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General Discussion / Re: Advanced Combat
« on: August 30, 2019, 04:55:57 PM »
thats a nice system ! storing loot by quality looks indeed like a good idea on a short scale. And indoor cellars? don't they cancel the inside of a building?

No, The cellars work inside a building, too. They reflect the weather outside, so, when it's snowing and cold, you can get frostbite by cutting/drying meat in your skivvies for too long inside the cellar!

I've seen a lot of boars but only have two experiences with wild ones. I hunted and shot one that fled. Then, he came flying back in full rage! He was ripping my dogs apart and taking a lot of hits. The other time I found a herd of boars being chased on an icy mire by a bear. I just kept my distance, following the bear, while he killed 4 boars and then left them on the ground. Free meat! lol

that is awesome lol

General Discussion / Re: Advanced Combat
« on: August 16, 2019, 12:27:38 AM »
thats a nice system ! storing loot by quality looks indeed like a good idea on a short scale. And indoor cellars? don't they cancel the inside of a building?
But you said pigs i used to not know either.. until in that characters first year (im approching the 5th) me and 2 of my northern companions at the time we we're just killing a few lonely njerps , we encountered 5 wild sows and boars , i shot one my other bow men friend killed 1 aswell , i dried the meat and to my surprise when i got to it , it was had about the same level of nutrition as bear! Which is plain awesome and thaT's why i only kill pigs of all the animals we can own. And an Island settlement with rapids is nice i used to only go for those but theres really no game or only in the winter unless you're lucky and you have a big island. Once i settled on a about 6 tiles one and it was spring and i was stuck on it with a group of reeindeers! The hunt was great that time.

General Discussion / Re: Advanced Combat
« on: August 12, 2019, 06:46:19 AM »
Yeah i feel you. Your companions surely won't complain about being hungry ahah.
and yeah i mean i have atleast 20 bastard sword in my piles lol. third raid had 8 spear mens i gave them 4 fine spears and 2 northern spears as 2 guys already had some, and i still have 28 spears and 5 northern ones , without counting my owns which are angos and masterwork spears for the 10% skill bonus that i desperetly need (64%) but on the other hand im 98% with bows. At this point ive created a storage system for clothing i dont know if you do that , i seperate all fur , leather , linen , wollen , nettle , lamellar and mail in a 9x9 cabin which i calll my storage depot , on one side clothing and other side weapons.Right now i have 700 ish arrows 300 broad heads which is insane lol i never had that much before

General Discussion / Re: Advanced Combat
« on: August 11, 2019, 11:34:30 PM »
Third raid done. 14 wariors we're recruited. 3 njerp villages we're liberated. Akku got speared in the eye again... i saved 1 dog and 3 companions from bleeding to death. Tragedy, 1 of our brother in arms decided to rush ahead and got killed. The village he was from was only home of 1 other fighter so the loses could of been much worst.
Loot is being carried to my settlement accross the sea from the njerp culture. So far 21 villages have fallen.

And i shook my head at myself because i forgot to take the juniper bow off a spear warior , he shot 2 of our own in the face but he was quick to unwield and wear his fine spear. He even shot me but it didnt get trought my armor. Ironicly i was shooting a njerp warior and he was behind him and i hit him in the chest. Still saved his life but let's say that he did deserve it lol.

General Discussion / Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World?
« on: August 11, 2019, 04:01:22 AM »
The worst thing that happened to my settlement was on my latest character , one that isnt dead yet , it was summer i was a lonely settler near kuikka tribe grounds , i found a river next to the sea. finished my fathers cottages as a hunting camp and made a house near the river 5 squares away in traveling map.

After planting , hunting until my cellar was full , for a few years , i had 4 sheeps 4 pigs 2 bulls 4 cows and 6 dogs.
One day i was coming back from skinning an elk in my trap fence , and i saw a bear heading straight for the bulls.
i was wearing only a linen shirt , linen trousers , mittens and boots.
The bear kicked in the damn fence , killed the bull , i ran inside my home to get my masterwork northern bow , came out and shot at it.
I sadly missed.

