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Is it my really bad luck or is it really unlikly to find cliffs and mountain in mire terrain? I would like to scoop ore in lakes but i play a minimal start and got no axe and without a better axe then stone axe i cant make a raft. so no access to lake ore. q.q  and i need ore to make a better axe. XD is there something i can see the mire terrain better on the map?  And bevor someone say, i should buy an new axe, no i waaant to make this without buying. ^~^

And for the fishing rods, I’d suggest removing glue as a requirement. I never make rods because glue is actually pretty hard to make since you need a pot and that takes a kiln - am I missing something or is there a more primitive glue I should use instead?

You can make glue very early with using a wooden block pot. ^-^ should be in the lumber menu if i remember right. :3

Edit: By the way, can i use the mod with the fresh update from yesterday or have i to wait for an updated mod?

wanted to say "thank you" for the work. got back after a long break from urw and my biggest fear was, that all mod's are abandoned. Now i'm happily going to play. xD

Off-topic / Re: What do you like to cook in real life?
« on: May 06, 2017, 03:34:26 PM »
Normaly i eat nearly anything at least if it tasts good. ^-^Lately i have a weakness about fried tofu or better say the so called "inari sushi"

The only few things i dont really like is intestines, speciality liver my grandma overfed me and my cousins with it. :-\

@Brygun: Reads nice your "honey fried steak". *droll*

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