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Proper feedback doesn't benefit from vague humor. If you can mention specific recipes and it helps with menu (or DIY file) it will help fix things.

Sorry, I did not want to mock anyone or something - "for core wood" is in carpentry menu for making axe hafts - and recipe really asking for short quarter log from lumber menu.

I thought is long known bugs that author of mod should repair, and you Brygun just put everything together.

Suggestions / Re: Character and clothing&armor sizes
« on: October 31, 2020, 09:47:36 AM »
The big characters should and will still have advantage
If you take any object - and make it bigger - the area goes up to (in simplification) - to power of two, but volume, and so as weight goes to 3rd power...
And that's why bigger is better, you have more strength (more muscle mass), you have height advantage, and you need to cover only little more area that average.
I don't have mind today to do math, I don't know if the 15% is to much or too less for smaller/bigger armours but is not that simple...

Still I like the idea that 200cm guy can't fit in 140cm person armour/clothes.

I can't seem to find the birchbark lace required to craft (...)

Many of craft items have different names and is not consistent - made by different authors...
I look at you "for core wood"...

This is a known issue that shows up on Macs

I do what you said so, it works, file came lot bigger but works (test file 381 -> 975 bytes), I also checked other mod tiles that haven't had this issues and they don't save alpha.

>>>>>>  As far as I know "ALL the Vanilla game graphics work properly on all platforms"  <<<<<<
 So I'd say anyone making a mod is the one who might want to fix it.. Anyone using a mod may also want to fix it.

Yes, I don't have any problems with original graphic.
That's why I type post in here not in general bug report.

Set the transparency layer for the images.

yeah, i do it for few files, it worked... but it hell of a work if you don't have tools and use "free internet" stuff.

it still not worked perfectly, and It not worked like readme in truetile folder says (see attachment)
the upper left corner stays blue, in game should only the colour in 0,0 tile interpreted as "invisible"

tiles from weaving mod looks perfectly normal - loom, spindle/distaff but knitting needles are not (probably its from another author). Still on PC tiles works like intended, only Mac version have this problem, and I don't know who should manage it, Sami as creator, Tukka - author of the MAC port, or mods authors

So, i copied save games from my PC to Mac to see more items and check their tiles, and I was not right, almost all items are bugged by transparency layer.

If someone have an idea what can I do to repair that, or need me to test things, I will

Suggestions / Ice Checking
« on: July 27, 2020, 08:27:47 PM »
Like in topic - throwing stones/ blocks to check the ice if is able to withstand a weight

Back to my problem with transparency layer, right now I crafted something from weaving, stone tools ETC, and the problem persist only in earthenware. If I got more time, I will test more things.

Suggestions / Re: Route Points On Wilderness Map
« on: July 26, 2020, 12:34:06 PM »
You can do a points in big map (F6 map), if does help you.

Also I don't have a MAC so no way to self test.

Are their volunteers to help our Apple minded brethren?

I spotted it, so i can test. Ususaly play on PC, sometimes mac

Another thing, [on MAC] new items looks like this (at least from earthenware), I will keep posted, if its only a clay problem, or other items too, when I managed to make some using new tiles.

Ok, I just try to install BAC on my Mac, and had a crash at startup, in PC/windows works like a charm, with and without EE.
I use Steam, and is a fresh installation.
Right now I try to find with file replace is making the crash, because afer reinstalling (repair via Steam) , some mods contents works

I manage to find that in true tile folder was containing all mod contents, after deletion, no crash

Suggestions / Re: Parry as skill
« on: July 23, 2020, 08:25:33 PM »
Parry a paw, or hoof, hand, bite ETC, is not a parry, it would be a counterstrike - one will damage the creature.
And good luck with try to parry a bear paw from 500+ kg bear or charging at you 50-60 km/h, or parry goring reindeer, elk/moose.
The only thing making sense in such situations is dodge and counterstrike.
The game is not perfect, it never will be. But there is always room for improvements.

Yes, I do think that someone who's used with swinging an axe at trees would be significantly better at swinging it at a beginner. But if you pit him against someone with a modest fighting skill with that axe? No.
That's why i propose parry skill, modest fighter which have some skill with that, will be better than someone with expertise only in hitting - like lumberjack.
I'm not saying that master luberjack (timbercraft skill) should have 100% in axes, but should have a bonus to attack

Suggestions / Re: Parry as skill
« on: July 23, 2020, 04:47:52 PM »
UrW uses an adaptation of the Hârn system.
I thought it was Sami invention

And I don't thing there should be any significant synergy between wood cutting and axe fighting.
Don’t you think that someone who are used to fell a trees, have better chances with someone who hold an axe for the first time ?

On the other hand, I don't think anyone would try to fight with a flail unless caught unawares while threshing
You just rediscovered origins on nunchaku.

Personally, And back to the topic - the axe/woodcutting skill was an example, that parry skill is needed. It’s a thing you use only in armed vs armed combat so it can’t be learned hitting animals.

Suggestions / Re: Parry as skill
« on: July 23, 2020, 01:09:30 PM »
Cutting down trees uses a completely different skill from using an axe for fighting in UrW, and the weapon skills include all usages of the weapon in a fight, i.e. attacking, counterattacking, and blocking (which essentially the same as parrying

That’s the point.
It shouldn’t be, it should somehow crossover.
 In urw if my character is master in example sword, and lost it somehow in a fight, ant then pick up the axe who is not familiar with, this axe is useless, for me urw should be simulation, so if one know how to fight, one can do it with every weapon, But somewhat less effective but not to a point that weapon is almost useless.
If you know how to parry an attack with a sword, you can do with almost all weapons, maybe not so effectively but still.

Another thing, if one had mastery in more weapons, should be an better fighter, if you one fighting sword vs axe, and one are master in both you can predict moves of your enemy, because one know how to fight his weapon

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