The bear rushed at me , i dodged. luckily i was near my dogs pen , 2 squares away. I kicked it in and they didn't even budge exept 1 heroic small female dog named Jade. Me and jade fought the bear , i shot it in the head , and before running away he completly tore apart my right arm.
The brave little dog chased the bear away from my sight , and finished it by itself. The dog was renamed Jade The Bear Slayer.

Sadly , the story is not over. My hunting camp at the time was feeding me wolves. When i processed the bear , which was a very awfully long process with 1 arm, i put the meat and skin on the remaining bulls and cows i had. Arriving at my hunting camp where my smoker was , i processed to smoke without closing the door. Next thing you know i hear some damn stumbling in the south... 2 wolves killing my cows and bulls ... i closed the door and hid and waited for them to leave but they did not. So i did what a man should do , i put one of the cows body outside and they fed on it and ran.
I managed to process the rest of the sad meat , that spoiled halfway trought.

Jade The Bear Slayer died 2 years later , when my war campaign agaisnt the njerp started. She fought with honor and skill for such a small pup.
Her body was burned with the rest of the wariors, as i don't skin and eat such pets.

General Discussion / Re: Advanced Combat
« on: August 11, 2019, 03:30:54 AM »
When I hire a Companion, I first check their inventory for Bow/arrows. Then I try to trade with them and see if they'll let me trade for their arrows(they often will!) Then I check to see if they are interested in joining me. THEN, if they're a joiner, I trade for their arrows, thus removing the danger of them shooting a friendly. Btw, IF you buy their arrows (I pay around 50 cuts for 15 arrows) they'll readily join you when you ask them, as though you've resolved their lack of food.

As for their gear, they'll usually wear some FUR items they are given but they probably are not capable of wearing a heavy load of gear(because their strength stat is not high enough) without penalty so they frequently won't wear the superior armor I can give them. It might help if you TAKE from them unneeded things like javelins, hard staffs, ropes, torches, etc, to lessen their penalty.

mmm i never tought about penalty , i do take the hard staffs and stuff aswell cause most of the time if the guy is good with spears , he will use the hard staff instead of the actual spear i gave him same thing for javelins , and 50 cuts of meat is quite alot for 1 guy my companions always get like 10 12 depending on the meat and i take about half back from them if they already have food. (keep in mind that i hire atleast 10 guys each raid i do). To buy thei're bows and arrows i usually just give him the weapon i was already going to give to him if he needed one , other than that im just rich ahah i have half the population of the njerp culture in clothing and weapons in my storage... so i keep my food ahah but yeah good point on the penalty ill try that. Thanks for the reply!

General Discussion / Advanced Combat
« on: August 10, 2019, 10:08:40 PM »
Hello , this post i want to make so we can talk about combat , not killing a few lonely njerps or robbers but im talking about full blown war.
My first characters were evil, as i didn't know the ritual system or what was good or evil , i used to take out whole civilisations no matther who they were.
Now that i've become a little more experienced , my characters live good lives , which means not killing fellow woodmans for easy supplys , never murdering a companion and so on. Even though i admit killing a few foreign traders , which in my opinion is fair play because they can defend themselves more than any other group or culture.

That being said , i now have only 1 ennemie , the njerps.
I've been leading the great war agaisnt them for 2 winters now.
I took about half thei're civilizations with my remi brothers.
I am a owl tribe bow-men that is also handy with the ango.

What i want to talk about is strategy. I used to recruit 10-12 adventurers , woodmans and hunters to help me fight. I wasted alot of villages as the loses we're great and i was greedy on loot. I would say for each remi village i lost  i probably took out 2 njperp villages. Which is not that bad.
Until one day i was in my car thinking about it and i came accross a genius idea! Saving my companions. lol.
As dumb as it may sounds , it made all the difference. I now equip my fellow wariors with full fur gear , a cuirass and a helm.
What bothers me is that sometimes they dont wear it all , or they deny the cuirass for an overcoat. I wish i could handle thei're equipement myself but that's just a pipe dream. I give them battle axes if they're axe men and fine spears for spear dudes. But i avoid recruiting bow men , as they often friendly fire. Bow men companions must have killed atleast 7 of my dogs , shot me in the head multiple times (thank god for my masterwork iron spectacle helm) and often shoot other wariors.
My last 2 raids we're incredebly succesfull after doing this , i have'nt lost a single friend , but i stop after average 2 njerp village , and i send the grieviously wounded home. Also , i became a combat medic. As soon as one of my guys is bleeding i hit shift+r and run to save his life with golden rod that i keep handy at all times.

