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Bug reports / [3.61] Wound disappeared mid-combat
« on: July 25, 2020, 08:41:59 AM »
I'm not sure if whatever caused this has been covered between 3.61 and 3.63, but it was rather confusing. Fighting four bandits, going quite poorly, these things happen. I go unconscious from a Deep Wound in Face, take a couple more wounds after waking up, reaching Injury of 84%. I then go unconscious from a Deep Wound in Thigh, and after waking up, my face wound had disappeared, and my injury had dropped to 79%. This should have been a lethal hit, right? The robbers may have been prevented from outright killing me, some kind of interaction between maxed Endurance and the coding for robbers to go drop you off somewhere alive.

I have some screen shots, and I saved game mid-fight for this report (super about to die). If there isn't an explanation or an open thread on a similar topic, I hope the documentation comes in useful.

Gameplay questions / Poisoning a village?
« on: February 08, 2019, 04:17:08 PM »
If I wanted to clear out a village but didn't have the courage/desire to actually fight for it, what would be the effectiveness of giving everyone sand mushroom soup as a gift? Would they eat it eventually, and then die same as I would? Has anyone tried this?

Gameplay questions / Female Dogs
« on: February 24, 2018, 11:33:51 AM »
I haven't had the chance to play the new version much, nice getting into it again. However, in the first village I found with dogs, they had a female available for what seemed fairly cheap, and I immediately traded to get her for the novelty value of not role playing which gender which dog was. Has anyone seen any differences in combat skills? Will she inherently weigh as much as a small dog or a medium dog, and are there listed big and small females?

Stories / Don't Go to Stumpmire
« on: September 27, 2017, 04:25:51 PM »
So, you whipper-snappers think you've worked sixteen winters, and know all the rituals, and heard all me stories, and think you're ready to head out alone, eh? 'Alf you kids will starve in two weeks and the other 'alf o' ye will drown in a damn puddle, come the wet ice! But jist a rare few of ye might end up wishin' ye died natural-like, if'n you think THIS is just another story.

Must a been nigh sixty winters past, when I was greener than you lads, some o' the men that was comin' and goin' tradin' back then took to talkin' about how they was gettin' heaps o' treasure fer workin' up north in Stumpmire. Always somethin' about a new settler, with piles o' loot, givin' it away if'n you was willin' to come to 'is 'ouse 'n chop his trees fer 'im. He'd even feed ye, and give ye an axe, and let ye keep it, if'n you promised to come back. Well, after a while o' this, the men that 'ad left town jist stopped comin' back from Stumpmire, and the ones that was still in town took to stayin' there more permanent-like. Wouldn't say why, they was all quiet about it, and we let them be, seein' as now we was the only place they would trade the pay they was still holdin' onto.

After a couple weeks o' that, the new settler came to see us. He was near seven foot I'd say, and looked like he carried a lot o' weight on his bones, but 'adn't eaten in a few days. Was wonderin' why no one was comin' up to 'is place, still 'ad work needed doin' and still 'ad plenty of goods to pay. The men that 'ad been workin' for 'im before kinda looked down, gave back their axes, and made excuses why'n they couldn' go back with 'im. He got real mad, and offered up a sword fer the man that would go with 'im.

Well, my old cousin Jaqqa visiting from the next town over 'appenned to need himself a sword, and thought he might go with back to Stumpmire. Old Jaqqa was always slow on the uptake, like most of you kids these days... The men that 'ad worked for the settler all sat down to talkin' real hushed like once he and Jaqqa left, and got their things together, and followed after 'em. Yours truly figgered followin' the men who left would be the best way to see what was really goin' on, but now I figger it's best not findin' out some things too direct.

Stumpmire's just north, goes on for miles. Felt like hours walkin' it, but I was bein' careful o' makin' too much noise, and lettin' on to the men that they was bein' followed in turn. They finally got close up enough to the settler's buildsite that I could see it from where I was hidin', but then I heard Jaqqa screamin'. Not no regular screamin' like when you babies see squirrel guts, but real screamin'. I ain't never heard anything like it before or since, and then it just stopped real sudden.

The men was runnin' up to the house then, and I started hearin' shoutin' and noises like a big fight was startin', but then those stopped too. I got as close as I could, hidin' in the trees that was left, and what I saw was worse than all Jaqqa's screamin'. 'Is eyes was put out, and 'is legs was broke, and 'is 'ead was smashed open, and 'is arms was still twitchin'. The new settler 'ad killed the men who followed 'im too, and was cuttin' em up fer meat with 'is back to me. I cracked a twig backin' away and he turned right around and looked at me with these hollow eyes, and what he did was smile. Smile, and hold up a cut of meat from one of the men, and set it on the ground, and when I ran away like anyone with 'alf a brain woulda done, I 'eard 'im recitin' our ritual for sacrificin' an animal, like those men was sheep.

