single item, player doesn't have to press Enter or Space to confirm picking up. Shouldn't hauling a single item work the same way?

Why are the tubs so small anyways?
As a temporary solution, I use bags (imagining them made of leather and actually able to containt water, hehehe). My character's got ten, each holds 21lbs. One bag usually is in inventory, the rest is on the ground. It's pretty handy, and as soon as your hideworking skill gets higher than ~85, the penalty from carrying the bag is insignificant.

Relating to this - it would be cool for table top contents to appear on the list menu when 'e'ating or 'q'uaffing.
It would be great, in terms of roleplaying, if a table works the same way as a cellar. This would be a reason to actually eat at table, and a nice way to store cooked food.

Bug reports / [3.63] Tying equipment quality exploit
« on: October 21, 2020, 07:42:33 AM »
When joining cords, the resulting one seems to inherit the quality of a cord player chooses second. Say, if you're joining a fine cord to a decent cord, you still get a fine cord.

This way, having just one cord of better quality makes possible to obtain an infinite amount of better cord.

UPD: @JP_Finn figured out that the exploit works for any joinable tying equipment.

Mod Releases / Re: [Tool] Character Designer 1.0.0
« on: October 20, 2020, 05:59:57 PM »
It's amazing. Hopefully there will be also female base and items, it would be really great!

@Night, seems I've found a bug. Leggins somehow doesn't display when a character stands in the east direction.

UPD: Just tried adding nothing except leggings, same result. Not a bug, the base-leggins.png sprite just lacks the east layer, there's only seven of them instead of eight.

Stories / Re: Fjara the Huntress of Owl-tribe. A Quest for Mother
« on: October 20, 2020, 02:42:23 AM »
DAY 982

Toil, toil, toil. For one to survive, one must continually work hard. During the last three months Fоara has done a lot: built separate pens for animals, felled trees enough to build a sauna, placed a hundred loop snares and made half a dozen trap fences in a small wood nearby. Six elks and two reindeers have been caught in the first ten days, yet there was no more prey since then.

Next time Fjara checks the fences, she makes offerings and whispers quietly. Be kind, oh spirits. Lead the animals into my traps. I shall give you hot blood and praise...

Winter month is almost over. Snow crunches underfoot satisfactorily. Six birds got caught in the snares today. She can make two dozens more arrows for exchange. Over the past year, Fiara has become noticeably more skilled in carpentry. Arrows in the Unreal World are great for trading. Even peaceful toilers, like Sartolaiset, willingly accept them: robbers occur even in their land, and an arrow makes them hesitate better than a word.

She' s got a fair food supply, yet keeping six dogs requires a lot of meat. Fjara loves her dogs. True friends, strong protectors, menacing fighters they are. Numerous njerpezit have been torn to pieces by them. Sometimes, when she feels sad, she tells them her sorrows and fears, and their understanding eyes bring her relief.

Another day is over, and Fjara goes to sleep. Cosily wrapped helself in furs, she whispers as always, “Greetings earth, and the dwellers underground. Allow me to lay here in good health.” Her eyes close, and the real gives way to the imageries of the past.
She managed to track down one of the murderers. For three days, she followed the tracks that eventually split up. There were three or four njerpez, they apparently marched rapidly to their lands, but one of them remained behind for some reason.

Fjara sneaks up to the njerp while he is pissing against a tree, and knocks him out hitting the back of his head with an axe handle. When the slaver regains consciousness, his hands and feet are tightly bound by his clothes.

She squats down beside him and pulls out a knife from a sheath. “Answer me, and I will spare your life,” she says. The njerp grins crookedly, catching her eye. His face is mottled with pockmarks and ritual scars, and in his eyes cruelty and cold mind can be seen distinctly.

“You have captured the woman. Brown hair, blue-eyed, a head taller than me.”

He answers, laughing quietly, “We'd enjoyed her, little huntress. Her screams have delighted our ear, and her flesh has satisfied our lust.”

Fjara feels her fear and anger overflow, and barely restrains herself from stabbing the defenseless neck.

“Is she alive? Where exactly are they taking her?”

“Her body fell to the lot of fish.”

“You lie!” She leaps up and turns away, clenching her fists until it hurts.

“No.” His voice is cold and calm. “No, and you do know that.”

Sobs swell inside her. Fjara kneels down and slits njerp's throat. When slaver's body lay motionless, she spits in his face and wails, “Curse thee! May the spirits never let you rest! May they make you suffer till the end of the world! May —” Words turn into tears, and she, barely rising and taking a few steps, falls prone.

Only late at night she regains strength enough to stand up, and plods away, completely lost amongst the crowding trees.

Mod Releases / Re: [Tool] Character Designer 1.0.0
« on: October 20, 2020, 12:03:21 AM »
Looks great. I'll give it a try as well.

I've started a thread in Suggestions subforum. Guess it would be pretty good to develop this idea in there, so it won't be lost.

Suggestions / Villagers build new houses and start new settlements
« on: October 15, 2020, 05:45:22 PM »
JP_Finn's post inspired an idea of villagers building houses over time, maybe once in a year, and up to a certain limit. There might be higher chances for fine and masterwork items to appear in new building. Villages expansion also gives cause to add new quests such as falling some trees and making boards.

Furthermore, villagers could start new settlements, say, once in five years, so as to enhance the impression of tribes actually strengthen and evolve.

You can see months, years, later exactly same number of boards in the pile when looked at.
Yeah, exactly. I proove it.

Maybe the villagers could construct a new building if they have enough stocked lumber to trigger the build?
It's a really good thought. It would be great if villagers would build new houses once in a while, say, each year or so. Up to a certain limit, of course. And new items (better than decent maybe) would appear there. This idea is good enough to go in Suggestions subforum, I think.

Yes, I know some of the value of goods (or NPC's' need for them) has been nerfed in more recent releases. I'll just have to try and see. I think varying up the types of goods I have on offer, especially handcrafted ones or more valuable foods, could help make this less of an issue, even if board-bartering has been nerfed to the point of locals rejecting boards for a while, before things "cool down" and they start accepting them again in a later trade.
It seems cooldown doesn't happen. At least it didn't in 3.62, when I traded lots of boards. Even after half a year (or maybe one year, can't recall exactly) villagers kept saying they didn't need any more boards. I doubt this has been changed in the latest release.

Suggestions / Re: Finding my arrows
« on: October 13, 2020, 05:27:40 PM »
Killing your would be slaves makes for a very poor success rate...
Speaking about UrW's lore, I guess the ‘‘Runaway Slave’’ scenario hints that Njerpez do enslave people. It's a bit of a pity they don't do it in gameplay, but hey, that's what imagination is for, I think.

Gameplay questions / Re: Building a fireplace outside a house
« on: October 13, 2020, 01:05:49 PM »
Well, I can't smoke meat and don't get warm if not standing close to the fireplace, so I guess everything works fine. Two corners and a wall in between are enough for building ceiling too.

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