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Mod Releases / Re: Krutzel's Spirited Sprites
« on: March 14, 2023, 05:54:39 AM »
Wow I'm really impressed with these sprites. Unfortunately for me I wasn't able to continue work on my own set but these are definitely gonna be cool to take a look at ingame.

Mod Releases / Remastered Animal Sprites
« on: December 11, 2021, 10:38:49 PM »
Hey, this is a compilation of several animal sprites I've been working on, in a style similar to Galgana's creature sprites while still keeping to a similar colour scheme to the vanilla game. These sprites currently fill the gaps in Galgana's sprites so I recommend using this alongside their mod.

I'll continue to work on this mod, I hope to cover all of the animals throughout 2022. I may even resprite other areas of the game such as the vegetation/groundcover once this mod is fully released (I've already started fiddling with the rain and snow sprites).

At the moment I have the badger, bear, beaver, glutton, and polecat sprites completed (finished in 3-4 days). If people leave feedback on the sprites I'll most likely alter anything that needs changing.

Simply download and open the zip file, and drag the truetile folder into the UW directory.

Hey guys, I've been working on a couple of animal sprites recently.

I've been a fan of Galgana's creature sprites (incredible, especially when compared to the vanilla sprites) for a long while and I thought I might as well try my hand at making sprites reminiscent of their work. These are still obviously my own creations (thanks MSPaint), but I wanted to create something that could be used in tandem with their mod, to fill the gaps more or less. Who knows, I may even create my own overhaul that covers all of the animals. If any of you have any suggestions on where I can improve or where I've f**ked up feel free to let me know. I've also dabbled with the rain and snow, it's always bugged me that you lose so much visibility in these weather conditions, but that's for another topic.

Here are the sprites, a humble badger, and beaver (already done the full sprites, these are just teasers).

EDIT: I modified the badger/beaver sprites and created two more, the glutton (wolverine) and polecat

Marriage would be a welcome addition to the game, but only if it's done without modern politics seeping through. I play the game to be immersed in Iron-age finnish culture and survival, not to be reminded about politics. Why on earth is it controversial to say that it is the norm for men and women to form relationships and become married in the first place? And why would it be considered controversial if it is traditionally implemented in a video game? Makes little sense to me.

As for children if they are ever added, I think the logical process would be to first implement animal husbandry (ie. aging from youth to adult). Obviously, I don't want to have the same speech options with my family as I do with local tribespeople, and preferably I think it would be a good idea for them to initiate conversations from time to time, or even ask for chores/tasks to be performed. I have no idea what we would talk about, but in such a survival game I'm sure there are many philosophical and spiritual ideas that may be talked about (solitude, respect for nature and so on).

I don't think many games actually nail down marriage well however, most of the time your spouse is just like another npc, or you are given a series of "quests" which develop your relationship, only to hit a brick wall at the end with your spouse reassuming their npc role.

General Discussion / Re: help with hunting and trapping
« on: December 03, 2021, 11:15:53 PM »

I'm trying to build my character specifically for this: very easy custom with high endurance, speed, spear, tracking, trapping.

Those are good stats, but you need to consider who easy it is to increase some of the skills. Anecdotally, I've found spear and bow to take forever to level, but trapping and whatnot to take less time, simply because you can actively make equipment. If you plan on active hunting without dogs you're going to be continuously tilted, most animals are simply too fast for humans.

The only way I could see active hunting without dogs to be viable is if you have high stealth and high bow/spear skill, so you can sneak a couple of extra tiles towards zoomed-in deer to shoot. Even then it's hit or miss literally, if you're lucky your shots will inflict heavy bleeding, death, or even crippling the animal, otherwise consider your hunting trip wasted as the deer run off into the forest. With a dog/dogs, as soon as you see your targeted animal, command your dogs to attack, that way as soon as you fire your shot and the turn passes your dogs are gonna be chasing. This doesn't mean you can pack heavy, low weight and consistent running is always best when hunting, because your dogs may run too far away and return back to you, letting the animal escape.

I feel your pain, there are a number of quests that involve a search, forest cover is perhaps the worst of these because the only thing that you can find is tracks.  Here are the tips I can think of to help.
  • Search from the center of the circle on the map, the location always seems to be the very center of the search circle.
  • You can use your tracking skill in the zoomed out map, maybe try using it a few times on each square.
  • Sometimes the tracks are mislabeled, you might find bull tracks if you're looking for a cow (how would they know?!).

Bear in mind there's no great penalty for failing a quest, you can sometimes go back to the NPC and tell them you give up.  That might help you get another quest in a more timely manner, but I think I've had two quests active at a single time before.

I have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with the search quests but it always feels rewarding when I find what I've spent time looking for.

I did manage to find the stag, but it took alot of extra time. I didn't zoom out and search tracks, I basically just walked zoomed in. I probably fully explored 40 tiles before finding the tracks... in an already explored area. So either I'm blind or the tracks are refreshed after some time more or less. For the amount of time I invested into this, the reward didn't feel worth it at all, most other search quests at least give you a terrain feature to look out for which can cut down on time but its a shame there isn't one for this quest.

General Discussion / Re: Hunting gripe
« on: December 02, 2021, 02:15:18 AM »
My main source of furs/food ingame has always been active hunting. Call it roleplay but most of the time I play as Owl-tribe, so increased hunting-related skills are a godsend.

I think your first problem is that you're actively hunting without dogs, or that you are hunting in dense forest (biggest nono with active hunting imho). Dogs are the best tool at your disposal if you want to consistently actively hunt.

I recommend taking 2 dogs minimum and 4 max on a hunting trip. All you need to do is find your prey, shoot an arrow or throw a spear (if you are close), then group command your dogs to attack and unleash them.

Keep pace with the general direction of your dogs by running and once your dogs are out of sight start walking in the way they went or the direction of their barks. After a short time your dogs will begin rapidly barking, an indicator that your prey has become exhausted, allowing you to walk up to it and put it down.

Recently I was feeling confident ingame after a few successful hunts and quests so I accepted the "Animal in Forest Cover" quest. You probably already know where this is going.

I spent 2-3hrs irl searching in a spruce mire, aimlessly wandering trying to find the tracks of the demon stag. Long story short I've just quit the game and registered this account, specifically to ask why this godforsaken quest is in the game, if not to burn the image of thousands of spruce trees into my retina.

P.S please for the love of people's sanity significantly decrease the search circle if you read this Sami.

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