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Off-topic / My fight game
« on: November 05, 2023, 08:35:43 PM »
 Retirement, AI, obsolescence, and the world going crazy
 Just showing off some cut scene of a game I've been making for over a year now.

The Fight Game

Solved'n'fixed bug reports / Forum having issues?
« on: July 12, 2022, 04:23:02 AM »
 Https problem on the forum

Stories / UnReal World, Worst guard ever or 4 minutes to fame?
« on: February 05, 2021, 08:23:39 PM »
 You know it "The slave" start.
I found this one pretty funny and was fortunately recording.

Mod Releases / Player Questing by privateer v2.4
« on: December 28, 2020, 02:27:05 AM »
 The Player Questing mod Ver. 2.4 (For URW v3.6)

Spoiler: show

This Mod utilizes the F1 key
 These quests utilize a 'token' system and the use of optional items to select 'which' quest
you want to do.

It's best to only apply one 'token' per selection else only the last selected will be given.
 Once you select a quest, go to inventory, valuables, the task item will be there.
Hit F1 on the item for quest details.

 Completing the beginner quest(s) (free token) will grant items needed to produce the quest token.
Each beginner quest 'payment' is different and you need them all to get a quest token 'questing token'

What's in this mod:
Bird coops
Signs and Markers
Arrow quiver
Bees, honey and mead brewing
Brewing barrels and wooden mugs
Butter making
Questing for skill and profit

Here's a shot of the menus I'm working on right now.
also a brief explanation of the method I'm following.
Spoiler: show

I've clipped a new short video that shows gameplay with this mod.. And of course my dog barking in the background >_<

//v 1.6 fixed missing menu file
//v 1.7 Switch to ownership of talisman to get quests
//v 1.8 Set initial rewards, with quest selection/item consumption resolved
//      Change beginner quests to simple gather jobs 2 at each location
//      Set original beg. quests to regular, set rewards for tasks
//v 1.9 Fixed missing removal of a beginners quest dialog 'item' on completion
//v 2.0 fixed Honey combs not being seen
//    fixed a name errors on beginners turn ins
//v 2.1 fixed egg and mushroom turn in reward naming
//v 2.2 Modified/confirmed (1) Adv. quest turn in,  quantity to assure proper completion.
//v 2.3 Fixed Sauna location typo(s), set proper 'Energy drink' turn in, Fixed skill misspelling
//v 2.4 Addition of roasting root vegetables in 2 lb. or less volumes.
//        Addition of carrot root vegetable to be implementation via quest reward.
//        Reset/verified the completion item and quest text for 'Energy drink' quest.

*Feedback appreciated*

Not bugs / [Mod stuff] Crag ~ Bug? Oversight? intended?
« on: December 19, 2020, 03:01:55 AM »
 The floor type 'Crag' is not detectable using the provided tags [TILE:], [NEARBY_TILE:] though they are disclosed with inspection.
This may be intentional, but I hope it's just an oversight.

Now I'm wondering if it's intentional as 'Base rock' is also undetectable...  :'(

Additionally, "Y(y)our settlement" is not seen using [TERRAIN:, it's also not seen as 'settlement' which does make sense to distinguish from an NPC settlement.

General Discussion / Njerpez War camp?
« on: December 10, 2020, 04:23:14 AM »
 So I just loaded up and decided to go to town.
I hit enter and F6 to see what town I want to go to and I find this!?

Now this spot was not there when I played yesterday
as I had gone well north and back south over about 6 days.

I'll need to go home for a water craft to investigate this area.
I've had this character for about 4 rl years so I don't mind saying,
 that for the first time in a very long time I'm a bit nervous :D

Spoiler: show

Suggestions / Please add ability to 'detect' NPCs
« on: November 29, 2020, 09:24:40 PM »
 I am requesting 'Suggesting' that the ability to detect NPCs by some specific property be added to the Modification system.

 There are probably more reasons than I have thought of, but I think it would provide a method to more deeply interact with NPCs.
Being able to 'learn' from a craftsman or ask an old woman how to do something by using their designation in a craft eg:

Code: [Select]
.Grannies Mead.  *COOKERY*  /30/  \30d\ %60%
{[NEARBY_NPC:Old Woman]} 'Ask an Old Woman'
{Berries}   #1# '+to be added'   [boil] [remove] [name:%s grannymead]
{* honey combs} #2# 'Honey combs'  [remove] [boil]
{Water} #6# 'water to boil'  [remove] [boil]
{Barrel plug}  '+to cap it off'     [remove] 
{Knife} '+for chopping berries'

 Thanks for looking

Mod Releases / Of string and bones
« on: November 04, 2020, 04:41:19 AM »
********NOTE: You have to be logged in to see the downloads*************

 For those who live alone and like it;
Just a little messing with string, bones and feathers for gorge fishing.
First you need some string;
Code: [Select]
.String. "Cord" [effort:1] [phys:hands,one-armed] *FISHING* /15/ %30% |-1| [patch]
{Cord} #.2# [remove] [patchwise]
{Knife} <Fisher's knife> 
2 x 15 ft lengths should be sufficient.

