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Ok. I thought I had previously tried on a non-water tile as well but I must have been mistaken. Probably thought it was snow or something. Thank you for looking into it, I figured I might have been overlooking something.

I can craft boards, but got the same message when I tried the kota. It looked like it was going to let me build both on the tile near the settlement, but I'd really like it to be closer to the water and when I moved back to that tile it went back to complaining about open areas and obstacles again.

Uploaded the save file under Mari.rar

I went ahead and tried a reboot, still getting the same message after that and also verifying the integrity of my files on Steam. This does seem new, I played several hours last year (on the non-steam version) and don't remember having this much trouble with shelters.

I can email the  character's save files someplace if it's needed.

Hello all,

It's been a long while since I first played, so I decided to try getting back into the game today and rolled a new character. I built a shelter for the game scenario no problem, but wanted to build another one close to water so I don't have to keep trudging back and forth. I'm getting the error message described in the title no matter how open the terrain is or whether my materials are in my inventory or on the ground. I've tried this all sorts of different ways with NOTHING in the immediate area around my character and I'm finally at a loss. I've tried moving away from the water, moving to completely different tiles, and I just can't figure out what I'm missing. I built a shelter once, not sure why I can't do it again. The only two things that have changed are the location and the fact that this next shelter isn't a quest objective.

I've managed to locate a settlement near a water source so I can work around this for a time while I get my character set up, but I'm eventually going to need to build more shelters.

I've googled this problem several different ways and can't seem to find anything like it. Any suggestions as to how I might clear this up?

General Discussion / Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World?
« on: November 01, 2017, 09:39:20 AM »
I haven't been playing long, still on my first character. I finally found a spot I wanted to try settling and started clearing out timber to make a small house. Before I got any actual building done, the first snow fell and I decided I don't have time to finish a house before winter hits, so I cleared out my cellar, checked my traps one last time, and began migrating back north toward a cave I left behind during the summer.

Yes, I'm going north for the winter. lol

So far none of my pit traps have managed to produce any game, even after I baited them with turnips. I'm having better luck with light lever traps; I've actually snagged a few grouse with those. Other than that I've been surviving on fish I'm catching and various foods purchased from the many villages that I've visited.

I am sooooo not ready for winter. I will probably die.


After visiting a few villages on my way back and reclaiming a punt I accidentally abandoned outside one of them, I made it back to my cave, where I promptly baited the pit traps I'd previously dug near the mouth (I hadn't known how to do that previously). Went out to gather stones for a fireplace and a cellar, came back to drop off a load of stones and one of the pits had a reindeer trapped in it. So... I finally got my first score with a trap fence!   \o/

The raw meat is currently sitting in the cellar I just finished building. Hope I can build that fireplace and start smoking meat before it spoils... I have no idea when I'll be able to dry meat; I'm currently on day 1 of 2nd week before winter season.

Update 2:

After discovering that the cave will apparently not function as a smokehouse as it stands, I hauled my catch to the nearest village and borrowed the use of their sauna. I will return for my bounty in a couple of weeks; in the meantime, I am building walls in my cave to enclose the fireplace. This is proving to be a pain in the rump due to both the exhausting nature of building even a single wall and the absence of any reliable lighting besides the fireplace itself. I guess I'll try shoving more wood into it so it will burn longer. I would like very much to make this work so I can turn my attention to the business of extending my trap fence. There appear to be loads of reindeer wandering the grounds.

Stories / Re: Poems of the Fallen
« on: October 30, 2017, 07:17:59 PM »
my blood runs cold
and it's pooling on the ground --

I was the hunted

Well, let's see. Wow.

It's been on my Steam wishlist for half of forever. I discovered it on Steam at some point, wishlisted it and then downloaded the free version of the game a long time ago (I know this because I found it sitting on my hard drive yesterday). For some reason I never got around to playing it. So the game went on sale on Steam but I'm  holding off because I'm in between paydays, so I re-downloaded and reinstalled the free version and just started playing it yesterday.

I have mixed feelings.

Of course as a newbie I had to take it slow and learn things, so I wound up spending most of yesterday working my way through the "Easy Power Start" guide on Steam. I was about 3/4 of the way through that (had most of the decent tools I needed to start working efficiently) when I returned to one of my shelters only to be robbed and left for dead by a bunch of bandits.

So, back to no weapons and barely any tools (they even took the pig I started the game with!) and with the added fun of having to drop most of my stuff just so I could limp around and try to recoup. I was definitely feeling the pain of having about half a days' worth of gaming sucked down the drain. I know, I know, most of you power players and master survivalists probably have a fully furnished base somewhere with about three sets of tools you can grab 'just in case', but I wasn't there yet.

I almost abandoned my effort and just started a new game on the spot. Almost. For some reason, I kept playing. It was probably morbid curiosity, some vague desire to see exactly how grim would be the end of my first character. I didn't see how she could possibly keep going after that catastrophe. But she did.

She went on to recover from all of her wounds, discovering several more Driikalis villages in the process. She survived to complete the basic course and is about to finish her survey of the Driikalis territory now. She doesn't have all of her best tools back yet, but I managed to locate a village that sells most of them and other than that I'd say she is well recovered from the bandit takeover of her shelter. She even has a dog now. 8)

I wouldn't necessarily say that I discovered UnReal World. It almost seems rather that UnReal World discovered me.

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