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General Discussion / How to get burn damage?
« on: May 15, 2019, 10:05:42 AM »
I wanted to test healing of burn damage. However, I can't really get my character burnt. Is there a trick to it? Maybe like giving a lit torch to a guy and attacking him? Are there enemies using fire (some have torches,  but unlit)? Characters cannot enter fire tiles, and fire doesn't seem to spread easily to an occupied tile.

When you try to hang a seal skull on a tree which already has a bear skull, the seal skull is hanged, and the info that "You gracefully hang the bear skull in the pine." is displayed. I don't know if it causes the "spell" to fire, or just produces a wrong message, but it's not right.

General Discussion / Exploit - overloaded traders
« on: April 15, 2019, 09:42:58 AM »
Since introduction of limited carry weight for NPCs, there is an exploit with foreign traders. When you sell them a fur stack they can't carry, they will dump it, and you can pick it up and trade again, to this same guy or others. Normally it happens only to heaviest stack, or least expensive, but if you use only one stack, they dump it anyway, instead of splitting it, for example.

The best stacks would be elk and bear furs, with fine or superior quality, and winter variety. Because the stack needs to be quite big, it isn't exploitable by early characters, since it needs an investment in furs, pack animal (you need a pig at least), and optionally hideworking skill. Once you have so many furs, you probably don't need it, so it's more for fun of thievery than for anything else. The foreign traders came here to exploit you - you can exploit them instead!

The minimal usable stack seems to be 5 elk furs, but it's not safe, many traders are not encumbered enough to be unable to carry it, plus if you buy something heavy they are encumbered less. Stack of 6 furs is much more safe, still there are guys able to carry it. Stack of 7 can be carried only by exceptional strongmen, who need to be lightly armoured at most, and you probably won't meet them. I use stack of 8 to be sure they can't carry it. The bigger the stack the more you can buy, of course. Stack of 6 fine elk furs of winter variety (easily achievable with even mediocre skills) will buy you the most expensive weapon of masterwork quality, for example.

This exploit is not possible with villagers, because the things they drop are considered village property, even if dropped outside of village borders. It is possible with woodsmen of any sort encountered, though.

This was quite funny, and happened only once, but maybe someone seen it.

After killing two robbers I left them on the zoom-out map, because they were too heavy to bring home (which I often do, to get bones as a keepsake). I returned after some time, but instead of corpses there was a mysterious object named just "8", which was impossible to pick up. Its name was shown when entering the tile. After some more time (months) I returned there, and this time there were 8 boxes of weed seed! I suppose the "8" was these seeds in process of being converted from bodies to boxes. Or maybe it was bones. Anyway, these boxes were pickable (they were weighing like 128 lbs) so I took them. But why was that?

General Discussion / Driik fortification works against them.
« on: March 30, 2019, 08:43:00 PM »
Driik fortification works against them.

I rarely meet Njerp attacking other villages than Driik, which may be intentional, because they are supposed to be rich jerks. Maybe that's why some Driik villages are fortified, or doubled. But the fortifications are what makes them actually more susceptible, to death as I experienced many times. A note: I enter the villages mostly from west, so end on the wall opposite the entrance. This allows me to either step down on the outside, or inside. Often there are people generated outside the western wall, and Njerps too, and when I step outside I can see citizens fighting with Njerps, or when inside I can see citizens trying to fight - but unable, thanks to firtifications.

First example:
I stepped inside, and after a few turns I noticed aggravated citizens running in my direction with weapons. I thought that they want to kill me for some reasons, but they were coming to the wall and wandering along it. As it turned out, the single citizen outside was in that time slaughtered by a Njerp, because stupid Driik never thought about watchtowers. I rushed outside, but it was clearly too late, with the big distance to cover. I caught the Njerp, who stole weapons of the hunter he killed in the meantime, and ended him.

Second example:
I waited a few turns (learning from previous instances), and heard fight, so stepped outside. There was a Njerp trying to slaughter a kid in the southern section of the wall. When I ran alongside, I noticed a body of other kid in the grass, apparently disposed of earlier. Since I wanted to be a big hero, but was too far to be in melee range before it's too late, I shot a few arrows, which managed to inconvenience the Njerp. He tripped, lost his sword, and the kid started to kick him in the head. Which ultimately proved fatal for the Njerp. Now when I enter the village every time the killer kid (which recovered) is present outside the wall, just like the first time, and lingers near belongings of the first, killed kid.

Now these example show typical encounters of Njerps and fortified village: Njerp attack someone (sometimes more than one person), this one fights, but ultimately falls. The rest of the village "tries" to help by banging their head against the wall. I don't know, but if I made a defensive structure, I would want to help me in defence, and not hinder it. In all of these cases there would be no dead victims, because the Zerg rush of villagers (who are plentiful in fortified villages) would quickly overwhelm the Njerp.

What would be the way to improve this, I wonder?

Not bugs / [not a bug] Skramasaksi in kaumo villages. Bug or not?
« on: March 30, 2019, 08:07:21 PM »
I'm not sure if it is a bug, but it sure is strange. I've found two skramasaksi in two kaumo villages. One of them was even of fine quality, which is only the second fine skramasaksi this character found. But the first time it was in the orange people area (Sartola), just like expected. Now maybe it is not a bug, and players are expected to find out-of-place artefacts like that, but it is also possible there is a problem with loot tables, so I wanted to signal it. Also I couldn't find any kaumo spear, except these carried by woodsmen/huntsmen/adventurers, but this may be because it's supposed to be rare or something.

