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Re: menudef_<How to make my own recipe?>.txt
Did I missed something?

 ~Yes, but not badly~
.my weapons.       -Y- *MAKE* -(this is fine)
[SUBMENU_START:weapon] - (Needs to be same as menu defined eg: my weapons)
[SUBMENU_END:weapon] - (Needs to be same as menu defined eg: my weapons)

 The blank menu is probably "my weapons" however there are no ~Tags~ for "my weapons"
Easy fix and a bit of information

July 17, 2017, 05:13:21 PM
Re: menudef_<How to make my own recipe?>.txt  I think I may have assumed to much.

The menu file "menudef_private" should only contain the menu definition.
The task(s) need to be separate in a file named diy_whatever.txt

July 17, 2017, 05:42:37 PM
Re: Orja Reemailainen Part 4: The End

My revenge had become tedious.  I became careless while raiding the villages and was trapped several times in mires or outside of buildings.  I had layered myself with the clothes of the dead and waded into their villages with my battleaxe dripping from the last village I had slaughtered...

I continued to raid, even with light wounds.  By the time the snow thawed, there were seven villages left.

Once the Njerpezti were all killed, I collected all their dead from their 32 villages and stacked dumped their rotting corpses into massive piles.  While wading through the remains, a great calm came upon me, and I knew the spirits were pleased. 

The dead were stacked and sorted...

... and I counted all I had collected from their 32 villages...

Now, I am off to a bog.  I plan to build a fire and cast my mother's cursed comb into the bog to let her spirit rest in peace. 

The empty villages that now surround me seem pointless.  Even though I know I have appeased the spirits and are in unity with the world, I have no more purpose to my life.   I'm done.  I think I will travel back to the Reemailainen and settle down on a new homestead.  Hopefully, I'll find the peace.  What will become of me? 

December 01, 2017, 09:35:15 PM
Re: Change the wilderness map? In most cases, no.

However, I actually have gone out of my way to cut down every single tree in a map tile, and managed to turn a spruce forest into an open plains tile.

October 22, 2018, 06:38:44 AM
Re: Can't finish the ritual-quest! I believe you use the "general sacrifice" ritual while standing on the ant nest (or possibly next to it), and then select the silver item from the list of things presented as the object to sacrifice. I.e. you use the same ritual as you do to appease the spirits of the forest and the ones of the water normally.
April 22, 2019, 02:44:42 PM
Re: Can't finish the ritual-quest! It definitely is general sacrifice. Also it won't allow you to sacrifice silver unless certain conditions are met. You can not sacrifice silver at will, I know this because I tried after finding my lost animals after a robbers attack.
April 23, 2019, 12:13:42 AM
Messing with measures So, the length property has been added for tying equipment, and I've been working on to update item conversions and crafting requirements to accept this brand new addition.
Adding measure of length is a perfect example of seemingly simple, yet fundamental addition which extends all around the code and has brought up numerous related features.
Here's where we are at now with tying equipment additions, and now I hope to be able to catch up with more NPC stuff - where I was before getting entwined by ropes and cords.

 - added: measure of length for tying equipment

         Appropriate items, such as ropes, now have a length property. The unit of length we use
         is foot (ft), and should an item have a length property it is displayed both in inventory menu
         and when looking at items on the ground. This addition foremostly affects to crafting material
         requirements which can now be length based.

  - added: new crafting category under [M]ake menu: "Tying quipment"

         This category contains the usual ropes and cords, which are now removed from their previous
         location in "Utility articles".

 - added: Join and shorten options to manipulate tying equipment lengths

         Under "Tying equipment" category within [M]ake menu there are options for joining and shorterning
         ropes and cords as sometimes specific length is desired. You may not want to spend full length
         rope on something that requires only a short piece, or you may need to join cords together to
         come up with long enough string for a specific craft.

 - changed: tying equipment requirements in crafting are now length based

         Instead of requiring certain number of cords and ropes all the tying equipment requirements
         are now length based.

 - reasoned: required tying equipment types in some crafting recipes

         For example:
         When making arrows, previously you could use any "tying equipment" in the process - including
         ropes. Now arrow making requires "cord", a little finer and more specific tying equipment.

 - added: tying equipment used in cookery do not disappear in the process anymore

         You can pick your ropes and cords back after the smoking and drying processes are done.   

These are future additions, not yet functional in current version 3.52.

July 10, 2019, 01:40:01 PM
More Tracking info So as I write this I'm hunting reindeer I think to my self where is the one I crippled? And it hits me, an tracker at a certain level should be able to see if his prey is crippled by it's gait and I should also be able to determine relative size small, big, from tracks these small changes would make it easier follow specific animal in a herd.
August 17, 2019, 08:47:03 PM
Re: Agriculture give me a irritation WTF You should try again more systematically. I don't remember the day, but I don't believe it should be late fallow.

Plant them in seedtime and "fast forward" until fallow, then mark the day they all sprout. Do all of them sprout at the same time?

August 30, 2019, 02:35:20 PM
Re: Agriculture give me a irritation WTF Thanks for the details, morrneyo. Hard to say what exactly happened, but the good thing is the glitch..or whatever it was..didn't persist and planting worked out eventually. I noticed you posted a bug report too, and that's a good thing. I'll double-check some agriculture things when time allows. Also, if you still happen to have that backup agriculture save that was glitchy at some point, feel free to e-mail it - I may be able to get some additional information from there.
September 03, 2019, 02:10:43 PM