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Your logic is flawed - everything has realistic range except throwign weponz - spears and stones! Even I CAN aim on 30 m with stone to hit head sized target!

Mens spear for throwing weights 800 g. There is no way in hell some old strong dude throws this just 16-18 meters. dtto 2,5 kg spears

Thanks for interesting ideas and opinions! I highly respect all the time you invested in this projects with Sami!

Well there is one or two ideas - like Snowshoes (already written. Will be more realistic then to find Njerpz without skis in the middle of nowhere + not to speak of fact, that it is easier to make them and walk around then skis... ;)

+ some other ideas too posted: realistic throwing distaneces for all projectiles, scurvy + twig tea, limited amount of branches and twigs, ...

Learning Java...

In game spears and javelin can be thrown witn strongest men on like 18 meters - Železný thrown 100 meters. 12-14 Girl woulld throw like 30-34 m at least... Spears need more love. STILL....

Oh, and dtto stones and rocks.

When you hunt IN REALITY bears with arrows and spear heads the spears have MUCH better performance. They bleed out faster seconds after hit the vein. This is hunters experiences. Sammi is programmer, not hunter.

Do you expect after being hitten in REAL with Spear to be 33 % less deadly as hit with arrow?

WEIGHT affecting other factors of fight and damage is news to me!


   Weapons have the following new properties:
        * Impact area

          This refers to size of weapon head/tip/blade that actually touches the target
          upon impact.

        * Strike velocity

          Certain strikes with certain weapons get a velocity boost increasing the force of
          impact they can cause. Swords, clubs with lengthy shafts (e.g. warhammers and maces)
          and axes can be all considered high velocity weapons.

        * Wear/break/fracture levels

          Amount of force needed to wear/break/fracture a weapon.
        These all come into play when weapon damage checks are done. The factors are so far
        hidden but you'll soon learn what breaks what and how easily. Most of the weapon
        breakage stuff should be quite obvious as the system tries to come close to sort of a
        realistic weapon damage behaviour.

        Few examples:

        Thrust (point) with a sword concentrates the force on much smaller area than a
        swing (edge). But on the other hand, sword strike has the highest velocity when it's
        used in a slashing movement.

        There is not much difference in impact area if you thrust with a large knife or a spear.
        But spear is heavier and can be thrusted with more velocity and this results in much
        more force being delivered with a spear thrust.

        Maces and warhammers are excellent choices for breaking shields. They have lots of mass
        and a proper swing with them makes the head strike with high velocity. Especially the
        warhammer concentrates lots of force and mass on small impact area.

        All in all, there's now lots of new tactics, factors and weapon usage to consider when
        going to battle. Effective dodging saves weapons, but if your enemy effectively keeps
        blocking your fierce sword strikes it may leave you with damaged weapon. Weapon breakage
        system is also a big balancing addition, and kind of justifies reasonable hoarding of
        metal weapons. Now you can't expect to keep on using your favourite sword again and
        again without possibly wearing it out someday.

Hmm changelog? I wonder where....

So there is deeper simulation on background? Spear pass better throu materials etc.?

It seems it is related just to damaging other wepons and armors:

Obvious! Spear = wider cutting area + bigger weight = more damage!

They are! You shoot much truer arrow it is 8 point damage. You throw javelin = 6 point damage.

Last time I checked, javelin is 2 kg arrow 50 g. I am talking physics here, not combat with bonuses. Study this!

Suggestions / Re: Hibernating animals
« on: October 19, 2018, 02:39:19 PM »
Exactly my meaning ;).

Suggestions / Hibernating animals
« on: October 18, 2018, 06:41:54 PM »
Arent some animals sleeping through winter? Grizzlly? Squirrel?

Suggestions / Snowshoes
« on: October 18, 2018, 06:38:07 PM »
Every char should get skis or SS (can be improvised from few spruce twigs) in winter. How get the njerp there in the first place and why is he so pantsy in winter after few steps?

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