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Modding / Adding Custom Music?
« on: January 01, 2021, 07:08:19 PM »
I've been wondering if it'd be possible to add custom music to play in-game? I see that the audio files are pretty self-explanatory, but I don't know if it's possible to add more music (as opposed to replacing existing music) without getting into coding, or how difficult it'd be to code that in? I noticed there is an 'audio.txt' file in the game folder, but all it says is 'start'...So not sure that's what I'm looking for. Any pointers?

General Discussion / Information about the Spirits
« on: December 30, 2020, 06:17:02 AM »
Hi there!

I'm planning a creative project in which I write a story from the perspective of one of the spirits who is observing my character. In particular, I'm thinking this spirit absolutely despises my character, and is constantly looking for ways to kill them. Unfortunately, I do not know much about the spirits as individuals. I have heard mention of a "Waterman" and an "Old Man of the Forest" but I know nothing about them besides their domain, and the wiki(s) are unhelpful. Can I get more information on this? Specifically, the questions below:

-What is the name of the spirit?
-What does the spirit control/what is the spirit's domain?
-How can the spirit affect the everyday life of an individual?
-What powers does the spirit possess?
-Does the spirit have any motivations or goals? (i.e., protecting something, destroying another thing, etc.)
-What is the spirit's relationship to other spirits?

If this is something that can be found in real-world mythology, if someone could please point me in the right direction for searching it up myself, that'd be great. I've tried looking up 'Finnish Waterman' etc, but no luck. Would also need a list of the spirits present in-game as well.

Not bugs / [Not a bug] Portrait Limit?
« on: December 29, 2020, 10:38:34 PM »
I recently added a ton (115 female) of portraits to the game, but only 50 of them show up in-game. Regardless of culture it's the same ones, but interestingly enough it's not the first 50 portraits added, but rather a seemingly random selection out of the ones I added. Is it possible there is a portrait limit? Is this something that can be removed?

Not quite sure this is a bug, but it felt weird to put in the suggestions forum as I'm not sure that the limit is for everyone, as the person who gave me the portraits mentioned no such issue.

Stories / Old Character Journals [Unfinished]
« on: December 24, 2020, 01:46:27 PM »
Hi there! These are a few old character journal I made a while back and will likely never finish seeing as the saves are long gone, but figured I'd post it here for posterity. ^^

Spoiler: show

This first one is significantly older than the next and made in a travel diary making application. It's longer than the other but I like the drawings in the second one better.

EDIT: I totally neglected to mention that the drawings here are not mine. The drawings in the second one are, though. Oopsy daisy. I'll write a post about that, too.
EDIT 2: JP_Finn found the credits for the images used in this journal, here they are:

“Northwoods Moose” (alces alces) by Joe Hautman.
“Our friend the Badger” (meles meles) is by David Stribbling.

Spoiler: show
This one is comparatively newer, but I decided to try the BAC mod and I'm fairly certain that a mod of that size would corrupt old saves, so I likely won't be continuing it. I may start another one in this style, though, but I'd put it in a separate thread. This is made in a windows app store program called Inkodo. I use a non-display Wacom art tablet to draw the art digitally, it's not my best work but it's meant to be sketches. I was originally going to use the tablet to write, too, but I found that my handwriting digitally is not very neat compared to my real handwriting, so I used a handwritten font instead.

General Discussion / Introduction & Question on Playstyle
« on: December 24, 2020, 07:53:54 AM »
There isn't an introduction board so I figured I'd introduce myself here, I hope that's okay. At the end I'll also have a question about the game, too.

Sooo...Hi there! My name is Karmatose, feel free to call me Karma. I'm an 18-year-old female living in the U.S. (EST). I get the feeling I'm probably among the younger players of the game, but I've been playing very off-on since I was 12-ish. I haven't joined the forums until recently, but I thought I'd try modding and downloaded the BAC mod and a few complimentary ones, and had to sign up to do that, and figured I might as well get involved in the community, too. I also signed up for the IRC chat, but it seems rather dead at the time of writing. Still hanging about though if anyone is on.

I did mention that I've played the game since I was 12 or so, but I should probably clarify that I am still very much a noob. I usually only play the game frequently for a couple weeks to a month before taking a break and not playing it at all for a couple months to a year. Unfortunately I have a tendency to restart the game a lot. I'm in the process of learning to let go of my desire for absolute control in the game - i.e. learning to roll with the punches. It's a bit difficult, but I recently got on a voice chat with a friend and was streaming the game, and he's the definition of chaos. He had be take the "Unfortunate Hunting Trip" scenario and egged me into attacking the bear. I survived the first attack but I guess I hung around my father's corpse too long because the bear came back and killed me. ^^;

Anyway, as far as my interests, I'm addicted to writing and play-by-post roleplaying, although I struggle to roleplay in video games. I recently started keeping a journal for my URW characters with drawings and such in an effort to remedy this, but found that it took away from the gameplay experience as I'd feel my gameplay was interrupted by writing in the journal. I'd be willing to send the first page (the only completed page) of the journal if anyone is interested, but I'll have to resize it to do so, so please express interest if you'd like that. I also love to read, crochet, and (you guessed it) play video games. I'm an amateur digital artist and graphic designer and I have a bad habit of making all my hobbies into big, ambitious projects I never finish. I'm one of those people where it's all or nothing - I can't half-ass anything even if I try, I'm either all in or not in at all.

I think that's enough about me, or at least all I can think of at the time. If anyone has any questions or just wants to chat, feel free to reply here or PM me.

As for my aforementioned question, I recently decided to try something new in-game - I never enter the zoomed-out map. I think this provides a more fun and dynamic experience as exploring is more difficult due to not being able to see what is really far ahead of you, and also if you stumble upon tracks you'll always know it, as opposed to in the zoomed out map you might miss them if you aren't using your tracking skill. If there is an animal nearby, it won't just poof you to the animal's exact location, you'll have to search for it a bit based on sound cues and tracks. Overall it seems like it'd be a lot of fun, but I have to wonder - are there any limitations to doing this, either performance-wise or gameplay-wise? I imagine that loading so many zoomed-in tiles might be taxing for the game after a while if it doesn't have a way to unload them. If anyone knows anything, please let me know in the topic (as opposed to PMing me) so others can find out, too.

Anyway, I think that's all. It's nice meeting all of you. :)

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