Next we need to make a some bone fragments with which to fashion a gorge (lever which pitches in the fishes mouth and traps it), and using bone would provide some level of meaty smell.
Code: [Select]
.Bone fragment. "Birch twig" [effort:1] [phys:hands,one-armed] *FISHING* /15/ %20% |-1|
{Bone} #.2# [remove] '+to make hook'
{Stone} '+for a working surface'
{Rock} '+to chip bone'
Next is to assemble the fishing line w/bone, weight, line and feathers for action.
Code: [Select]
.Fishing Gorge. "Javelin" [effort:1] [phys:hands,one-armed] *FISHING* /35/ %10% |-1|
{String} =30= '+for line' [remove]
{* feather} (3) '+used to bait'
{Rock} '+used as a weight' [remove]
{Bone fragment} '+used to hook' [remove]
{Knife} <Fisher's knife>

 Now the 'fishable' base items are limited with some 'targeting' multiple fish and some targeting single fish.
For the example I used javelin (which targets single fish). However this could easily be changed to small trident, fishing rod or rock as you prefer.

 Let me know if there's any issue.
PS. Fish 'Cuts'
Code: [Select]
.Clean fish. "Trout" [effort:1] [noquality] [phys:arms,one-armed]  *FISHING*  /10/ %10% |-2| [patch:5]
{Raw fish}      #1#     [remove] [name:%s cut] [patchwise]
{Knife} <Fisher's knife> '+to clean and chop'

Bug reports / Sauna doesn't hold shutter in place
« on: July 16, 2020, 07:23:58 AM »
Link to report in discussion:


Mod Releases / Arrow quiver mod
« on: May 06, 2020, 09:06:46 AM »
********NOTE: You have to be logged in to see the downloads*************

 So here we go, my .. well second attempt at storing and using solid items with containers.
The code is commented with the how and why I did things like this, for lack of knowing better
ways at the moment.

I hope you enjoy it  :D

I've pretty much got this down to a three step mod and a four step process.
Make the quiver, (mod step only NEEDED once)
Make the arrows, (mod step)
Pack # arrows (uses ingame add to container),
Remove # arrows from quiver to hand (sack), (mod step)
Quiver remains in hand (sack) whether empty or partially filled and can be reused.

Arrows stored can be taken at will, but only mod step arrows can be added to quiver.
Arrows removed from quiver can not be returned to quiver.
Mod Arrows can not be fired until they have passed through the quiver.

Mod Releases / Leaving your mark on the world
« on: February 13, 2020, 10:29:33 PM »
********NOTE: You have to be logged in to see the downloads*************

 I'm reviving this mod to allow for more specific placement of player generated signage.

Allows you to drop markers on any map level.
The signage currently covers a sparse amount of things; hunting zones, plant areas, and tributes to lost friends.

Mod Releases / Merry Christmas! ...tree
« on: December 24, 2018, 10:47:25 PM »
Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas time.

Here's a little widget for a Christmas tree, replaces fire as fire allows for action in the lights.
The file Xfire.png (attached) needs to be renamed fire.png Be sure to rename / save the original fire.png file

Mod Releases / The Massive menu Module
« on: August 09, 2018, 06:48:39 PM »
********NOTE: You have to be logged in to see the downloads*************

A blank template, which is easily editable by whoever chooses.
It seems to create a large amount of real estate. Here's the jist;

Defines the additional 18 (eighteen (19 with z)) unused default menu space allocations.
Defines location for up to 25 items/tasks/crafts per menu

This layout provides for all base menus and items to be unchanged while adding a logical
format to add 18 top level menus each with up to 25 tasks

That's up to 450 items/tasks that can be added with some level of order.

Here's how it works;
Placing the menudef file (menudef_priv-maxmake.txt) in the unrealworld directory will enable all 25 top level menus.
All the new menus will be blank until you place a task at the line in the associated menu
file. You can open the menudef_priv-maxmake.txt file and add // in front of any line to hide it.

