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It may be late, but hearty congratulations, Sami!  Happy birthday and happy 30 years of creating something special. 

Cool post, beautiful landscapes.  A belated cheers!

Mod Releases / Wood Carving (1.0)
« on: April 14, 2019, 11:38:55 AM »
Hey everyone.  Here's a little mod of a few wood carving things to do.

  • From standard wooden cups and bowls, make variants with animal "carvings".  These are more valuable than the standard items, though not by much.
  • Make small statues (aka figures/idols/???) of Finnish mythological characters.  These are type "valuable" but the trade value is not too high.

Had to use non-special characters (no ä or ö).

I imagined the statue graphics as turning out better; but oh well.  I might try and improve them.  If anyone wants to do some better ones up, please go ahead ;)

Further could be to make little statues of animals and one for the Inehmo.


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