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Mod Releases / Custom Starting Items - Freebies
« on: January 13, 2019, 12:09:11 PM »
This mod allows you to have a sub menu with items that can be created with no requirements and smallest amount of time. They are fine hunter's bow, 10 fine arrows, fine knife, fine fishing rod, fine kaumo spear, and fine woodman's axe. It's designed to be used alongside Brygun And Community mod.

This is meant to used at the start of the game than after issuing the free stuff you should likely save the character, store the diy file and comment out with // the freebie line in the menudef.  This will restore access to the normal multi-line recipes.

From the perspective of roleplaying: Using the abandoned camp scenario as a Kaumo, I left my home to fend for myself and as a parting gift was given or allowed to keep these items i made myself\made by my family\community\ or passed down through generations.

A letter (I'am using Q) must be set in "menudef_BAC.txt" for the sub menu to show up ingame.

This is my first mod ever. Thanks to Brygun and Signatus for help idealizing and technicalities!

Modding / Whats Your Modlist?
« on: November 28, 2018, 04:01:12 AM »
I'am new to Unreal World and am trying to get, as big as i can, combination of mods\modpack that work(s) together and with the new game version. Not sure yet what i will use. Probably wait a little while for more mods to migrate to this newer forum and the ones here to update. As well as getting accustom to the forum and current mods. Would anyone be willing to share their thoughts and\or recommendations in regards to modlists\mod combinations\modpacks?

I wish there was a community project that adds together all the major ones and makes them compatible. Nydxz seems to somewhat be doing this with "Crafts, Roleplaying stuff and Ritual 0.7"

I see the "Shaman Modpack" but i would like to use iron, forging and such. The user  Brygun posted a reply for me that he uses his personal mod "Brygun's Added Items" with "Boudica's smithing" and "URW Sufficiency Mod". Also I see the member d2shr6o8av posted their list in the "Massive Menu Module" thread, looks interesting and quite comprehensive:
cheese_mod v1.0
coop v3.5
Nydxz Crafts 0.7.1 - Smith learning

Thanks for your time! And moders for their fine service!

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