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Gameplay questions / Re: squeezing damage?
« on: July 26, 2021, 05:10:25 AM »
Bear hugs for certain. I believe deadfall traps are also capable of crushing victims.

I used a 15 ft piece of leather cord to build a fence and then deconstructed the fence. 2 pieces of 4-foot cords were returned but the weight for each remained 1 lb.

The leftover 7 ft piece of cord was the expected 0.5 lbs. Combining the pieces back into 15 ft resulted in a cord weighing 2.5 lbs.

edit: I encountered another issue with tying equipment. This one concerns crafting with stacks.

I wanted to use a crafting recipe that called for 60 ft of rope, for which I added the [nominlen] tag. In my inventory were 4 units in total of 15-foot leather ropes (2 decent quality and 2 fine quality). After selecting these ropes for use, the interface said it still needed 30 ft. At this point, I had no other ropes available for selection.

I cancelled the crafting menu and combined each pair of leather rope. The crafting recipe successfully accepted 30 ft decent rope plus 30 ft fine rope.

It seems that the number of units in a stack were ignored and only the base footage was taken into account.

While attempting to craft a split spruce twig in 3.70b, I get this error:
PROPERTY FAIL! WRONG RAW: Selected item has no properties to be derived into Tying Equipment.
{Spruce twig} is rejected as an ingredient, which at first seems to be a consequence of the material updates for tying equipment in the 3.70 build.
However, the root rope recipes do work as intended even though the non-birch one calls for a rock and a stone. Perhaps the issue is with the update for spruce twigs:
- added: sleeping on spruce twigs

         Sleeping on spruce twigs now gives a little extra warmth and protection from the cold.

I tried changing the recipe header into a substitute for spruce saplings, like a young spruce bough, but saplings are not accessible as a base object in the crafting system and cannot be spawned this way. Looks like we'll have to give up on spruce twigs for cheap typing equipment.

Gameplay questions / Re: Capture dog in the wild?
« on: July 21, 2021, 06:07:30 AM »
You can only capture dogs inside villages. I have read it somewhere here or on the wiki.

I tried this with a fortified village that had four dogs and six head of cattle. After eliminating all the human residents, I was successful at leashing the cows in the pen but not the dogs; the dogs bark in disagreement and either flee or retaliate by attacking.

I checked the news text file and the behavior I described does correspond with this particular detail from version 3.30:
- added: leashing animals from depopulated villages

        It's now possible to leash animals from depopulated villages, and thus make them your
        own pets. There are some risks and exceptions, though. Sometimes domestic animals choose to
        fight back if their masters are dead and you try to leash them. And dogs can't be
        stolen this way at all - they always fight back rather than allow to be put on the leash.

I've read somewhere that a base skill of 95+ is effectively considered the same as 100. But bear in mind that combat performance can be very contextual.

Regarding physical penalties (fatigue, injury, encumbrance), I think the 10% masterwork bonus can behave like a buffer that extends the lower threshold of the 95% skill rule, thereby allowing you to continue achieving grandmaster-level rolls.

A couple of other under-the-hood equipment modifiers to factor in:
One-handed penalties for two-handed weapons (introduced in version 3.17). Example: a shield and battleaxe combo will incur a -15% weapon penalty. With masterwork-quality this likely is mitigated to a base penalty of -5% for attacks and counter-attacks. When your other hand is wielding a weapon instead, using the masterwork battleaxe to block will also have a -5% penalty.
Crossbows have a 10% bonus to shoot (according to the version 3.19 changelog); masterwork crossbows accordingly would have a combined 20% bonus for accuracy, though I don't think the time to load a projectile is impacted.

Of course, the NPCs' stats and gear are taken into account as well in determining the success of your combat actions.
There's also the flanking penalty (introduced in version 3.13) when you're engaged with two or more hostile NPCs: attack and defense maneuvres are impacted by -10% per combatant after the first.

Have NPC stack caps always been a thing? I don't recall it from the last time I played, but I might just not have loaded them with much stuff.
I searched through the news text tile in the game folder for carrying- and packing-related updates. You can view them in chronological order under the spoiler:

Spoiler: show
- animals can be used to carry loads.

