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Update minor

The above text display on the backstrap recipes

Thanks for the update!

When referencing BAC issues please include the filename or at least the menu like Barkware, Utility etc as it helps in my checking. The mod is huge and I don't have all the entries memorized.

I personally have a search window with the urw base directory opened all the time when playing, and I frequently end up searching the content of all your file to find the location of recipes.

Did you considered putting the mod on github?
It could help with the tedious maintenance work?

General Discussion / Re: 1070 Hours
« on: May 12, 2021, 08:24:13 AM »
Some impressive hours there ;D. Do you guys play for that actively or just have the game running on the background, I tend to do that quite often. The game is running, I play some turns alt-tab back to whatever else I'm doing, and repeat the cycle.

And even then I only have 300hrs :o

I run 5 characters and cycle through them to keep the play fresh. Every hour logged is from play. I have over 3 thousand hours on Skyrim...heh, my wife calls herself a "computer widow". lol

My wife has about the same time on Skyrim as you. :love:
Still, she hates when I play this "crappy-childish-looking game"... One day she'll understand... maybe...

Odin the Underwhelming has recent videos and he is very funny...

The game was in a recommendation list on r/dwarffortress for someone looking for games like df adventurer mode.
I tried it... and goodbye df...

Just knowing that this game was out there since 1992 and I haven't been aware of it makes me feel sick.

Nice to see the metric units have been added.  :)
Will it be a config?


I've trouble harvesting Elk Backstraps. The code is clear IMO, the carcass may be on the ground:

.Elk backstrap. "Hunting horn" [effort:1] [phys:arms] *COMMON*  /15/ [noquality]
{*elk* carcass*}   [ground]        '+Pick up elk carcass'
{Knife} '+note should only be once per carcass'

But the game absolutely wants me to pick up the carcass. There also is this strange note: '+Pick up elk carcass'.

Elks are very heavy. Not any chance to lift one.

Same problem with Reindeers. I've been able to harvest their backstraps by carrying them so far, though.

What am I missing?

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