I am about to hit my third raid in hopes to keep evryone alive once again. But you never know who is gona get almost chopped in half.
Maybe even me. But Akku as proven himself a great warior. I also like to attack at night in the summer so we don't get to fight all the njerps at the same time and sometimes i even get to stab 1 or 2 while they are sleeping. As cruel as it may sound , i do not feel unreal world remorse for them , as they would do me dirty without even thinking about it. And the swearing does'nt help i admit.

So yeah , if you guys don't do big fights already i hope this help you , if you do i would like to know what you guys do in such situations and what gear you give to your companions.

Cheers , purplemate

PS: I am very excited for the new update coming up. I have not donated yet because i am a bit short on funds at the moment.(yes i feel bad about it) But unreal world is one of my favorite games and i won't forget to do so. I've made a suggestion post before without realizing it was selfish to ask for things without giving back and for that i apologize. And forgive my spelling english is my second language even if it's not an excuse.

Good day to you all

Development News / Re: Messing with measures
« on: July 27, 2019, 09:22:28 PM »

Bug reports / Re: Magic Berrys!
« on: July 01, 2019, 09:02:02 PM »
Okay so Spring came after a long winter , i moved to the eastern region with my character akku which is the one who found the magic berrys , in hope to lead the war agaisnt the red ennemy! It is seed time and ihave returned to my old kuikka tribbe settlement , which is my main home , where i gatther all my loot. I returned to plant/check on the magic berrys , to my surprise , i found new areas with ready to eat blue berrys by early seedtime but the old spots with ready to eat lingonberrys and northern billberrys (sorry if i miss spell) we're now back to thei're intended cycles.

Bug reports / Re: Magic Berrys!
« on: June 22, 2019, 08:34:20 PM »
There really is something weird going on. I went trading in south-eastern Driik in late Seedtime/May (my base is in northeast Driik), and upon entering one village, discovered lots of peas and rye for harvest - I immediately saved the game and made a copy of my character folder, then reloaded the save - and all the harvest was gone! The field is now completely empty of rye and peas - just some dog pipes, milkweed and clayweed here and there (aren't these also out of season?). Seems like the logic is something like this: when you first enter an area where something has new sprouted, the game shows it as fully grown and harvestable - however, if you reload, or move to a new area where similar crops are growing, the game catches up on unseasonal crops and from then on, it shows the correct harvest time. I've attached a screenshot of unseasonal milkweed - these seem to persist even after reload - sadly I didn't think of getting a screenshot of the unseasonal rye harvest...

thats weird i have not seen the bug with anything else than berrys for now

Bug reports / Re: Magic Berrys!
« on: June 21, 2019, 12:46:04 AM »
Thank you! I just updated to 3.52 it is presently winter i will tell you sami if it happends again next spring !

Bug reports / Re: Magic Berrys!
« on: June 20, 2019, 06:26:28 PM »
How does one update without losing the characters , is there any posts about that?

Bug reports / Re: Magic Berrys!
« on: June 18, 2019, 06:02:58 PM »
Hi my character was not migrated as i do not know how to lol, i think im still at 3.50 ver , and my character is on his second year and it was seed time at the time but now its early fall month as i played stills. And it would be an honnor to send you my save sami but i do not know how and i dont know which email to send it to

Bug reports / Magic Berrys!
« on: June 12, 2019, 08:57:46 PM »
Hi people , i found lots of areas with ready to eat berrys , but it's seedtime. Is it normal? Even the northern billberrys are ready.
I even found some god gifted blueberry shrubs near a village! Is this a bug or did the spirit gift me with early food lol. Keep in mind that my settlement is to the northest part of the map , just up the kuikka tribe. And for you guys info i will not abuse this glitch until i know whats up with it as i am a true role player. Cheers

Suggestions / Re: Couple of suggestions
« on: May 13, 2019, 09:39:36 AM »
Also i would like to suggest Thunder storms! Would be nice to have a sound effect and stuff and occasional lightning strikes

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