And that's why whatever you boys do on yer way to some bear's belly, don't you go trustin' strangers, and don't you go to Stumpmire.

Gameplay questions / Bridge Building
« on: September 27, 2017, 12:24:50 AM »
Story first: I have only settled an island once, but found the several months of unwalkable ice and entire days spent carving out a path for my punt completely unacceptable. For a suggested settlement option on the wiki, this is a very important detail to leave out.

I am now about to try building a bridge across a strategically placed ford that would open about a quarter of the map, using about twenty rafts. My goal is to prove the feasibility of the project, but my questions are:

1. Has anyone else tried this and encountered problems?
2. If this is as necessary as it seems for settling islands, and actually a very common project, why is it mentioned nowhere?

General Discussion / Feed the Njerpez Foundation needs your donations!
« on: September 07, 2017, 09:04:04 AM »
tl;dr New challenge, deliver one full bag of grain to the interior of a building in EVERY Njerp village in your world without killing anyone inside their territory (maiming pursuers is acceptable). Bonus points: return all your Njerpez scimitars, that their owners' families might find peace in war.

Now folks, I know what you're thinking, it's exactly what I was thinking when I first heard of the FNF and all the great work they're doing out there in southeast Finland. LoLotov, the Njerps are the enemy! Why should we feed the enemy? Well, there are a couple big reasons I'll tell you folks about. First off, for the pure humanity of it! It seems like the Njerp children put up less and less of a fight and get more and more skeletal each time we massacre their villages. There just isn't enough food in Njerpland to keep the children in fighting shape! But our economy is being hit too! Even the trophy scouts seem to be getting smaller and smaller, and that's having a direct effect on the livelihoods of all you tribals out there, whether you want to admit it or not. Most of our iron comes from slaying Njerps, and if they're too weak to carry it, we ourselves will run out! And in case you needed more reason, the spirits themselves command that you help! I was minding my own business the other day, running an augury on some kuikka entrails, you know... the usual... and I saw the signs plain as day. The spirits want YOU to bring your excess food to a local Feed the Njerpez Foundation drop-off box! They offer convenient locations at any Njerpez village, and swift service is guaranteed! Just be sure to bring any other valuables you don't need anymore too, the FNF always needs funding folks! Folks, I hate doing these long-winded speeches, you know that about me, but this is an issue that's very close to my heart, and I hope you'll find it closer to yours too now that you know what the great folks at FNF stand for. We can keep the Njerpez around a little longer if we all just work together, so open your hearts, open your rucksacks, and let's feed those Njerps, folks!

[Applause sign turns on]

Character restrictions: Custom, Driik, ONE attribute reroll, use a skill raise on Ritual.

Stories / Ulrik Kaumonoaidi
« on: September 06, 2017, 12:02:00 PM »
Ulrik was something like 6'4", just a damn monster, even by modern standards. He had always felt like his skills and abilities had come Very Easily to him, but who's complaining? He was strong, tireless, nimble, and blessed with keen senses. He learned just about all he tried at the pace of those who ended up specializing in those skills. But he never saw any need to limit himself.

He liked setting trap lines and fishing and wild plants and throwing sharp bits of wood at people, animals, trees, rocks and anything else that took his fancy, but what he liked most of all were the red and white-spotted mushrooms his grandfather had taught him were given to the people of the Unreal World by the great spirit of time and space, Noaidi. He would pick them whenever he saw them, and more often than not, eat them on the spot, regardless of what else he had planned for that day. So far, this hadn't caused many problems, besides a few sidelong glances from local maidens when he would come trading and, swooning with the effort of controlling his body, force stale, hallucinogenic fungi upon them as gifts.

One day however, our mighty hero made a fateful discovery while deciding whether or not it was worth the trouble to kill a rather smallish bear he had come across. Red and white-spotted mushrooms as far as the eye could see, mostly in bunches of three, some with as many as five. Determining that the bear was the least of his worries now, he picked thirty individual mushrooms, and made a very seriously implanted mental note of the location. He wandered home, but what is a young Kaumo Renaissance man to do with so many mushrooms?

Obviously he would make a mushroom soup, it was only logical; for that way, he would be able to visit his love Noaidi in an excitingly different way, and perhaps find her favors more invigorating than usual. This was indeed to be the case. He starved himself for a day, allowed the soup to simmer by the fire overnight, and guzzled every drop before ever stepping out of the house. Once he did step out though, he was struck by how many times he had been at this very spot, eating these very mycological spiritual-gateways. It was time for a change.

