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Not bugs / [Not a bug] Impaired vision flips sides
« on: October 09, 2019, 01:59:47 PM »
I had a character in 'Hurt, helpless and afraid' scenario that started with a serious puncture in his right eye.
I noticed that when facing some directions (strictly to the north, south, east and west I think) the character had his right field of view partially obscured (which was appropriate), but when the character turned 45 degrees in either direction, his left field of vision had been obscured instead. Sorry, could not attach a savegame, the character had YASD already :)

Also, while we're at it, and I guess this has been done in the game that way for all of its lifetime, representation of the wounds in character wound stats screen is horizontally flipped. If you have a wound that is said to be on the right side (for example, right eye punctured, as with my character), it is demonstrated on the right half of the character picture, which is character's left, because the picture is facing the player. This is confusing and is probably easy to fix, so I suggest doing that.

The progress bar for the task of felling a tree (large spruce immediately next to the character) gets reset times and times over. The task can be completed nevertheless.
Here is a link to the savegame:

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