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Feed the Njerpez Foundation needs your donations! tl;dr New challenge, deliver one full bag of grain to the interior of a building in EVERY Njerp village in your world without killing anyone inside their territory (maiming pursuers is acceptable). Bonus points: return all your Njerpez scimitars, that their owners' families might find peace in war.

Now folks, I know what you're thinking, it's exactly what I was thinking when I first heard of the FNF and all the great work they're doing out there in southeast Finland. LoLotov, the Njerps are the enemy! Why should we feed the enemy? Well, there are a couple big reasons I'll tell you folks about. First off, for the pure humanity of it! It seems like the Njerp children put up less and less of a fight and get more and more skeletal each time we massacre their villages. There just isn't enough food in Njerpland to keep the children in fighting shape! But our economy is being hit too! Even the trophy scouts seem to be getting smaller and smaller, and that's having a direct effect on the livelihoods of all you tribals out there, whether you want to admit it or not. Most of our iron comes from slaying Njerps, and if they're too weak to carry it, we ourselves will run out! And in case you needed more reason, the spirits themselves command that you help! I was minding my own business the other day, running an augury on some kuikka entrails, you know... the usual... and I saw the signs plain as day. The spirits want YOU to bring your excess food to a local Feed the Njerpez Foundation drop-off box! They offer convenient locations at any Njerpez village, and swift service is guaranteed! Just be sure to bring any other valuables you don't need anymore too, the FNF always needs funding folks! Folks, I hate doing these long-winded speeches, you know that about me, but this is an issue that's very close to my heart, and I hope you'll find it closer to yours too now that you know what the great folks at FNF stand for. We can keep the Njerpez around a little longer if we all just work together, so open your hearts, open your rucksacks, and let's feed those Njerps, folks!

[Applause sign turns on]

Character restrictions: Custom, Driik, ONE attribute reroll, use a skill raise on Ritual.

September 07, 2017, 09:04:04 AM
Official Legacy Character Thread (multiplayer urw) Making a new thread for this so that we can have all the pertinent info in the OP. This is a migration of the legacy character thread from the old forum. There are some screenshots and stories of older characters in that thread that you should read but I won't copy here.

In ##urw, we have been playing legacy characters together. This post is to make coordination of the legacy characters easier.

  • When it is your turn, play one month in game, then pass it on to the next person.
  • You have 1 real life month to play your turn. If you don't manage to pass the character on in that time, we will mark you away and send the file you received to the next person in line. You are welcome to come back any time. If you are getting close the deadline it is okay to pass on in the middle of the month, better to pass it on than not.
  • All characters share the same "next" order so that always the person who is next is the person who hasn't played in the longest. New people start at the front.
  • You can do whatever you want during your turn. Ask urwbot for a quest and/or a rule if you aren't sure what to do.
  • Try not to die. Before doing something dangerous, take dogs with you and hire some companions.
  • If you die anyway, let us know what happened, and then we'll make a new character. No savescumming.
  • Before making a new character, check that there is someone to pass the character onto with "urwbot, legacy players"
  • If you want to make a new character, ask urwbot for a hard or insane start like so: "urwbot, start hard" or "urwbot, start insane." Play the full first month of the character's life and have it ready to send before adding it to the bot.
  • Inside the character's folder is _notes.txt with a little history of what happened during the previous months of the character's life. read it when you get the character, then update it before you pass it on.
  • Use map markers to explain stuff like "meat drying by this shelter" or "this village is mad at us" so we know.

How to use urwbot to join the legacy game:

You can talk to urwbot with /msg urwbot COMMAND or urwbot, COMMAND. All commands related to the legacy character start with "legacy"

  • legacy join YOUREMAILADDRESS  - join the legacy game. your email will be kept private except that it will be PMed to the person who has a character to send you. A zipped character folder can be like 10-20MB so make sure you have room in your e-mail for that.
  • legacy leave - stop playing legacy games entirely (first pass on the character you have to someone else though!)
  • legacy away - go on vacation from legacy games. no characters will be sent to you but you can come back later.
  • legacy back - return from away, receive characters again
  • legacy mail - if you are next in line, get the email address of the person to send your character to
  • legacy mail YOURNEWEMAILADDRESS - change your email address.
  • legacy sent - tell urwbot you have sent your character to the next person in line. now you are in line for receiving a new character again.
  • legacy new NAME - you made a new character and want to send it to somebody. Don't do this if there are already 3-4 characters in circulation.
  • legacy next - find out who is next (the title of the chatroom should have this info too)
  • legacy char - find out which legacy characters are alive
  • legacy players - find out who is currently active.
  • legacy died - report to urwbot that your character has died. it will be removed from the roster and you'll be put back in line to wait for a new character.
  • legacy rule NAME - find out the rules for a character.
  • legacy rule RULE - set a new rule for the character that you have.

