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General Discussion / Re: Board Inflation
« on: December 06, 2019, 04:29:13 PM »
I'm imagining a village get-together where they put an entire elk roasting over a large fire. Unless we're talking about very small groupings, it does not appear unseemly for a village to consume the entire thing over a few days.

Regarding arrows, the number of hunters/adventurers living in a village could be a good measure of the market for arrows. Villagers who are strictly farmers probably wouldn't have much use for them. Perhaps restricting the trade for bows/arrows to hunters/adventurers? After all, shooting a bow is not an easily attained skill.

I can see that villagers not dedicated to hunting would have a better market for furs, while actual hunting types could provide those for themselves. Traps could be set by any villager so there would be a larger market for them. I suppose it depends on how large the unseen populace Sami is projecting for the average village.

General Discussion / Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World?
« on: December 06, 2019, 02:35:11 AM »
I'm on a long trek, trading far down south. A village has the wounded hunter quest. It's about the easiest one, so, I took it. I found a blood trail quickly and was searching the woods nearby. Saw bear tracks leading NE. Of course, the bear popped out of a copse of woods right behind me and immediately I was hit for 24% injury, a bear hug crushed my abdomen! With the load I was carrying, my malus was over 40%, but, fortunately, thereafter he spent most of his time trying to hit my dog, Racer. In the end, the bear died, Racer wasn't even scratched. But I was wounded and bleeding. I carry bandages and managed to stop the bleeding, get back to the village, return the hunter's spear, and find a Sage. That SHOULD end the story...

I'm heading home but still very far away. I dress the wound daily. It's been over a week. So, I start a new day, dress the wound, and start skiing. A bit later I notice that I'm bleeding profusely (in fact, I passed out). My last dressing had RE-started the bleeding and I had not noticed until it almost killed me!

So, I bandage again and stop the bleeding. My blood loss was huge. I start hurriedly trekking again, looking for a village to layover in. At some point, I realized I was NOT skiing. When I passed out from the blood loss, apparently I had dropped the Northern spear I was wielding! So, that's lost.

I did make it home. My wound is down from severe now but the blood loss is still bad. Cool as hell... ;)

Bug reports / Impassable dogs
« on: December 01, 2019, 05:20:42 AM »
I'm finding that village dogs will hinder, or completely block movement because, unlike my own dogs, these do not move out of the way when I try to move to their space. I've been trapped in a building for a while and blocked from entering a building by these impassable animals.

Suggestions / Re: More Tracking info
« on: December 01, 2019, 04:34:44 AM »
This is coming up. Both limping and animal size info will be added to tracking description.

That will be great! It's very frustrating to be outsmarted by some deer who's running around with a couple of your javelins sticking out of it. 

Gameplay questions / Re: Deathrattle!
« on: December 01, 2019, 04:25:52 AM »
I'm pretty sure that birds' deaths cause a death rattle, and that a stack of 5 feathers is a sure sign one died there!

I run across bunches of feathers like that here and there. I found a stack like that several times in my traps.

Gameplay questions / Re: Deathrattle!
« on: December 01, 2019, 04:23:47 AM »
Btw, the squirrel that got my dog killed? I gave up trying to hit him with rocks when I had to deal with skinning my dog- and an eagle owl killed him in the tree I had him trapped

Gameplay questions / Re: Deathrattle!
« on: November 30, 2019, 12:36:40 PM »
What an interesting trip it's becoming! I hired a companion for some protection. Spotted a squirrel and stopped to throw rocks at it. Apparently, I missed once and hit my dog, who got miffed and attacked me back...leading my Companion to kill my dog!

So, Now I have a cow that I finally found to replace my stag, and new dog, too. Btw, I saw an adventurer in a town who had weapons and food. but NO clothes, at all.

Guides and tutorials / Re: Kaumolaiset to drik Board makeing GET RICH FAST
« on: November 28, 2019, 01:04:56 PM »
 There are now limits on the amount of pawboards the villagers will accept, too.
 You can trade staffs and javelins. I've never traded these in large enough numbers to test if there's a limit to how many villagers will accept. Primarily, I trade these for cords and snares.
 I suggest, if it's possible, to save any dried/smoked meat your character starts with to trade for cords and snares. Start fishing right away and barter with any excess fish before they spoil.
 Felling trees, to get blocks or boards, to make bowls or traps seems to take more time than is profitable for a beginning character's effort.   

Gameplay questions / Re: Deathrattle!
« on: November 27, 2019, 07:13:10 PM »
Well, the woods are thick, so, spotting a corpse and/or guessing how far away it might be didn't pan out for me. I did find a stack of 5 feathers but I didn't think a bird would give an audible death rattle from a distance.

