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Bug reports / [3.62] Villagers attacking their own reindeer
« on: July 28, 2020, 11:40:30 AM »
I entered a village to find all of them standing in their reindeer pen in attack mode. The villagers had the angry red lines around them too but some of them have calmed down I guess with saving and reloading.

Don't know if it's a bug or just a strange happening.

Code: [Select]
(143270):pcha:[#]{01540175}      | Entering settled area ...
(000000):pcha:[Y]{01540175}      | You shake the needles from your shoulders and come forward among the people. You are entering a seal-tribe village...
(3C5A98):pcha:[:]{01540175}      | You ski.
(000000):pcha:[T]{01540175}      | The cow withdraws from your way.
(000000):pcha:[T]{01540175}      | The female dog withdraws from your way.
(3C5A98):pcha:[:]{01540175}      | You ski.
(143270):pcha:[#]{01540175}      | You see Seal-tribe woodsman there.
(143270):pcha:[#]{01540175}      | You see aggressive, grievously wounded small reindeer doe there.
(143270):pcha:[#]{01540175}      | Things that are there:
(000000):pcha:[S]{01540175}      | Seal-tribe child
(000000):pcha:[s]{01540175}      | small reindeer doe carcass
(3C5A98):pcha:[:]{01540175}      | You ski.
(143270):pcha:[#]{01540175}      | You see Seal-tribe kid there.
(143270):pcha:[#]{01540175}      | You see wounded Seal-tribe peasant there.
(143270):pcha:[#]{01540175}      | Things that are there:
(000000):pcha:[a]{01540175}      | arrow
(000000):pcha:[s]{01540175}      | shortbow
(000000):pcha:[1]{01540175}      | 11 arrows
(000000):pcha:[n]{01540175}      | northern bow
(000000):pcha:[S]{01540175}      | South-east corner of a kota
(143270):pcha:[#]{01540175}      | Things that are there:
(000000):pcha:[w]{01540175}      | wounded Seal-tribe Woman
(000000):pcha:[h]{01540175}      | harmed reindeer doe carcass
(147870):pcha:[?]{01540175}      | You can shout to command pets out of sight.
(143270):pcha:[#]{01540175}      | SHOUT A COMMAND TO: Choose a target in sight
(600060):pcha:["]{01540175}      | -- villagers attacking their reindeer
(143270):pcha:[#]{01540175}      | Saving your character...

This happened to me back in 3.62 and then I saved the game and didn't get around to reporting it, but I still have the save.

Recently a goshawk attacked a raven, and left some bloodscapes on my property.

Here's the first one I saw
Code: [Select]
(143270):68hb:[#]{076706D9}      | You see a bloodscape here.

I followed the bloodscapes back to the a pile of feathers
Code: [Select]
(000000):68hc:[b]{076606D9}      | bloodscape
(000000):68hc:[2]{076606D9}      | 2 goshawk feathers
(000000):68hc:[4]{076606D9}      | 4 raven feathers
(663333):68hc:[&]{076606D9}      | You sneak ahead.

Then it rained for a while:
Code: [Select]
(A80000):78ha:[!]{076706DA}      | You wake up to the rain.

fast forward a day later and there are still bloodscapes all over:
Code: [Select]
(143270):78hc:[#]{076706D9}      | You see a bloodscape there.

I can provide a save

The Sauna task in advanced adventures still tells you to use a sauna scoop. It can be completed though as long as there is at least mild  steam.

Bug reports / [3.63] Birch sapling appears as " Sapling"
« on: July 21, 2020, 05:43:01 PM »
When I look at the birch sapling, it just says " Sapling".

When I chop it down, I receive a birch sapling like normal and can make birch withes.

I checked with another character in Swidden month, same thing. In Fallow and Harvest months it has a different icon (with foilage) but it still reads " Sapling".

Bug reports / [3.61 linux] overloaded punt froze game
« on: April 09, 2020, 08:44:39 PM »
This happened before I upgraded to the new version I just didn't get around to posting this until now.

I ran into another issue with Pekka. I had a lot of things on my punt, but I didn't get a message about it being overloaded. When I tried to zoom out with it, it froze, using all my cpu and had to be killed, and then when I reloaded it, my punt and everything on it was gone and I was wading in the zoomed out map. I zoomed in, hoping the punt might be there but it wasn't. This is the last thing I can find in the msglog.txt about what might have been on the punt:

Code: [Select]
(143270):n9h8:[#]{06070063}      | There are several objects here:
(000000):n9h8:[p]{06070063}      | punt
(000000):n9h8:[1]{06070063}      | 16 slender tree trunks
(000000):n9h8:[4]{06070063}      | 42 fistfuls of rye grains
(000000):n9h8:[7]{06070063}      | 73 hemps
(000000):n9h8:[2]{06070063}      | 22 homespun yarns
(000000):n9h8:[3]{06070063}      | 300 dried retted plants
(000000):n9h8:[1]{06070063}      | 116 barleys
(575757):n9h8:[_]{06070063}      | ...and 30 more.