September 11, 2017, 12:54:41 PM
##urw IRC Chatroom This is a migration of the old IRC topic from the old forum. It has some replies there that you may want to read which I won't be copying over.

I made an IRC chatroom. The idea is that it would be open all the time and people could lurk in it and now and then conversation could happen. Rules for conduct would be same as the forums -- don't be mean to each other. :)

Click here for instructions on how to use URWBot

How to join in:

IRC newbies
Go here:

Pick a name for yourself (preferrably your forum name so we know who you are, or if not then at least use the same name every time you join the channel)

In the "channels" box, type ##urw

Fill out the captcha and type connect.

The channel is ##urw not #urw because # channels are for official channels maintained by organisations -- so like if Sami wanted to own the channel because it's his game. ## channels are for unofficial groups, like this fan based channel.

Slightly more advanced

Download a program to connect to IRC. There are a lot of these. There's for Windows and which works on windows/mac/linux. There's for those of us who like to live in a terminal window.

You need to connect to libera. there might be some gui feature you could use or there might be a box to type in.
port 6697 for TLS OR port 6667 for plaintext

see for network information).

you might want to set it to autojoin ##urw

you might need to type something like this:

Code: [Select]
/join ##urw

after the first command you get a wall of text welcoming you to libera, after the second you join the channel.

If anyone is using irssi, I'm happy to paste from my .irssi/config if you want autojoin. If you're using something with a gui it probably has a button that'll do that for you.

basic irc commands

you might want to register your name so that nobody else can pretend to be you. type:
Code: [Select]
/msg nickserv register password
where password is your new irc password and is your real e-mail address.

after that, every time you sign on, you have to type
Code: [Select]
/msg nickserv identify password
(your program can do that automatically for you if you set it up)

you might want to send a private message to someone in the channel. do that by typing
Code: [Select]
/msg nickname hi
sometimes instead of saying something you want to do an action. type this without the space between / and me:
Code: [Select]
/ me catches a fish with a rock
this will display as

Code: [Select]
***Plotinus catches a fish with a rock
if your username is Plotinus, which it is not, because I registered that nickname.

if someone is annoying you, you can ignore them

Code: [Select]
/ignore nickname
if you don't want to ignore them anymore:

Code: [Select]
/unignore nickname
If you want to change your nickname, type this:
Code: [Select]
/nick NewNickName
If you need more help, here's a list of commands:

Code: [Select]
then if you want to know more about a command, for example "away", type:

Code: [Select]
/help away


1) no spam -- spambots will be banned without warning.
2) don't be mean
2a) don't be racist, homophobic, sexist, etc.
3) off topic chit chat is okay but keep it friendly for all ages.
3a) no one cares what you do with your "spear" when it's not slaying njerpez.
4) if someone is annoying you, use /ignore
5) if you want to share a chatlog elsewhere on the internet because something funny happened, it is polite to ask the participants of the conversation first if that's okay.
5a) nonetheless, this is a public channel that anyone can join, so think about how much private information you want to share about yourself.

More rules can be added as we need them.

Backup channel in case of Netsplits or if Libera gets DDoSed:

Go to this page:
In the box where it says Nickname, type a name you want to use.
In the box where it says Channel, delete #spotchat and type #urw
Then press start!

Using a client:

connect to

once connected, type /join #urw

September 13, 2017, 05:56:29 PM
Re: Poems of the Fallen Njerpez fallen

He was a starving redshirt,
oh, a Njerpez do I mean
Hanging 'round my island's outskirts
Unaware that he'd been seen

So I took my fine broadhead
and my longbow in my hands
By nightfall would he be dead
His stain cleansed off my lands

He was a starving redshirt,
oh, a Njerpez did I mean
He bled out on the frozen dirt
Where he's ever since been

October 03, 2017, 07:02:40 PM
Re: Blocking Weapons and Assorted Combat Discussion Combat is my favorite part of this game, it's a very unique system and a lot of fun to mess around with. I start most characters on There Be Robbers!, so I frequently do a 3-6 on 1 fight with minimal clothing and a less than ideal weapon set. The key is to make sure your blind spots are blocked by trees, and always try counter-strikes to the legs with your weapon's blunt damage (if your weapon skill is better than your dodge, which for the purpose of this, it is). This will make sure you're still dishing out damage to the people trying to surround you, while you continue targeting whoever is the worst injured until they're unconscious and out of the fight. It's always better to counter-strike over dodge if at all possible, just target arms or legs to interrupt their attacks and limit their attack rate. The  most powerful thing in the whole combat system is Looking at your opponent and seeing where he actually has, or does not have, armor. Bandits rarely if ever have anything more than the odd piece of leather clothing or a ratty overcoat, so they're actually not too tough if you target on them correctly. However, the occasional Njerp will have ~40 pounds of decent armor and be extremely difficult to attack.