       Now you can get yourself a horse, bull or whatever you want to
       (is animal is tame and willing to be leashed) and pack  it  up
       with your stuff. There are two new commands to  be  used  with
       pack-animals; [#P]ack and [#U]npack. (Commands can be executed
       by pressing
  • first and then selecting Pack or Unpack option

       from the menu) [#P]ack is used to pack animals  and  [#U]npack
       get  something  that  has  been  packed. To  keep  the animals
       following you, you should leash them with a rope.
- pack animals carry varying loads.

       This depends on the  animal  size  and  strength.
       Cattle can carry more than a sheep, and horse can
       carry more than a cattle, and so on...
* In addition to a maximum number of  items  a  certain
         animal can carry there's also limit in weight now.
         You can't pack logs on a sheep no more etc.
- added: watercraft capacity restrictions

   You can transport either 40 different item stacks or 200 times the
        weight of your watercraft. If your punt/raft is overloaded you
        can't row it and notification about it will be displayed.
        (Weight restriction is far from realistic, but we need to allow
        transporting logs with watercrafts until floating timber is

 - fixed: animal same item limit when packing

        If you packed more than 255 same items on an animal some of them
        disappeared. This is fixed so that more than 255 same items will be
        now distributed in separate item stacks.
- fixed: companion accepted weight limit

        It was bugged and companions accepted less items than what they could actually carry.
        Fixed now and we shouldn't bump into "Sorry, it's too much for me carry." nagging that often.
added: need to pay companions & companion inventory restrictions

        * companion inventory restrictions

          You can't anymore freely pick all the items of your companions to yourself. Companions now tend to keep
          their most valuable and usable personal items to themselves, and usually only the cheap items and
          food are freely pickable. However, all the items you have delivered to your companion can be picked
          back at will if they are not in use (wielded or worn) at the moment. So it is still safe to pack or lend
          your companions even the most valuable goods you have.

- added: NPCs will store the obtained timber in the village

         NPCs may obtain timber (eg. boards) through trading. Previously NPCs just carried the heavy loads around
         causing unncessary burden for themselves. Now they eventually store the timber in the village.

- fixed: when trading with NPC the accepted items they couldn't carry just disappeared from their inventory after the trade

          Now the excess items NPCs can't properly carry are put on the ground as a common village property.

- tweaked: recruiting companions who carry village property from failed/cancelled trades
        There are two new conditions to prevent exploiting companion recruiting with returned village goods:

        * Companions don't count the returned village property as their own when checking if they have enough
          equipment to join you.

        * When companion agrees to join you they won't keep carrying the returned village property but drop it on
          the ground where other villages come to reclaim it.

 - changed: children won't anymore participate in picking up village property left on the ground
            after failed/cancelled trades

        This is because you can't do one-to-one trading with children, and sometimes you would like
        to go for that with some items NPCs just picked.

 - added: NPCs wearing the new clothes/armours they get

        NPCs can now actively wear the new clothes/armours they have obtained. They'll usually
        go for wearing new clothes/armours after being delivered or having picked some.
        Delivering useful pieces of clothing/armour to your companion is now worthwhile, even
        though NPCs make the final decision whether they will wear something or not.
- changed & fixed: foreign traders won't accept more furs than they can carry

          Previously foreign traders dropped their excess load after completed trade and this opened an
          exploit where dropped furs could be picked up and used again in trading. Now foreign traders simply
          reject the offered items they can not carry.
- added: foreign traders can share the excess trading load

        Previously a single foreign trader wouldn't accept more traded furs than he could carry. This made trading of heavy pelts often all too awkward. Now foreign traders can share the excess load so that if the NPC you are trading with can't carry it all the excess items are distributed to his fellows who can.

Not bugs / Re: [3.70b Beta] Big bull has very low carry weight
« on: July 15, 2021, 05:41:16 AM »
Congratulations on buying a big boy! The issue you're likely running into is the NPC item stacks cap, which is considerably fewer than what player characters can manage.

