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General Discussion / Advanced Combat
« on: August 10, 2019, 10:08:40 PM »
Hello , this post i want to make so we can talk about combat , not killing a few lonely njerps or robbers but im talking about full blown war.
My first characters were evil, as i didn't know the ritual system or what was good or evil , i used to take out whole civilisations no matther who they were.
Now that i've become a little more experienced , my characters live good lives , which means not killing fellow woodmans for easy supplys , never murdering a companion and so on. Even though i admit killing a few foreign traders , which in my opinion is fair play because they can defend themselves more than any other group or culture.

That being said , i now have only 1 ennemie , the njerps.
I've been leading the great war agaisnt them for 2 winters now.
I took about half thei're civilizations with my remi brothers.
I am a owl tribe bow-men that is also handy with the ango.

What i want to talk about is strategy. I used to recruit 10-12 adventurers , woodmans and hunters to help me fight. I wasted alot of villages as the loses we're great and i was greedy on loot. I would say for each remi village i lost  i probably took out 2 njperp villages. Which is not that bad.
Until one day i was in my car thinking about it and i came accross a genius idea! Saving my companions. lol.
As dumb as it may sounds , it made all the difference. I now equip my fellow wariors with full fur gear , a cuirass and a helm.
What bothers me is that sometimes they dont wear it all , or they deny the cuirass for an overcoat. I wish i could handle thei're equipement myself but that's just a pipe dream. I give them battle axes if they're axe men and fine spears for spear dudes. But i avoid recruiting bow men , as they often friendly fire. Bow men companions must have killed atleast 7 of my dogs , shot me in the head multiple times (thank god for my masterwork iron spectacle helm) and often shoot other wariors.
My last 2 raids we're incredebly succesfull after doing this , i have'nt lost a single friend , but i stop after average 2 njerp village , and i send the grieviously wounded home. Also , i became a combat medic. As soon as one of my guys is bleeding i hit shift+r and run to save his life with golden rod that i keep handy at all times.

I am about to hit my third raid in hopes to keep evryone alive once again. But you never know who is gona get almost chopped in half.
Maybe even me. But Akku as proven himself a great warior. I also like to attack at night in the summer so we don't get to fight all the njerps at the same time and sometimes i even get to stab 1 or 2 while they are sleeping. As cruel as it may sound , i do not feel unreal world remorse for them , as they would do me dirty without even thinking about it. And the swearing does'nt help i admit.

So yeah , if you guys don't do big fights already i hope this help you , if you do i would like to know what you guys do in such situations and what gear you give to your companions.

Cheers , purplemate

PS: I am very excited for the new update coming up. I have not donated yet because i am a bit short on funds at the moment.(yes i feel bad about it) But unreal world is one of my favorite games and i won't forget to do so. I've made a suggestion post before without realizing it was selfish to ask for things without giving back and for that i apologize. And forgive my spelling english is my second language even if it's not an excuse.

Good day to you all

Bug reports / Magic Berrys!
« on: June 12, 2019, 08:57:46 PM »
Hi people , i found lots of areas with ready to eat berrys , but it's seedtime. Is it normal? Even the northern billberrys are ready.
I even found some god gifted blueberry shrubs near a village! Is this a bug or did the spirit gift me with early food lol. Keep in mind that my settlement is to the northest part of the map , just up the kuikka tribe. And for you guys info i will not abuse this glitch until i know whats up with it as i am a true role player. Cheers

Suggestions / Couple of suggestions
« on: May 10, 2019, 11:36:53 PM »
Hello aventurers! I've been playing the game for quite some time now and i can't help but think about things that could get a little better , even if the game is already god-like when it comes to wilderness simulation in my opinion. So if you guys don't mind id like to do some suggestions not to complain, but only to enjoy the game even more!

First thing i think would be cool is snowy trees when its winter   :D would be even more beautifull.
Also what could be interesting (and i don't know if its already in place) is the weight gain/loss, i don't think i ever lost weight.
And a interactive survivor icon would be quite nice aswell , even though i know its probably hard to do.
Like the the guy could get fat or skinny. But yeah since they spend most theire days chopping huge amounts of trees down i guess nobody really gets fat lol.
I also saw the new thing with different animal colors and stuff and i gotta say it looks pretty!
One last thing i can think about right now is a new Npc , fishersman's , which could be encountered in the wild , on a punt or setting nets maybe or just by the river side.

Anyways i hope this was helpfull if i think of some more i will post in the comments!
Thank you for the great game

General Discussion / Killing the whole world
« on: November 19, 2018, 09:49:15 PM »
Hi evryone , im purplemate i started playing urw about 6 months ago , i read alot of people talking about killing villages not knowing how , even saw someone say kids are invincible lol. My plan with my game is to kill evry1 so the no mans land is mine. My character is on his third winter and is now 19 , i whipped out like 1/3 of the map i own over 50 cows 50 bigs 20 dogs like 10 reindeers 20 sheeps and growing.heres how i do it

Im 100 in axes , i dont even need to dodge i just counter attack , full armor and gear which makes me invincibles to most attacks , i bring about 4 dogs , 4 to 8 compagnions that i give weapons to and kill after we raided like 3 or 4 villages.

Very important if the village has dogs or animals , domt try to leash them after killing the villagers , sometimes they get aggressive so u can leg shot them to make them flee and capture them but sometimes it doesnt work or your compagnion kills them.. one village the dogs wouldnt even let me leash them and were aggressive anyway.. wasted lots of dogs in the process of learning that..

After evryone is dead i used to give viking burials by fire but got bored fast now i just leave the poor souls to rot =/
I look for furs weapons and good pieces of clothings , which are rare and most of the clothes villagers have are left there on them or brought back home to make rope or to trade for animals , my compagnions are killing in front on the warehouse where i stock the whole worlds weapons and then fed to the dogs.

This is how you do it enjoy

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