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Mod Releases / [Tool] WhereIsMyRobber - a "Homeland Robbers" tedium remedy
« on: December 05, 2020, 02:57:07 PM »

Have you haver got bored to death by looking for the robbers in the "Homeland Robbers" quest? Do you have some better use for your time, rather than exploring 20x20 tiles one by one? Then this is for you.

If you never had the pleasure the excruciating experience of this quest, you need to kill a group of robbers which are troubling some villagers. Yet, the real challenge of this quest is not the fight, but actually finding these robbers, for which you are given just a indicative area of their location.

But, despite being 4 robbers with a shelter, the robbers do not appear on the zoomed-out map; looking for trails on the zoomed-out map won't work either. Even standing on their actual location tile won't prompt the encounter on the zoom-in map, like instead occurs when you meet a squirrel or other animals.
How are we supposed to spot a squirrel hiding on a tree but miss a roaming squad of robbers I have no idea. Especially because the robbers are supposedly looking for victims to assault. Yet, you could spend days in the area without never being approached.

So, the only way to find them is zooming into every single individual tile of the area, hoping to be lucky. Obviously, it is not the most time-efficient way, given that there could be about 400 tiles to look into. 

In conclusion, I think this quest is too broken to be enjoyable, and I looked for some solution by digging into the game files.

Here I make available a simple Python script to find the nearest robbers, and give instructions on how to reach them.


  • Install Python 3.8 or later versions from here. This is required to run the script
  • Copy the script into the folder of your savegame. This is the folder with the same name as your character that is located in the game folder
  • Save your game with your character near the area where the robbers are supposed to be found
  • Run the script by double clicking on it. On Windows, a Python window will open with a text prompt
  • Press enter in the text prompt, and the script will look for the nearest robber and give you instructions on how to reach it on the zoomed-out map

I have tested this on Linux. Please let me know if it works also on other platforms. There are no reasons it shouldn't but I am ready to fix it if there is some quirk

Visual example
The robber quest area
Spoiler: show

Where are they hiding?!
Spoiler: show

They were so close!!
Spoiler: show

On the specified tile, no tracks. Is it really the correct one?
Spoiler: show

Zooming-in reveals the robbers' shelter! The robbers must not be far
Spoiler: show

And there they are
Spoiler: show

  • The script does not know which robbers belong to the quest. It will simply show you the location of the robbers closest to you. That's why it's better you run it after you are near the quest area
  • If you keep pressing enter in the prompt, the script will display farther and farther robbers.

Technical details
For this script I have partially decoded the CRS and URS savegame files.
While it is not within the scope of this script, it is possible to use this script to reveal the location of any creature/human near the player. I have already decoded the "id" bytes for other entities different than robbers, like wolves, bears, njerpez, elks etc. But that would be cheating, and it would make exploring meaningless and the game boring.   

If you want to contribute to "decoding" the creature files, you can find the script repository here:

I might make a small modification to make this work also for the "wounded adventurer quest", by locating the assaulting bear, since that quest is just as broken as this one. But at least the "wounded adventurer" gives you a hint on the terrain-neighbouring terrain where the shelter is, which limits a lot the tiles to explore.

Modding / cookery syntax :number:
« on: November 29, 2020, 10:44:57 AM »
It's been a while I wasn't meddling with URW, and I finally decided to come back and updated my (unpublished) mod

Taking a look at the new 3.63 files, I realized that some new syntax appeared in cookery_glossary.txt

.Vegetable stew.      *COOKERY* /5/  \90\   %20%   :148: 

What is the  :148:   supposed to mean? I didn't find any explanation in the wiki modding section nor in the changelog notes

It seems that all recipes have the value 148, but what it represents?

