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Can't you make a perfect fox trap without a masterpiece knife?

I use the big bull cow to transport the tree trunk to the world map. I think this helps to make leather. I no longer need to enter the minimap frequently. But when I want it to disappear, I don't know how to make it disappear. I used the command to take the tree trunk from the cow, but I couldn’t use the command to put it back

Gameplay questions / I can no longer summon the forest maids
« on: August 06, 2020, 11:50:58 AM »
I can no longer summon the forest maids. Is there anything that would cause the forest maids to no longer appear?

Regarding the task of finding lost items in the shelter, if it is a bear or a wolf, I will throw a piece of meat on the ground, one piece for each tile, and then check the footprints. Sometimes bad luck, birds will eat it, but in this way I completed several shelters looking for lost items. I usually find a wolf or a bear, kill it,  chase its tracks

Gameplay questions / Have you bought a hunting horn?
« on: August 05, 2020, 02:42:26 PM »
Where should I buy a masterpiece broad knife?
I can’t make superior elk fur and superior bear fur
I mean, what culture will refresh broad knife? I found that some cultures have a lot of crops、 barbecue or fur
Have you bought a hunting horn?

If I plan to create a new character to survive in an old world, what should I do?

Increasingly realize the importance of eyesight attributes

How to complete the homeland robbers task? Search all tiles?

Are there any skills to improve search efficiency?

General Discussion / Forest reindeer have two characteristics
« on: July 31, 2020, 07:53:16 PM »
Forest reindeer have two characteristics. They are deadly. One is the sentinel, which is not particularly deadly because many people use bows instead of crossbows. The second is that they will try to gather together. With these two points, we can easily kill them. The weapon we need to use is the crossbow. The crossbow can ensure long-range hits and is very suitable for hurting sentries. The arrows I use are broad-headed arrows, and the benefits of bleeding are very large. Whether it is for humans or animals, I am really not used to using conventional arrows, blunt-headed arrows, oh no, if I want to ensure the integrity of the fur, I will Select the trap. I easily killed a group of eight forest reindeer. My crossbow skills are practiced very high, and I am not sure if low skills will have good results. Many interesting things appeared in the hunt. When I am not trying to get close to the race like using a longbow, but shooting at a greater distance or even at the edge of my vision, the sentries of the race will keep their eyes on me. In this case, they will not run for long and long distances. After I loaded the crossbow, I didn't need to follow my footprints for a long time. In addition, the injured reindeer will take me to the group. The last deer in the group will return to the fallen but not dead reindeer and let me win the Grand Slam. I didn’t chase it, search for it, I just stood next to the fallen reindeer, sneaking, reloading, waiting until it appeared in my field of vision, shooting

Bug reports / punt, ski and ice surface
« on: July 31, 2020, 03:16:58 PM »
I received an assignment about the water folk. I tried to go to the island in early spring, but neither punt nor ski can help because the ice has not melted yet. I have to wait for the ice to dissolve before I can pass? This is too real. (No, it's not true at all!) I couldn't let such a little difficulty hinder me, so I decided to try to use punt and the human body to break the ice(When practicing swimming, I carry a punt relay,  I plan to use punt relay to ride through the ice) I entered the deep water , and the ice broke, I put down the punt and continued to enter the deep water area, repeating this behavior. leaving 15 ice holes。When i repeat this behavior again, I could only use the boat to run back and forth on the broken ice surface, and I could not leave the boat. Go on the other ice, I'm trapped
Fortunately, I brought enough air-dried meat to last until the ice and snow melted
I'm not sure if this is a bug

msglog:the ice prevents you from rowing there

Animals will climb over the fence, how should I guard against them?

General Discussion / Bonfire is a bug
« on: July 29, 2020, 04:50:35 PM »
In the past I used loop snares to prevent enemies from approaching me, whether it was an animal or a human, that was an old version. Do traps still hinder animals? Humans can flow unimpeded on traps, as far as I have seen, I don't know if they will get hurt when they walk through traps. What I want to say is that a bonfire can be used to stop the enemy from advancing, find a reasonable location and put the bonfire on, you can destroy any civilization, except for bows and throwing weapons, the world has no threat at all.
Will this be corrected? Give humans more long-range weapons, or throw weapons, or let them have the ability to cross the campfire. They should be able to jump over the campfire, although it looks like they will walk on the flames, which can be imagined as jumping. I mean bonfires should not be obstacles. They should be able to remove traps or obstacles on the road

What to do if NPC does not follow the escort mission?
kill her?
I have received her escort mission three times in a row. I told her that I was ready, but she never followed me to Kaumo. Perhaps the source of the problem will be the solution to the problem. The question is how can I assassinate someone in the village without incurring hatred

General Discussion / How to build a sniper
« on: July 25, 2020, 02:19:35 PM »
How to build a sniper
I am trying to build a sniper
Outside of winter, if you don’t need to keep warm, you can reduce the load to a very low level.
Because it only needs to be equipped with blunt weapon protection (bear hunting) and sharp weapon protection (hunter)
Do not consider close contact with humans
Should I use a longbow or a crossbow or a heavy crossbow?
I plan to sniper at a long distance. If I use a bleeding arrow, I just need to hit the body
No need for continuous attack, easy to escape
Long-range sniping is safe
Will night affect the field of vision of npc? Seems to be
I once built a warrior using masterwork battlesword
He is strong and powerful, but he must wear a lot of protective equipment to deal with different types of damage. Although he can execute an enemy in a short time or make an enemy with head protection fall to the ground, occasionally he will get serious injuries and must be prolonged. The recovery, which affected the hunting efficiency. It's funny to use him to hunt animals, because I need to use a bow, but the penalty is too high, and it's troublesome to change equipment frequently
I think a long-range sniper can meet the requirements of hunting animals and hunting humans at the same time
Bleeding Arrows can be obtained from merchants
I need some advice, because I am used to hunting with traps and don’t understand ranged weapons

I encountered a merchant entering the village tile today. Will the merchant also trade with the village?
Does the merchant’s list of goods have anything to do with the cultural area?
In the north, I met many merchants, but they don't sell small knife or broad knife. I don't know if it's bad luck or because of something. The common ones are all kinds of swords and axes. Sometimes there are bows , shields, crosses bows are relatively rare. Will merchants sell weapons of northen culture and kaumo culture?

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