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Bug reports / Lingonberry shrub rendered at the wrong location
« on: December 28, 2020, 04:01:09 AM »
Linux, Steam, version 3.63.

This particular shrub is rendered in the wrong location (one unit northward) when facing north. When facing W or NW, it is rendered correctly.

The look command correctly reports the tile as "You see a lingonberry..." even though the tile is shown as ground visually. Similarly, the look command correctly reports the tile as "ground" when it is rendered as a shrub.

It is the shrub next to the pine on the left side of the screen (near the cluster of shrubs, not the lone shrub in the left-bottom). The shrub is rendered at the right place if I take one step to the left. It is, however, still rendered incorrectly if I move down (south) by up to three tiles. If I moved down by four tiles, it is rendered correctly.

Bug reports / [3.63] The ice breaks and you fall in the freezing water
« on: December 07, 2020, 05:26:23 PM »
I was on a punt. I dropped my items to lighten my weight penalties. Suddenly, I fall into the water. I must've done this hundreds of times, but this time, I got this message:

Code: [Select]
(143270):abgf:[#]{04D40535}      | Fishing options: Retrieve a net
(663333):abgf:[&]{04D40535}      | You start retrieving the net from the water...
(3C5A98):abgf:[:]{04D40535}      | Meanwhile, squirrel enters your view...
(147870):abgf:[?]{04D40535}      | Abort task?
(008000):abgf:[=]{04D40535}      | You caught 3 breams!
(575757):abgf:[_]{04D40535}      | The catch now awaits at your feet to be picked up.
(3C5A98):abgf:[:]{04D40535}      | You drop the fine fishing rod.
(A80000):abgf:[!]{04D40535}      | The ice breaks and you fall in the freezing water!
(3C5A98):abgf:[:]{04D40535}      | You feel bitterly cold.
(663333):abgf:[&]{04D40535}      | You swim at ease.
(3C5A98):abgf:[:]{04D40535}      | You drop the net.
(143270):abgf:[#]{04D40535}      | Using: FISHING
(143270):abgf:[#]{04D40535}      | Fishing options: Retrieve a net

Is this a bug or is it normal to fall off your punt?

Not bugs / [Solved. Not a bug.] Tracking down a missing punt
« on: March 18, 2018, 12:26:53 AM »
I cannot find my punt. Is there a way to search the save game data for where it is? While I can just craft a raft and move on. It drives me crazy to not know where my punt is.

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