Try taking some of the low-weight items from your bull and start prioritizing heavier loads when needed. You can check his weight capacity with slender trunks, stones, and then rocks to find an exact figure. I have a habit of appending the names of my pets with their weight as a reminder.

Consider buying a sheep or pig to offload those smaller items until you find a suitable spot for hoarding these hunting goodies.

Bug reports / [Fixed - persists in 3.70beta3] It's a boy - 5 grams
« on: July 09, 2021, 04:05:09 AM »
While I was killing Driik villagers for loot, I noticed that the corpses of boys displayed 0 oz in weight. I switched my measuring system to metric and checked the weights again, which displayed as 5 grams. The girl children in contrast were within a normal weight range of 20+ kilos.

I made a new character to check whether the weight aberration happens with kids from other cultures. I spawned in the Koivula and found another boy who weighed 5 grams on death.

Since these are fresh killings, I don't have data regarding the resulting bone weights for male child corpses.

(Wow, this post is so macabre.)

The old forums are still available under the Tapatalk domain. This migration happened after our new official forums here (though I find it distasteful that the new host begs for donations with wording that sounds like the money will go towards supporting the old forum itself even though it's supposed to be in archival mode).

Everything is mostly there, but character encoding within posts is a bit scrambled for modding content like recipes and flora add-ons.
Attached images seem to be mostly intact, though it's possible that display settings prevent unregistered users from viewing certain ones.
Some media hosts no longer carry files, but you can still download great content like Wickham's Graphical Enhancement Project.

Bug reports / [3.70b] create_objects text file does not update
« on: June 28, 2021, 02:47:49 AM »
I wanted to check how the indexing of base items has changed because my modding setup adds a lot of flora, which sometimes need to be pruned to keep within the 401-object limit.

However, creating a new character or loading an existing save file does not prompt the create_objects.txt to be generated fresh.

Gameplay questions / Re: Various questions from a new player
« on: June 21, 2021, 02:52:28 PM »
Incidentally, in this past week there's a video of a bear in New Hampshire opening a car door by using the handle:

Mod Releases / [Spreadsheet] Adventuring Log Template
« on: June 15, 2021, 10:45:32 AM »
This is a Google Sheets template designed as a replacement for the in-game character [L]og that was removed from the Unreal World v3.63 build.
It is meant to support recording the adventures of a single character per file instance.

Google Drive users can save a copy of the spreadsheet to their drive.
The file can also be saved in different formats offered by the Google Sheets service (MS Excel, OpenDocument, etc.).
Permission is granted to modify this template and share derivatives.

Preview of log excerpts on imgur.

Details, Features, and Recommendations for How to Use:

Make a record of your character's adventures and journeys that you can keep track of from day to day and year to year!
Take notes about animal sightings, encounters with other humans, your standing with the spirits, crafting and gathering activities, and more!
The "Y" tab is the actual journaling template.
The "Y16" tab represents a new character's start and you can duplicate the Y-sheet to begin a fresh page for the new year (Y17, Y18, and so on).
To find your character's age in-game, use the [P] command to open the Character Profile Screen.

Take stock of your settlement's animals, food stores, available tools, and more!
The "camp:" tab is intended to be copied as needed for the player's important settlements.
There are columns available for listing the valuables, tools, weapons, and food items stored at each site.
Users of Night's URWCharacterMenu can grab the camp's coordinates when using the overworld/zoom-out map.
In-game map markers will also track where you have established shelters and settlements.

Keep track of your clothes and armor quality:
Wish you had a better shirt? Want to upgrade your threads for the best looks and protection? Sort out your wardrobe with the "outfit" tab.
Items in the base game are listed by material and (roughly) by bodypart coverage.

The "census" tab is intended to record information about animals you obtain through bartering or otherwise.
How much does your new bull weigh? Find out its carrying capacity by pushing rocks on its back until it can't hold any more. Will it be good for shouldering a log (400 pounds) or an entire tree trunk (500 pounds)?
Conditional formatting is set up so that creatures with a carrying capacity of at least 400 pounds will have their Weight formatted in italics, 500+ pound-lifters will have additional underlining, and monster hefties (600+) pounds will be italicized, underlined AND bolded to show these are your prized packers!
The census can help you identify your livestock by color (or at least you can try to judge what shade the randomized color tinting turned it into).
You can also assign a "job" to your animals to keep track of when they're carrying specific tools, armor, clothing, etc.