General Discussion / Sheep killed a glutton?
« on: March 30, 2019, 07:56:38 PM »
Recently I've found a new mini-village of Kaumo, and noticed they have a pen with two sheep. Inside the pen was also a small glutton carcass. One of the sheep had seven wounds (all of them shallow tears) and was limping. I have examined all villagers I could find, and none of them had a weapon ready, meant they didn't fight recently, and the fight was probably instantly simulated when entering the village.

I've encountered many villages with peasants enclosed in pens, but that would be the first time with wild animal inside. I wonder how a sheep could kill a glutton. Admittedly, a sheep is about twice the size, but still, sheep are the most cowardly domestic animals in the game.

General Discussion / Loose treasure disappearing?
« on: March 18, 2019, 09:29:06 PM »
I had one travel quest which gave a location of treasure. Unlike other travel quests for this character the treasure was on a cliff, in a "chasm". I received rewards with this "chasm" treasure, and it was always just present in a recess in the ground in the cliff area.

However, with this particular one I just couldn't find it. There are many cliffs in the region, but I believe I checked all of them multiple times, spending like whole month nearby (and hunting seals out of boredom in meantime). I even dig a few holes in chasm-like places, but to no avail. Anyone had this happen, i.e. no treasure? There was a bug which was doing something like this, but that was for three-boulders and buried treasure. But maybe there is a random chance that I was "had", and the traveller just got a free travel service with meals at my expense...

Suggestions / Text filter for lists
« on: February 27, 2019, 05:58:16 PM »
A simple suggestion: string filter for lists. Currently lists have a filter (invoked by Tab or "dot" for example) which display only items of specified type or all items. I suggest to add a typeable string filter option, where upon choosing and entering a string only items containing the string would be shown. This could be invoked in inventory, drop, and pickup menus.

For example, after typing "kni" only items containing word "knife" or "knives" would be shown, and with "fine" only fine items. This would be especially useful for lists of clothes and armour (to find a particular item of clothing in the best state) or in cellars (to find spoiled food or roots for example), because heaps of such items can create very long lists, and omitting an item is easy.

I also suggest use either an asterisk key or slash key for quick invoking this option, just like plus is used to select all or minus is used to deselect all.

Solved'n'fixed bug reports / Dog releases itself?
« on: February 11, 2019, 03:27:33 PM »
I don't know if it is a bug, but I don't remember reading about it as a feature. Maybe someone else also experiences it:
when the dogs are leashed to a tree, they sometimes release themselves. Then they come to the PC, who is busy in the vicinity.

My dogs are leashed to a tree near home base, to prevent them eating from the cellar or from items or carcasses temporarily dropped on the ground (usually when tanning). When I come I tie them to a tree, when I go exploring I take the ropes and dogs with them.

Sometimes (quite often recently), the dogs release themselves though, and come near. They can do it two ways: one is they are completely unleashed, and the ropes remain on the tree, without name markers. Second (rarer) is they behave as unleashed (come wherever they please) but the ropes remaining on the tree retain the markers (like "rope (barkster-80 leash)"), they can be collected and the dog the has to follow PC, though it may be necessary to zoom-out/zoom-in to get them teleported near.

If there are more than one, then not all of them release themselves, it may be that one remains, and two are released.

Anyone observed that? It happens to me mostly near the home cave, when they are tethered to a tree, not when away, in the distant lands.

EDIT: Upon further testing, it seems that when the dogs seemingly unleash (the rope in the tree doesn't show the name), they are often actually still remembered, and the unnamed rope when taken to PC's inventory automatically changes to to named rope (with dog's name), with no need to put it on leash.

Not bugs / [not a bug] Not all animals available for sale
« on: February 06, 2019, 12:46:14 PM »
It happens sometimes in villages which have multiple kinds of animals, that some animals are not available in the buying options. Two examples I got:

First, village with nine reindeer.
small reindeer doe x2
reindeer doe x2
big reindeer doe x1
reindeer stag x3
big reindeer stag x1

Available for buying:
1. reindeer stag
2. reindeer doe
3. big reindeer stag
4. small reindeer doe

Big reindeer doe is missing from the list and cannot be bought.

Second, village with five bovines and three dogs:
small bull x1
bull x2
cow x1
small cow x1
small dog x2
female dog x1

Available for buying:
1. bull
2. cow
3. small bull
4. small cow
5. small dog

Here female dog is missing from the list and cannot be bought.

Two thing related to names:
A small typo more than a bug, but "boar" (male of certain species) is named "board" under some circumstances. For example when you buy a male pig, it is named "board" when looked at or moved to (e.g. "You see a big board called Epsiloin-240 (leashed) here").

Additionally there is a crash when trying to name the animal with a special character. Specifically when trying a name beginning with ">", the game immediately exits.

Bug reports / Only one spell rewarded for second course
« on: February 05, 2019, 10:35:27 AM »
When the second course is finished (the one with pleasing the forest as the last task), and the spell reward is chosen, only one spell is given. This is despite the prompt "learn two new spells", and with many spells still remaining to learn. Reloading the save from before finishing the task gives a different spell every time, but only one.

Additional Note: This was with imported character (from version 3.40 to 3.52), but the same character learns two spells when finishing the first course in v3.52.

General Discussion / Lynxes tire real fast
« on: January 19, 2019, 04:03:41 PM »
Anyone observed that lynx in the current game (3.52 at the moment) tire really quickly, at least to comparison to ~3.40? It seems as if they had this "tire a lynx" spell applied. Sometimes they are breathless after running from my character for one screen, which isn't much. Now, I know real lynxes tire pretty easily, have not much endurance at all, but I'm not sure if it was modelled in the game, given that birds carrying a couple of javelins can outspeed a running character...

My character doesn't have this spell, so I'm curious if someone noticed this, and if the spell makes them breathless even faster, if it's possible at all.

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