My attack combo, for the combat style of close to even (and quite high) spears and axes, and as much armor as I can find:

Open with as many javelins thrown as possible, targeting the body for random wounds and occasional instakills; sometimes you'll get 'em all off, sometimes you'll be caught with one held. Wait for them to be one or two tiles away, DROP your javelin if you still have it, and wield whatever you have the highest skill with. They should have moved next to you without attacking while you wielded, but you may have to immediately counter-strike, and you may have to wait a turn. Whatever you do, don't just move into the adjacent tile and give them a free hit. Your javelins should have weakened a few points of the first target if there are multiple enemies, so give him a primary attack attribute (most damage from the weapon) to the legs. Should put him on the ground immediately, and once he's there, attack his arms every time he tries to wield a weapon, and go for head shots and a quick knockout when his hands are empty.

His undamaged buddies should have rolled up by now, so turn to adjust if you have to, and wail on the first guy with all your might. Counter-strike to their arms and legs as needed to disarm/knock them down, but otherwise target the second (overall) enemy's head or body and try to get him out of it as quickly as possible. Finish up the third with the same legs/arms/head you gave the first guy, the others should just be milling around nearby swapping weapons and tiring themselves out until they get a clear route to run towards you. Your armor should be pretty beat up by now, so if there are more than three, you should start to expect increasingly severe injuries, and potential death, from now on.

However, you followed my combo, and aren't too fatigued, and you have enough armor to equip a small army, so you battle on, courage unwavering. It is time to be as defensive as possible. Attack arms, counter body for occasional severe damage and arm/leg shots, start dodging when you feel a particular target might have the upper hand on you. Keep them fumbling for their weapons, and pick at their ability to fight effectively. First three enemies you killed as fast as possible, as few individual attacks as possible, and everyone after that you kill with a thousand cuts while trying to avoid the same fate.

Edge damage is best for limbs and poorly armored torsos, as it can do quite severe damage to these targets (the infamous Nearly Severed knee is quite possible on a first strike with just a hand axe and results in instant unconsciousness). Point is excellent for piercing torso armor, and can cause occasional decent bleeding, but is much less likely to render a limb inoperable than edge. Blunt is best of all against armor, so it's your damage of choice when counter attacking. It rarely causes the kind of severe injuries the others do, but a quick knockdown/disarm on one bandit out of two or three of them midattack saves you a turn of double or triple hits later while he stands back up, or changes weapons.

October 04, 2017, 04:06:45 AM
Re: Blocking Weapons and Assorted Combat Discussion
(presuming one lives)

This is the important part for me, I make no qualms about essentially playing this game wrong, but that's the best part about it! I pretty much just pick fights with anyone Spiritually safe to do so with, pile up the loot and farm animals, trade for food til I have the basic smokehouse and trap fence, and see how long I can go before I drown or something else stupid (of me). I pretty much don't die in fights anymore, I used to easily and early with better set up characters, so it's worth practicing. My one save scummed character was a really great way to experiment, kept testing the same situation for better and better outcomes until I could handle it safely anytime it comes up.

I usually have at least two characters active between which I switch. One is for surviving and playing it safe, the other is for when I'm more in the mood for risky behaviour. Gives me the best of two worlds.

October 05, 2017, 02:19:00 AM
Re: More Signs of Robber's Camps in Overland Maps I think as a reward they should make you an honorarary citizen of the village, and able to perform any task (other than theft) that they would normally be angry about, such as cutting down their trees and harvesting their herbs/produce.
October 12, 2017, 01:11:36 AM
Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World?
I got into a scuffle with a bunch of pigs out in a bog, all while I had a boat strapped to my back. I don't know why but I found it really funny.

I was on my way to a distant village to see their sage, and the best way to get there is to carry my raft across a wide open bog to a lake, paddle across the lake and then up a river. Well on my way across the mire, I ran into a herd of wild pigs. Seeing an opportunity, I tossed some javelins into the herd, lightly wounding one of them. I spent the next several minutes chasing pigs all over the swampy morass, eventually wounding another one and separating it from the rest of the herd.

I was still carrying the heavy raft during all of this, since I didn't want to drop it and forget where I left it during the chase. My character was tired, and I was trying to line up a killing throw against that isolated, wounded pig. Right at the exact instant I was ready to throw, I took a heavy blow from behind me. It made me jump in my chair. One of the other pigs had separated from the herd, charged me and rammed itself right into my backside! I didn't even know they could do that (I'm still fairly new to this game). It knocked the javelin right out of my hands. It kept attacking me as I frantically pulled out my spear, and it caused a pretty serious injury to my arm along with some minor ones. For a minute I thought I was gonna get torn apart by pigs, but I managed to stab it and it took off running.