Keep a watchlist of goods you would like to purchase:
A reputation in town as a fair barterer will be a plus in order to negotiate a better deal when you're looking to buy.
Ideally, you want to build reputation by trading frequently for small goods before tackling a big purchase such as livestock or a glorious, masterwork-quality battlesword.

Time your fishing hauls
Passive fishing with nets has its rewards and its risks. If you leave your net in the water for too long, you might end up with a load of dead, stinking, rotten fish that won't be good for anything!
Make a note of when you set your nets so you can try to come back for the catch at a reasonable time.

Time your sacrifices to the local spirits
A general sacrifice can be made once a day separately for the spirits of the forest and the spirits of the waters.
Make sure you don't annoy the spirits with too many offerings by tracking whether you've already had them done for the day.

Measure the fruits of your hunting and trapping
So you finally caught the Big Elk for the Advanced Adventures course? Well, just how big are we talking here? Bring up one of the inventory menus (push, pick up, move) to find out how many pounds (or kilograms in the upcoming Unreal World v3.70) the beastie weighs. When you're done butchering it, you'll be able to count how many cuts the carcass gave you.

Keep track of your food preservation techniques
How will you manage to eat 200 pounds of venison before it all goes bad? Even if you chuck the meat in the cellar, it will only keep for a handful of days at most. Sure, you can salt it, but you need to buy the salt first. You can smoke it, but you'll have to tend to the fire every day for a couple of weeks. You can dry it, but the weather needs to be right for it.
The journal can help with timing these cooking activities to reduce spoilage and waste.

On a quest to do what, for whom, when's the deadline, and what sort of reward is promised?
Take notes about your questing activities, how many squirrel furs-worth of credit you have at a village, and what goodies you discover in a treasure cache.

Data validation: The "dataval" tab contains a list of values that are meant to go in the journal columns.
Some cells under the Months column also have hover-tips about when certain seasonable resources are available (milk, bark from trees, birch twigs, and the season for drying fish and meat).
Game file urw_defs.txt (located in the messages folder of the game directory) contains strings for the names of the months. Players who customize the calendar should adjust the dataval column to match their game.
The Day number column accepts only values 1 through 7.
The Week number column accepts only values 1 through 13.

Color-coding for cultural regions, seasons, time markers, livestock species, activities.
These cell colors are applied via conditional formatting on the relevant record columns (not actually done in the dataval tab).
If you want different colors, select the column on the Y-sheet or census-sheet and change the condition rule or remove it entirely.

Custom activities are supported; overwrite the miscellaneous cells.
If your activities exceed the default 10 custom activities, make sure to edit the data validation on the journaling sheets to extend the range of valid cells. Usually this is as simple as editing the row number in the Google Sheets validation window.
Example activities: fire, forage, forge, hidework, weave

Mod Releases / Re: Galgana's creature sprites - v1.03 preview
« on: June 15, 2021, 05:39:20 AM »
@Galgana: How about coloring a winter jacket for the famously white willow grouse as well?
Other ideas:
- summer coat for arctic fox
- winter coats for weasel and ermine
- gray winter coat for squirrels?

Update v1.03 now has seasonal skins for these critters. Check them out in this comparison pic:
Spoiler: show

Note that the small mustelids (ermine, weasel, pine-marten, polecat) all share the same sprite.

Modding / Re: Any use/craft for a spoiled tree trunk?
« on: May 30, 2021, 06:09:27 AM »
Shove it into the fireplace for fuel.

To prevent spoilage in the future, you should edit the recipe by adding this line:
Code: [Select]

Suggestions / Re: Deleting ancestors
« on: May 08, 2021, 10:53:55 PM »
In your game directory there's a folder labeled ancestors where those files are stored. You can manually delete those whenever you want.

But having an option within the game interface to tidy the list would be nice.

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