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Hi Sami,

I've just encountered a bug when trading using quest payment..

What I've done from start:
I've done quest with branch gathering.
I've been given 5 squirrel hides worth to spend.
I've picked up 14 arrows.
I've started to trade.
Villager said that payment covers nearly half and I have to pay for rest of it.
I've started giving back unpaid arrows to get to the level of 5 squirrel hides.
I've given up 7 arrows and still no satisfaction.
I've given bird skin and I've been told that this is marginal payment for arrows so I've stopped trade.

I've started trade again with 7 unpaid arrows and I've been told that fur hides covers 2/3 of the.
I've given up unpaid arrow and noticed that villager would like me to pay for 6 arrows (it's like quest squirrel hides are not accounted any longer).
I've given up 2 more arrows (leaving me with 4 arrows) and still nothing so I've asked what he wants from me to pay for this trade.
Answer was: "I would like from you." I don't remember exact sentence, but it's the standard one when villager says what he would like from me. (There was nothing he would like from me, just period at the end of sentence). I've stopped trade.

I've started trade again with 4 unpaid arrows and 5 squirrel hides were enough as I get green light on it and traded.

As you can see above, bug probably takes place when you return unpaid item and then script doesn't take quest payment into account in trade.

best regards

Bug reports / F3 "see in a distance" bug
« on: April 07, 2018, 11:42:14 PM »
I've seen fox but it says it was hare on zoomed up map after pressing F3 on it.
I've got savegame but after I have loaded in, foxy hare was gone.
See below:

Hi Sami,

Could you check weight and amount of fur generated for calves? Seems like they have it as much as adults. I've had small reindeer doe and it's calf killed and calf weight more than it's parent, which is 196 (calf) to 180 (adult). Is that correct? Feels weird that animal with graphics 4 times smaller weights more that with normal graphics. It's bit after midwinter in game now, not sure if this may affect it.



General Discussion / "The Challenge"
« on: November 02, 2017, 12:40:47 PM »
"The Challenge" is simple:

Survive one winter!


...under rules and terms listed below:

1) Character creation
-Random culture
-Do not re-roll your stats, go with first generated ones
-Improve any skills you like

2) Map generation
-You are lost, do not look where you start, it has to be random. Best you can do is close your eyes and press "r" for random starting location and then "e" for start.

3) Scenario and game course
-Hurt, helpless, and afraid (and naked, explained later)
-The UnReal World

4) Start
-As I said, you are naked, take all clothes off ("T" then "+" then press space)
-You have nothing with you, drop all items on ground ("d" then "+" then press space)
-Destroy all ("D" and keep confirming discard with Enter button until all is gone)
-Yes, you are naked and have nothing apart of will to survive (and few wounds to heal)

5) Rules
-Do not zoom out with Enter, do not even peek, you are lost, remember? Travel only on zoomed in map
-Do not use big map "F6"
-You can peek on a peak (you can use Enter to take a look around only when standing on top of the mountain but you cannot walk on zoomed out map), you can ignore this rule, but personally I think it's fair to take a look from top of mountain.
-If you get to village by any luck, you can start to travel on zoomed out map
-Survive whole winter
-Have fun!

"The Challenge" is doable, I've done well few times but died of my stupidity in half way through like:
-chased big game and get drown under broken ice
-frozen to death as were not enough lucky to get fire started, should have think about fire earlier
-attacked sleeping Njerpez and get killed - what a nightmare!! ;)

Now I've got new char but it's carving for water and I cannot fine any.
I could give you few tips but I don't want to spoil your experience.

Please post below your stories if you ever dare to try "The Challenge".

- do not use mods, you can have them, just don't use them during first winter.

(also edited point4.2 to clearly state that you start with nothing at all)

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