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Re: Magic Berrys!
How does one update without losing the characters , is there any posts about that?
Copy character's name folder from the old directory to the new version's directory. Simple as that!

If you use mods, you'll also have to copy them over too.

June 21, 2019, 12:29:09 AM
Re: Magic Berrys! There really is something weird going on. I went trading in south-eastern Driik in early Seedtime/May (my base is in northwest Driik), and upon entering one village, discovered lots of peas and rye for harvest - I immediately saved the game and made a copy of my character folder, then reloaded the save - and all the harvest was gone! The field is now completely empty of rye and peas - just some dog pipes, milkweed and clayweed here and there (aren't these also out of season?). Seems like the logic is something like this: when you first enter an area where something has new sprouted, the game shows it as fully grown and harvestable - however, if you reload, or move to a new area where similar crops are growing, the game catches up on unseasonal crops and from then on, it shows the correct harvest time. I've attached a screenshot of unseasonal milkweed - these seem to persist even after reload - sadly I didn't think of getting a screenshot of the unseasonal rye harvest...
June 21, 2019, 11:55:03 AM
Re: Advanced Combat When I hire a Companion, I first check their inventory for Bow/arrows. Then I try to trade with them and see if they'll let me trade for their arrows(they often will!) Then I check to see if they are interested in joining me. THEN, if they're a joiner, I trade for their arrows, thus removing the danger of them shooting a friendly. Btw, IF you buy their arrows (I pay around 50 cuts for 15 arrows) they'll readily join you when you ask them, as though you've resolved their lack of food.

As for their gear, they'll usually wear some FUR items they are given but they probably are not capable of wearing a heavy load of gear(because their strength stat is not high enough) without penalty so they frequently won't wear the superior armor I can give them. It might help if you TAKE from them unneeded things like javelins, hard staffs, ropes, torches, etc, to lessen their penalty.

August 11, 2019, 02:13:14 AM
Re: Advanced Combat Yeah, I see. But 500 cuts wouldn't dent my cellars' contents. So, 50 cuts makes trading/hiring easy and they deem me generous. In the meantime, I only bait my deadfalls for bear/wolves and have broken down my trap fences. I just have too much meat stored to bother with kills and only want winter furs (there is little to trade for anymore!).

By now you have so much gear that you lack for little, I'm sure.

August 12, 2019, 06:08:39 AM
Re: Advanced Combat You reminded of the start of Beodrin Two-Bears

Starting with the bad hunting trip is dad was killed by a bear. The starting location turned out to be an island of only a few tiles. At the time the only way to rope I knew of was with leather... for which I would have to kill said bear. LOL. This was like my second play through long before the BAC modding skills you see today. I spent weeks on the small island with the bear noticing that the two of us were running out of berries and the only other thing for him to eat was me...

August 28, 2019, 04:59:58 PM
Re: Advanced Combat
thats a nice system ! storing loot by quality looks indeed like a good idea on a short scale. And indoor cellars? don't they cancel the inside of a building?

No, The cellars work inside a building, too. They reflect the weather outside, so, when it's snowing and cold, you can get frostbite by cutting/drying meat in your skivvies for too long inside the cellar!

I've seen a lot of boars but only have two experiences with wild ones. I hunted and shot one that fled. Then, he came flying back in full rage! He was ripping my dogs apart and taking a lot of hits. The other time I found a herd of boars being chased on an icy mire by a bear. I just kept my distance, following the bear, while he killed 4 boars and then left them on the ground. Free meat! lol

August 29, 2019, 07:01:12 AM