Gameplay questions / Easiest way to trap njerps?
« on: September 04, 2017, 11:57:50 PM »
I'm about to start running a character that will live in Njerp territory fulltime as a guerilla, so what would be the best way to setup a series of traps for them? I'm also unsure which trap is best on people, I assume spike pit, but they take too long to setup for the strategic reactiveness I want on this character.

I'm most interested in:
  • Defending a small base area against aggressors and passersby
  • Passive attrition against town populations, whittling down multiple locations over time without risking assaults
  • Luring in characters seen on the overworld map, rather than going to them

Gameplay questions / Atypical Build
« on: August 27, 2017, 01:13:04 PM »
I would like to make a skinny little Driik with an animal friend who will be incapable of feeding themself regularly without trading. Gotta be garbage at fighting so I can't just pick fights, but what would be a good set of skills to raise for maximizing my trading capabilities and minimizing personal food production?

I know people do this all the time and the answer will be straightforward, but I don't branch out from my normal routine often enough to be sure how to run this character.

Gameplay questions / Curious About Quest Rewards (spoilers hopefully)
« on: August 18, 2017, 11:55:09 PM »
All right, I finished my first bird thief quest earlier and got myself a Hare's Paw, which is supposed to be applied to anything I attempt to do to boost the luck of that attempt. It'll wear down over time apparently, so does anyone have information on how well it works, or how long it lasts? I'm just happy to have something other than 5 hides worth of trade goods, but it'd be cool if it works too.

ALSO, I led a lost trapper to a village near the beginning of this character and he didn't give me the traditional semi-useless mini ritual we discussed at some length on the previous forum. Instead, he taught me some tracking secrets, and told me I'd know when it was helping. I did. I didn't track anything once until getting the skill boost from the game course, 70 up to 90 (!). First time I went to hunt something, the skill went from 90 to 93 in the same day, which is insane, and it hasn't gone up again since. I also got the same quest reward later, but for swords, just don't have a sword yet to use it. I'm curious if anyone else has been getting these skill booster rewards, and if they can be applied to ANY skill, or just good ones like I was getting...

General Discussion / Birds of Prey: Nuisances or a Farmer's Best Friend?
« on: August 08, 2017, 11:25:21 AM »
I've been kicking this around for a while, ever since I had a resident goshawk a few games back, so has anyone else had the positive experience of local predatory birds keeping your fields safe?

Mine made my dogs insane trying to steal their food every 20 minutes, thus making me insane, and the interruptions to every single task were not appreciated. However, I did remove all of my bird-kill traps around my cabin in (somewhat irritated) reverence for what is surely a well regarded animal spritually. As a kind of thanks/lucky AI, over the rest of that summer and fall, I would find mutilated, half eaten carcasses of everything small and unfriendly to fields, from rabbits to mallard ducks, never saw another wayward badger, and had every single plant of my glorious little hemp field survive to harvest. Wasn't my dogs, cause they never noticed anything but the damn bird, were tied up far from the carcasses, and they didn't help much on my guys that didn't get a hawk guardian anyway.

So maybe worth leaving some food out to attract a goshawk if you want to be a farmer. Might have just been me, but this was worthwhile organic pest control. I feed my dogs a mash of various uncooked small animal meats, and they/hawk didn't seem to prefer anything. Next time I want a bird I'll skip the dogs all together though, and if you could find bird of prey eggs and hatch them in a later update I would lose my mind.

Stories / Mr Squeeky
« on: July 30, 2017, 09:04:37 AM »
There once was a man named Squeeky, a Kaumolais warrior of spears. He wasn't very sneaky, but he made his foes flee in fear.
He went to start his journey, travelling far off from his home. Those bandits did him tourney, near where Sartolais once did roam.

They asked him for his weapons, and he scoffed at those fools' commands. These bandits came near seven, each came with axes in his hands.
His first did fall so quickly, he felt just near invincible. The second struck too swiftly, and his cut was too terrible.

From all sides they kept coming, until he found those shielding trees. From one side they came rushing, and his duty set their souls free.
One remained at a distance, his bow still so softly twanging. A survivor this instance, where there should be only nothing?

Squeeky charged at his arrows, ignoring their deathly pierces. Just a man's soul would harrow, but Kaumolais is the fiercest.
His adventure was ended, so soon after it had begun. The bandit's corpse was rended, but Squeeky's will was left undone.

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