Bug reports / [3.61] Crafted clothes can't go over decent quality
« on: December 24, 2019, 07:58:56 PM »
I feel this has changed since version 3.52:

Although using harsh fur to make clothes ends up having a cloth with rough quality, it seems like that it is impossible to make clothes with fine or masterwork quality even when starting from fine or superior fur

I've tried also to edit the diy_glossary.txt, with no success:
  • changing the crafting skill from COMMON to HIDEWORKING (which my character had at 91%),
  • adding the %90% in the recipe name to "increase" the skill and making more likely to produce better quality crafts
While doing the above changes works with normal crafts, they seem completely bypassed when crafting clothes (I've tried fur clothes only).
Hence I think it's a bug


Modding / "A place for drying" as {[NEARBY_TILE:]} option
« on: November 21, 2019, 03:38:04 PM »
Would be nice to have an option for the {[NEARBY_TILE]} syntax that works as the "A place for drying" in the "Dry (for preservation)" cookery recipe.
Something like:
{[NEARBY_TILE:Hanging place]}

since it requires either a fence, or wall, or anything where to hang things

Suggestions / [naming: last word] functionality extension
« on: November 18, 2019, 10:42:52 AM »
Talking about modding crafting recipes

Currently, the [naming: ] tag, together with [name: %s] tag, offers the possibility for greater customisation of recipes and item names.

However, only two options are currently available:
[naming:last word] - %s will get value of the last word of selected material/item name
[naming:original]  - %s will get value of original and complete selected material/item name

I propose a small extension that could greatly improve customisation and simplify many mod recipes I've seen.

In addition to "last word",  it should be possible to use integer values:
"1" :  get the value of the first word
"2" : get the value of the second word
"n" : get the value of the nth word

In a similar fashion,  as it happens in python lists:
"-1" : get the value of the last word (synonim with "last word")
"-2" : get the value of the second last word
"-n" : get the value of the nth last word

If the number exceeds the word count, it should reduce to the last word in the former, positive case and the first word in the latter, negative case.

It should be just a small modification to implement, but the advantages are sizeable. I hope you (Sami) can consider this

Bug reports / 3.50 villagers dying in wells (again)
« on: June 14, 2018, 01:12:17 PM »
Sorry for opening again a thread about this bug, previous report is archived as fixed in 3.40 but it seems regressing.

Start of winter, waters have already frozen once, unfrozen and then froze again, but still do not support human weight.
In the "well" (single water tile) of a Owl-tribe village there are several tools and clothes, supposedly owned by a villager drowned there. No corpse.

I will attach a  screenshot asap

Off-topic / long layover in helsinky
« on: June 08, 2018, 03:21:34 PM »
hello everybody,

by the end of the month I'll be travelling to europe, and on the way back I'll have a quite long layover at the helsinki airport.
I'll arrive there almost at midnight, and have the next flight in the afternoon of the following day.

would it be worth to go outside and pay a brief visit to helsinki? is there something worth to see in one morning, or even just some nice green area where to relax and chill, before a 10 hours flight?


Gameplay questions / sudden Njerpez invasion?
« on: May 23, 2018, 03:15:57 AM »
My character has been living in the southern part of the owl-tribe region since the start of summer.
Never had any encounters or even sights of Njerpez during the good season.... but now seems that they are coming out of the walls trees

The first snows are just beginning, and I've been having encounters with Njerpez almost every day now. Even more than one per day! My kill count is now at 7-8 (even managed to make a sleep kill), just in a few days.

I find them roaming not far from my shelter, already inside the owl tribe territory. Always one man parties. I attack them hoping they carry some food, but they seem always poorly equipped, with little food with them, if any.

Is this normal? Are the Njerpez starting a one by one invasion on the Owl-tribe?
I'm not in good terms with spirits, because of too much small game hunting. Is it possible that they are cursing me with Njerpez incursions so close to my dwellings??

Gameplay questions / Mother pipe, where are you?
« on: May 03, 2018, 03:53:55 AM »
My survival of the owl-tribe has been asked by a fellow villager to find 30 patches of mother pipe leaves.

It's fall month, and my character so far has been exploring only the vast owl tribe region, hunting and trading with the sparse villages.

However, he hasn't found any mother pipe so far

Now, I've read on the wiki that the Mother pipe grows in the north (so owl-tribe region should be fine) in Wetland, Grove, Meadow terrain... which terrain are those??? I've never noticed! What I see is only open, spruce and pine mires, coniferous and lichenous forests, and heatland.

Any suggestion? 

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