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General Discussion / Weird Crafting
« on: January 01, 2018, 08:52:36 PM »
Preferred Tool

Let's look at this bandage-making session first:

The character has a small knife in hand, but the system choose M. Shortsword for her.

So this is a preferred-tool issue. We know that the handicraft is a fixed hidden skill, and unless heavily penalized there are no effects (In lumber making (not sure it's timbercraft/carpentry or general handicrafts) there are seldom one 1 inferior one accompanied with the decent ones)

Same when there are no preferred-tools in some sessions - There are Board knife, Knife and Small knife. When crafting the player certainly want small knife for easiness, but the system would choose a board knife for alphabetic order...

I also noticed that, in lumber making, M. craving axe is a "satisfactory" tool, but appear in red. In one of my save branches, the character get one M. handaxe, and the handaxe session is without the "warning", and seems to make more smoothly...

I'm not sure about the (plain) knife. In new version the knife price decrease its price from 48 to 6, and becomes much lighter. I think this kind of knife may be the preferred tool to light works like cooking. Or it's just a light general tool?

Make Good from Bad

It's possible - I mentioned a exploit in this thread:

I've just found a "exploit", or it's intended?

Bandages made by harsh textiles are decent, and the decent bandages can be made into decent cords...

While PALU mentioned that items can be combined to increase quality ridiculously - like 0.01 lbs decent with 4.99 lbs ragged makes a decent product if the order was placed right.

So why make it "official"? Like you pay more efforts or have more skills, the "bad" can be increased only one quality level. Like if you bother use the high-nutrition fat of the same animal, the fur quality has a chance to rid of "ragged"/"harsh".

Suggestions / Way to increase stats
« on: December 31, 2017, 02:11:57 AM »
What is weird that, the character doesn't develop when her/his skill become higher.

I think at least the height and weight can be increased/decreased according to the character's sex.

1. height and weight:

height can be improved a little bit, since the character started at age 16. Females can only stretch 1-3 cm, while males may continue to grow in early 20s.

For weight, it can either increase or decrease. Increase in weight will increase carrying capacity, and small animals/smaller humans find hard to compete her/him. Also fat in abdomen and forelegs (which females tend to accumulate) increase resistances to wound and cold. The bad is, the character become slower, and clumsy, also more likely to fail in some physical tasks.

I think height can affect speed (+ in plains, - in woods/caves), as well as the chance of physical tasks success/failure (depend on the tasks). Higher characters are more frightening and attractive.

2. Personality Stats

I heard in the wiki that the stats range in 0-18. So for intelligence, I think that it can be only increased by 1-2 in a character's lifetime (permanently, temporarily can be increased more by herb/drug) by practicing skills. Bigger fish like salmon or trout boosts growth.

Will can be increased to full as the character bother practicing, but also the growth is slow.

3. Physical Stats

Strength, Endurance, Dexterity, Agility, and Speed can be trained, but not to full (restriction of genetic factors...). There are sex/age bonus or penalties for that - for agility and speed, old characters and NPCs have penalties. Females are better in endurance while males tend to better in strength.

Eyesight, Hearing, Smell/Taste, Touch

They cannot be trained, only increase by "buffs". Eyesight and hearing will very slowly decrease in a character's lifetime (by 1-2 points) as character do more activities. For a elderly character/NPC, there is a sudden penalty.

When examined, the fur cap didn't give any protection values (in my case it was a bear fur cap). Also when viewing overall protection using "A" (while only wearing fur cap at head), there are nothing either.

Gameplay questions / New Price List?
« on: December 27, 2017, 05:41:23 AM »
I remember that in old forum, there is a price list thread for v3.18/3.20, which also contains a link to a Google Doc form.

Now that the old forum is somewhat inaccessible, also I can't find the doc by Google search. What is worse, I'm at China Mainland where much of the google and other things need "surfing scientifically".

The new wiki's price list is highly outdated, and it also doesn't contain the price of food and skins.

Could someone give me a 3.20 price list of the Google doc, or something new? (Playing 3.50 now)

Suggestions / Textiles and Scissors
« on: December 26, 2017, 01:47:52 AM »
Hi, I've picked up 3.50 beta again and found the quest system interesting.

I still remembered that 3 years ago I suggested a lot  (in the old forum, named Amy Xu) to get some fellow players annoying. I still have this kind of suggest habit for games those days, so I'll try to cut it short:

Players will need textiles to craft their own choice of cords or clothes. And it's weird to strip a specially tailored clothes into cords.

So why the villages not store some bolts of nettle/linen/woolen clothes?Also leathers from leather-bearing animals, some times leathers from fur-bearing animals (dehaired)

Scissors can do more precise things.

Small/regular scissors can be used to make common items like cords and clothes. Also optimal for cutting branches. Can be used to shear small amount of wool after shearing system implemented

Huge/Gardening scissors can be used to harvest, and also shearing and branch cutting.

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