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Priv- Didnt test.

I thought it may have something to do with the homestead or the quantity of items but I just made some cords out of killed njerps' clothes and I got a crash while scrolling through the list.

Now, there where a lot of items in this area (scattered across hundreds of meters) but I didnt get a crash until I made the cords.

Bry- you brought up that a lot of items crash the game but I've had a lot more than this without instability in previous versions. I think everything is related to the cords lengths improvements in the base game, yet we would be hearing more about it so I'd say that it's a compatibility issue with the latest version of both the mod and base. I'll come up with something better but it's random (reloading fixes) so it's hard to pin down.

Brygun. The only time I'm crashing is when I'm looking a pile of items. It could be that it's related to a tying equipment problem. Issue is, I can't narrow it down because it seems to be random.

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