Gameplay questions / Deathrattle!
« on: November 27, 2019, 08:45:59 AM »
I'm taking my guy on his first deep exploration. I load up my stag with furs, food, and extra trade goods, and begin a trek through Kuikka lands, heading for the Kaumo area.

Having arrived at the border of the two, I stop for the day, build a shelter and, since it's only afternoon, I decide to fish in the adjacent lake. The first hole I chop is too close to shore, not deep enough, so I walk out further and chop another hole. Just as I drop my line, I hear the cry of a wounded beast, then another! What the hell? A lynx has walked up and killed my stag, just feet from me! Thanks, dog, for your timely warning(not)! I don't even see the lynx, it's just gone.

I skin and butcher the stag but now I'm overburdened with all the gear it was carrying, too. So, I unload gear at the shelter, start tanning the hide and then set the meat to dry. Several days later, having had no further sign of the lynx, I finish the tanning and pack up, loading my dog with enough to make it possible for me to carry everything else, albeit with 30% burden. Obviously, my next trade will be for a beast of burden... except I can't find a village with any animals to trade.

I wander through Kaumo land a bit, finding 3 villages but no animals, and head back, one week later, to the Kuikka area I just passed because, surely, there must be a village there, right? When I get back to the shelter-of-dead-stags, I'm cutting twigs for a fire when I'm told I hear a DEATHRATTLE to the southeast! Again, what the hell? In the morning light, I searched quite a bit, seeing lots of lynx tracks and a number of tree trunks in one area, but no corpse of any kind. I wonder if that stealthy lynx found a woodsman or a hunter?

Does anything besides a human utter a deathrattle? I'm almost dying to know...heh. I'm setting a large deadfall trap here. Don't even care if I come back to a rotted lynx carcass, just so long as it clears this murdering creature from the area. 

Guides and tutorials / Re: quality of life
« on: November 22, 2019, 08:27:04 PM »
...I do the same for tanning stuff, drop everything except hides, press 'g' to get my knife (and some fat) from the pile at my feet, and I am ready to go with 0 penalties...
Excellent advice! Thanks for sharing this, I wish I discovered that feature in-game 300 hours earlier  :)

I noticed that while it's mandatory to pick up the skin, it's not for knives. Any knives on PlayerCharacter tile or one its neighbouring tiles will be picked up automatically.

The same is true for the various axes you may use in building. They need only be on the ground next to you to be used.  It also holds that, when making arrows, the feathers and rocks need only be next to you, but you do have to have the cord in inventory. You can grind roots and grain without actually having the two stones in inventory, but you do have to have a container in inventory. To build traps, most of the components(trunks, stones) only have to be next to you. The main exception is cord/rope needed and sometimes branches.

Suggestions / Re: Arrowheads
« on: November 22, 2019, 08:12:59 PM »
So if we cannot get Flint and we are not making metal heads so what kind of of arrow heads are we making? Is it feasible to make arrows from other stone?

The procedure actually requires you to have rocks on hand. I just thought it would be cool to have to form arrowheads, first, before we could make an arrow. Since there is no flint, apparently, why are we using rocks?

Suggestions / Re: Arrowheads
« on: November 20, 2019, 03:56:04 AM »
er...Otzi was Bronze Age! Finding his axe and dating his body changed perceptions of how far back the Bronze Age began... The information they've garnered from that old man's body and gear is astounding.

Anyway, our characters are relatively inexperienced teenagers. Providing their own iron may be beyond them at this point, eh? So, if they're not carving bone and antler, they should be trading for iron?

Suggestions / Re: Arrowheads
« on: November 19, 2019, 12:25:01 PM »
If that's accurate, it could still work. Just make flint a trade item, as Fine arrowheads? I guess I was enjoying the idea of emulating Otzi.

Suggestions / Arrowheads
« on: November 19, 2019, 06:11:38 AM »
Instead of just gathering common rocks in order to form arrows, why not craft arrowheads from stone/rock. It would be interesting to do flintnapping, or to carve arrowheads from bone and antlers.

Iron arrowheads could be a trade item, too, instead of completed Superior arrows. It would feel great to trade for some Superior iron arrowheads and form my own arrows. I think it would express the difference between crude, decent, fine, and Superior quality if the arrowheads were identified as crude bone, decent antler, fine flint, and superior iron.

Also, I think that searching for flint would add some quality to the standard mountain/cliff terrain.

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