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Bug reports / UrW crash when firing arrows
« on: November 05, 2020, 07:57:31 PM »
I have encountered the same problem multiple times so I though it's good idea to post it here. During "bow training" (repeatedly firing arrows to train bow skill) it's possible to crash the game (probably due to fast key pressing). I will supply here application related information but I can send whole log (like system version, more memory info etc.), just not publicly. I enclose it in file as it exceeds maximum number of characters allowed.

Gameplay questions / Forest maid clothing
« on: October 27, 2020, 11:02:47 PM »
Spoiler: show
After doing forest maid quest there is following note:
"There are rumors of their most dearest being rewarded with clothes that never wore out, but I wouldn't know about that".
So it happens that during doing this quest I've managed to receive such clothes - fine embroidered nettle shirt. But after falling from tree it got damaged a little. So rumor about receiving clothes is true. Is the other part not or is this a bug? I'm a little bit confused so I'm writing it here, hopefully it's right forum section.

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