I turned around and continued the chase against the other wounded pig, and even though I was injured and over-encumbered, I managed to keep up with it until it had exhausted itself, then finished it off. The mental image I had of my big burly Kaumo guy chasing and getting knocked around by pigs while running through a bog with a boat strapped to his back made me laugh.
Thoroughly bored with my 1 year+ Driik huntsman-trapper and yet curiously inspired by your example, I set off to prove my heroism by KILLING a large game animal with a raft.  First I built myself a raft, then tested m skills.  As I could only throw a raft a single tile and I am not quite so masochistic as to try to run something down with only a raft as a weapon, I decided to use a crossbow to injure the animal and THEN run it down.  It took a fair few attempts and a couple lost broadheads to do so as a raft is quite cumbersome, but I eventually crippled a nice, large elk and then ran it down.  Be forewarned, would-be champions of raft combat: A raft makes a thrown rock look like a horrifically deadly weapon.  Thrown rafts evidently can merely scratch a beast, and cannot even penetrate elk-hide over much of an animal's body.  So I spent several hours throwing my raft at the beast.  So herculean were my efforts that the ferocious crippled elk once regained consciousness after an initial downing and started trying to run away again!  It took me many minutes of chase to catch up and thwack it enough times with my raft to bring it down again.  Eventually I decided that the beast's skull was simply too thick and well-armored a target and thereafter went for body shots, hoping to score a lucky strike against thorax or abdomen.  Armed with this knowledge, I finally slew the tasty yet dastardly beast.  But my learning was not yet complete!  For it seems that a full set of armor AND a raft make skinning and butchering such a beast so tiresome that I needed to rest and even sleep several times before I finished.  Fortunately, it seems that raft splinters do not greatly damage animal hides, no matter how severe the beasting.  And that, friends, is my tale.

Now if any animal rights groups come asking, please give them a false name and point them in some other direction, thank you.

October 19, 2017, 01:30:08 AM
Re: Poems of the Fallen Lessons at the campfire

Oh young hunter listen well
to the tales I will here tell
For you can't hunt if you don't know
The behaviour your prey might show

Big goshawk often flies up high
She hunts through the vast blue sky

Ringed seal splashes up the shore
then dives below the waves once more
Grey seal, well, it's hard to hunt her
she too has a habit of diving under

Badger may look slow but beware
When fleeing he's as fast as any hare

Big squirrel sitting in a tree
Thinking 'ha ha you can't reach me'
(Catch him with a well-aimed throw
or shoot blunt arrows from a bow)

Beaver is gone in a flash
Diving under with a splash

Put a turnip in a loop snare
and some day you'll catch a hare
Drop a turnip on a trap pit
You might just find an elk in it

Forest reindeer next to a tree
There must be a few more I can't see

Set up a light lever for a bird
Wake up to hear one getting hurt
One remaining feather doesn't match
An eagle owl made off with the catch

Oh young hunter listen well
To the tales I did here tell
Learn their habits, quirks and all
And to your weapons they will fall

October 30, 2017, 08:25:16 PM
"Spirit of the forest, I presume" Now that sort of a phrase may actually slip from your lips in the next version of the game as the Spirit of the Forest gets added to our small cast of otherworldly creatures.
Reworked spells and many kind of spirit world additions has a major part in the galore of upcoming features, and manifestation and actual appearance of spirit of the forest is now featured and off my to-do list. Implementing a related quest (or two) is still required, but step by step the planned spirit world additions do gets wrapped up.

As a necessary spin-off feature we also had to expand possible sacrifices to include not only foodstuff, but also valuables. See, offering silver has been traditionally very much linked to pleasing the certain spirits. And as the spells in the game now are actual collected old spells we had to add silver sacrifices if we wanted to add proper spells for "summoning" the spirit of the forest. (You may want to see post about the used "spellbooks" at old forums).

You know, with this version it feels like our to-do things are proceeding really slow compared to the amount of work and energy put in. Seems like we're dealing with complex entities rather than simple isolated features. But there's the spirit of the forest now. He brought in so much more code and features than first assumed, but it all just had to be done.

Let's not spoil too much about what the spirit of the forest can actually do for you, but we know he's an important spirit, watching over the forest and the animals. According to the folklore the spirit of the forest may sometimes tell you where the game is, if he's pleased with you. That, at least, is an actual feature now. And as a tidbit of our desired in-game perfection I gotta mention that these spirits often concentrate on only culturally important animals. Thus, the spirit of the forest can prioritize his observations differently for members of northern tribes than those of the western tribes.
But now look at this fellow of one of the eastern tribes...
He must have something right to hear this from..well...from the spirit of the forest, I presume.

November 04, 2017, 05:28:15 PM