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Re: My trusty woodaxe
Battleaxe have a good looking stats but it is nothing compare with other top tier weapons (battlesword/ango/warflail) due to only having good (3/5) attack bonus where others have remarkable (5/5)

You should consider sword/spear as your main melee skill instead of axe

Not true anymore. Battleaxe has 4 attack bonus. But the attack bonus is not as important, especially if it is bigger than defence of opponent's weapon - which is usually the case. And ango's defence is lower, and battlesword's is the same as battleaxe's, all of them low. Battleaxe also has the highest damage of all melee weapons, bigger than battlesword and ango (which weigh 2.5x more, and you cannot really use a shield with them) or warflail had. There is no warflail in current game anyway, and good luck with finding better than average ango. If the skill in axe is bigger than in sword or spear, then it's a better choice as a main weapon.

Additionally, the axe is the best tool for breaking ice (from the news.txt, the order of ice-breakers from best to worst: axe, spear, sword, knife, stone).

Also there is a difference when blocking - spears degrade much faster than axes or swords, for example, no matter skill.

If choosing spear, I would take standard spear over ango. It has only a bit smaller attack bonus (4 instead of 5) and damage (7 vs 8), but has better defence (2 vs 1), is much easier to use with shield (penalty of 20 instead of 35), and is much, much lighter (5 lbs vs 8 lbs), making it great for throws as well as for melee fight. Plus you'll have a plenty of masterwork spears from traders.

Still, it's best to have more than one skill in melee weapons, plus one in ranged. If the next highest skill is in axe, there's no point in wasting time to train other skills.

May 25, 2017, 10:56:18 AM
Midsummer greetings and pictures Almost equally bright days and nights go by as we're approaching the midsummer day, Juhannus, 24th.
I'm travelling from Kiesse to Kaumo (in the real world, but with unreal world region names) to welcome and celebrate the midsummer.
This post is to wish you all happy midsummer time, or best of the season, wherever you are.
And this is how the nature looked around here yesterday during the darkest hour of the night.

I'll be offline for a good few days, see you around next week,

June 22, 2017, 10:53:24 AM
PC-Gamer: Algorithm picks out Steam's best hidden gems Article for those who love algorithms and hidden gems. :) found UnReal World as well.

July 01, 2017, 06:40:32 PM
Re: I have only axe and knife for crafting... Fish is not worthless. At least of course you can only fish what your body needs to eat and nothing more.

With fishes i've bought a nice fishing pole, net, hand axe... And now i'm really close to either a pot or a perfect net.

If you are patient enough you can slowly get the good you need by the means of fishing.

"Alright, you've got 3 nets, that's easier"

Yes, easier for sure. But imagine you can fish some puonds per day extra than what you need for your stomach.
Trade them for simple things (smoked food, an arrow, a leather rope, etc).

Not only you'll have useful things in case of need (salted meat, bandages, etc) but as well will you have some goods that now can gather togheter to buy that thing you want. Even if it is a Gigantic Bear Fur. Trade first all for a spear... trade them for a pot, then do the same again...

Finally, if you want to become a nice crafter. Then try crafting. Go ahead. Failure is part of becoming a good Crafter (or hunter, or warrior, or anything you want to be)


July 13, 2017, 10:54:42 PM
Re: Killed Companions You can do nothing, but you can later make quests for the village, after they rage subsided. If you want.

You can roleplay a bit, drop some stones on the body to make a grave, or carry it to the cave. Personally I would try to cut it into pieces if it is winter and it won't rot too quick, then dry it, and sell/give to his fellow villagers, so they can retain at least some of his spirit.

July 23, 2017, 06:11:24 PM
Re: More trees! I would add a request for willows as well, not sure how common they are in Finland though. Moose/elk love them.

It'd be especially cool if different types of trees started giving wood of differing usefulness in different circumstances. That's probably better suited to a mod, but it would be cool if certain trees were better firewood, certain woods were faster to carve or gave (on average) higher quality crafts, etc.

August 13, 2017, 11:21:32 PM
Re: Mik So far, Mik has been hunting with only a Juniper bow and a stone-tipped spear.
On other trips, he has seen a glutton and killed a badger.
This day he encounters a bear...

And manages with some luck to kill it with his spear.
Mik is becoming quite the hunter, and has made many friends in the settlement.
The Owl people enjoy trading goods with Mik for all the meat he provides them.

August 19, 2017, 04:17:10 PM
Re: Mik Much time has passed and Mik has settled just across the narrow part of the lake on the tip of a penninsula. He is constructing a kota but it is not complete yet... he needs more furs.

His snare traps have been catching many birds and he's been fishing from a raft and has even
traded for a net. Mik has not been storing up food, but rather roasting and trading the meat he
get from hunting many deer and elk.

Mik has also encountered and killed several Njerpezit scouts. He relies on a mace and shield in
combat, hopefully after putting an arrow or two into his enemies first. The dedication of these
corpses to Kalma has enabled him to receive her blessing to increase his skill with the mace.

Some recent adventures were hitting 3 goshawks with arrows ...

and encountering a Njerpezit, avoiding the risk of further injury by letting him run away.

August 21, 2017, 03:17:02 AM
Re: Mik Only a month until winter.
Mik hopes the spirits will be pleased.

August 23, 2017, 04:08:55 AM
Re: Mik Many weeks have passed and Mik has made many hunting trips and continued working around his homestead, but he is still passing nights in the shelter because his kota is not complete yet. Winter has begun but there is no snow yet and nights are not too cold for his shelter because he still has the precious, warm stag fur.

He decides to go trading to obtain the last 3 furs he needs to finish his kota. So he packs up some of the equipment he has taken from his vanquished enemies and sets off toward a village.

It is early morning and the air is crisply cold, but the light is still dim. Mik is fortunate that he is alert because he sees a sleeping figure. He quietly puts down his load and draws an arrow to his bow, then begins sneaking forward. An easy kill, surely, and he can make out the foreign costume of the Njerpezit.

Mik's first arrow bounces off the man's leg armor and the man cries out, jumping up and draws a knife.

Mik quickly drops his bow and clutches his shield and mace. The fight commences and Mik's confidence soon wanes as he realizes this enemy is an expert fighter. Both score multiple hits and Mik is grateful for his shield's protection, but he has taken many knife wounds by the time he finally knocks the Njerpez unconscious with a blow from his mace, then smashes his skull. Mik is close to death himself and can no longer walk.

Mik is very lucky that none of the wounds struck deep or hit any vital organs or major blood vessels. He manages to crawl to the safety of home.

(I've never had a character wounded to 98% before... this was scary!)

August 26, 2017, 04:00:03 AM