These are some other things that were probably on the punt, lots of plants that I'd harvested and timber stuff, but these things which I will really miss:

Code: [Select]
(3C5A98):i9hj:[:]{06070063}      | You drop the small knife.
(3C5A98):i9hh:[:]{06080063}      | You drop the shovel.
(3C5A98):i9hg:[:]{06080063}      | You drop the handaxe.
(3C5A98):i9hg:[:]{06080063}      | You drop the fine carving axe.
(3C5A98):i9h2:[:]{06080063}      | You drop the fine splitting axe.
(3C5A98):h9h6:[:]{06070063}      | You drop the masterwork woodsman's axe.
(3C5A98):i9hg:[:]{06080063}      | You drop the pot.
(3C5A98):i9hh:[:]{06080063}      | You drop the arctic fox fur.
(3C5A98):i9hh:[:]{06080063}      | You drop the 3 bags.
(3C5A98):i9hh:[:]{06080063}      | You drop the wooden mug.

and some modded stuff that  I will miss
Code: [Select]
(3C5A98):i9hh:[:]{06080063}      | You drop the spindle and distaff.
(3C5A98):i9hh:[:]{06080063}      | You drop the heckling comb.
(3C5A98):i9hg:[:]{06080063}      | You drop the stone hammer.

Suggestions / Flooding
« on: January 19, 2020, 11:40:11 PM »
I live near a river and every spring the water level rises quite high, it would flood if we hadn't built such a high bank around it. If it doesn't rain for a while, the water level drops.

It would be interesting if the areas of low elevation collected water after rains and the shores of the rivers changed. It would be dangerous to build your shelter too close to the river if it was raining a lot, you'd have to build on higher ground. Valleys between mountains would also flood suddenly if there was a lot of rain.

(000000):2bgh:[Y]{038E06C4}      | You notice here very fresh driikiläis craftsmanhuman tracks which are numerous and mixed.

Just outside a village in Driik.


Save available in case it's just this one sage. It's a new character, village start.

I know that sage's skills don't matter very much because you can't hire them but I entered this menu to see if I could ask the sage to direct me to a sage (nope), then tried out the other options. Perhaps the sage should say he is skilled at physician and herblore.

It used to be that when you applied a sauna scoop inside a sauna, you got warmer. Now you stay cold [or whatever temperature you were before].

This has been the case for a few versions now, not sure how many.

Solved'n'fixed bug reports / [Fixed - persits in 3.61] Everlasting dog bone
« on: December 06, 2019, 07:41:46 PM »
Pekka's dog is eating a dog bone. The dog bone never gets used up. Eventually the dog stops being hungry. The dog can eat the dog bone forever.

I thought maybe all bones were bugged so I brought a single elk bone with me on a trip, but the dog ate that normally, it got used up and then it was gone. We came home from the trip, the dog is back to eating the everlasting dog bone. I think the [former pet] reindeer bone might also be everlasting.

I can provide a save.

Bug reports / [3.60 stable linux] path-finding
« on: November 14, 2019, 07:22:04 PM »
This is Tobejas. He wants to go home.

Tobejas' home is to the south-east, where I have an active quest

To get home, Tobejas needs to go North-west, wade through a tiny bit of water, and then go mostly south, then follow the lake counter-clockwise (west) until he's below it, then he can go east and north to his village. But the hardest part for Tobejas is these 10 metres of wading. He is not sure whether the 8 metres of wading are more risk to him than swimming south-east but they both seem really risky so he is just hanging out by the shore for days. He could zoom out and use the wilderness map, no wading needed, but he doesn't know how. I left him alone for some days and came back for him, he's still here.

When Tobejas told me he was leaving, he first tried to go south-east but he saw there was a lot of water, too much for him to swim. So he followed the coast line northeast for a while. He didn't get stuck in the trees; I've cleared a single ring around the edge of my property. but before he was all the way to the northeast edge of my tile, he changed his mind and headed southeast again. He never got as far as the 5 tiles of water he'd have to wade through.

I can provide a save if you like it.

I am alone and trying to skin a fox. I am ready to drop so the task gets paused and it tells me somebody else got the skin. Save available.

Code: [Select]
(147870):h8gi:[?]{07B706EF}      | (1) You need knife - preferably a broad knife.
(AB5700):h8gi:[+]{07B706EF}      | The small knife nearby will be used.
(000000):h8gi:[O]{07B706EF}      | Ok, you have all the necessary equipment!
(A80000):h8gi:[!]{07B706EF}      | The small knife is a satisfactory tool here.
(575757):h8gi:[_]{07B706EF}      | Both arms needed, but only your right arm is in usable condition.
(A80000):h8gi:[!]{07B706EF}      | It will be slow and difficult to skin an animal now.
(663333):h8gk:[&]{07B706EF}      | You are too tired to continue! You need to sleep.
(575757):h8gk:[_]{07B706EF}      | Task paused, to be continued at will.
(A80000):h8gk:[!]{07B706EF}      | You are left empty handed as somebody got the skin already.
(3C5A98):h8gk:[:]{07B706EF}      | You are too tired to stay on your feet.


I have barley grains planted in each of the available tiles. The two tiles that are northeast of where i'm standing right now were planted just now, then i zoomed out and immediately zoomed back in. The tile north and northwest of me were planted after zooming back in. The other tiles were planted on previous days.

When I'm planting my fields, i like to plant a little bit each day until I get an agriculture increase and then i come back the next day to plant some more, so I would like the "something has been planted here" image to persist longer than it does.

If I fall asleep, the image also goes away.

The workaround i am using is that i drop my bag of seeds on the next tile to be planted and try to remember what direction i was walking in.

When you create a character with the traps and trapping backstory, the weight in the inventory is initially wrong: you can see that I am carrying 55 lb of wooden stakes and also see that the total is 22.9 lb.

This corrects itself automatically as soon as you take a single step (or, presumably, do any other action that causes those values to refresh) and then it displays 85.9 lb.

Stand on a raft in water. Drop all your items [d+ space]. Pick them up again. Each section of your inventory is now in reverse order. I can provide a save if you like, though it should be easy to reproduce.

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