//Here's how I see it working. Using a clip from the menudef_priv-maxmake.txt
//and from the diy_menu-a.txt files;
//Game Used letters BCLTRUW
.Menu a. -A- *MAKE*



.Menu a Item 1.

.Menu a Item 2.

.Menu a Item 3.

//Renaming the line in menudef_priv-maxmake.txt
.Menu a. -A- *MAKE* -> to -> .My Items. -A- *MAKE*

//This will change the top level menu display to My Items
//In the diy_menu-a.txt file change eg;
[SUBMENU_START:Menu a] -> to -> [SUBMENU_START:My Items]

.Menu a Item 1. -> to -> paste a valid recipe over this line

.Menu a Item 2.
[SUBMENU_END:Menu a] -> to -> [SUBMENU_END:My Items]

.Firing pot. "Wooden cup" [effort:3] [phys:arms,one-armed] [noquality] *TIMBERCRAFT* /90/ %20% &#124;-1&#124; [patch:4]
{Birch-bark} [remove] [patchwise]
{Block of wood} [remove] [patchwise]
{Axe} <Carving axe>

.Menu a Item 2.

//Setting the [SUBMENU_START, and [SUBMENU_END lets the game know the menu display name
// and boundaries.
//Overwriting ".Menu a Item 1." with a valid recipe will make the task appear on
//the sub menu.

//The submenu ".Menu" named tasks will not populate until a valid recipe in put in.
//Your configured menus should survive UnRealWorld update(s) as no original files or names are used or changed.

Mod Releases / Finally We have Fish cuts !!
« on: June 29, 2018, 08:04:02 AM »
********NOTE: You have to be logged in to see the downloads*************

Just something I've wanted for a loooong time.

Code: [Select]
.Clean fish. "Pike" [effort:1] [noquality] [phys:arms,one-armed]  *FISHING*  /30/ %10% |-2| [patch:5]
{Raw fish}      #1#     [remove] [name:%s cut] [patchwise]
{Knife}  '+for chopping and cleaning'

All cuts set to 1 lb of pike.
Names should be of original fish.
Fish cuts of the same type will stack for drying, smoking.
If you use less than 1 lb of a type of fish mixed clean fish will be created.

The attached file diy_fcuts.txt has this code in game format that will automatically use the "Lumber" section for the menu
simply download and copy the text file into the URW directory to install.

Have fun

********NOTE: You have to be logged in to see the downloads*************

** ! Warning !
** This mod may not be suited for everyone.
** The topics are a bit gruesome by URW standards.
** This mod creates standing size training dummies
** You can now train your weapon combat skills
** without throwing your weapon
** Gather the pieces, enlist the help of a goddess
** and Build your own weapon skill dummy
** Download is currently available below

The Finnish goddess of death and decay
Her name meaning "The Stench of Corpses"
Her favorite places to linger are graveyards and cemeteries;
Some say that she moves on a vehicle of odors, much like a puff of smoke.

Kalma has tried many times before to tempt the peoples of the UnReal World,
It seemed that the blessings she had offered in exchange, for a
few mere corpses, fell short of of tempting their morality.

She decided instead to enlist the Njerpez as surely she could tempt the army she needed.
So she left the UnReal world for peoples of the East. Slowly her hatred of these people grew
over time. Even their sacrifices were few and pathetic, if only there were something she could
offer that might tempt the peoples of the UnReal World. She would use them to exact her revenge.

Long she pondered until this day, the day UnReal World itself changed.
This new world now allowed her to offer a great prize.
One that any true warriors could not pass by.
Surely now the living would line up to send her the dead!

Now she must fine tune her plan before swaying the peoples.


It now appears that corrupted souls under the promise of great strength, are now in league and
helping Kalma put all the "pieces" of her plan into reality.

Kalma is confident that her plan will deal so harsh a blow to the Njerpez that soon
all the missed offerings will be a distant memory, as may soon be the Njerpez peoples.

Kalma is making an open offering to a few elite warriors, to accept her blessing (early) to be sure that nothing in her plan has been mislaid.
The path to her blessing is long and covered in blood, but if you think are up to the challenge of feeding a God, please contact this mortal.

*NOTE* I've included both the dummies so you can decide for yourselves if you play it.
Dummy A is used by default (less gore) and is dummy1.png
Dummy B is also in the download (not used by default) and is dummy2.png
Which ever one is named "dummy1.png" will be used by the mod.

ADDED: I've added a download of the trainer published in "The Finn's Wilderness Living Mod" which doesn't contain all the hubbub and killing.

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