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Re: Adding marriage - poll about how you find its priority I'd rather not see politics in the game. I play the game in part to escape politics and introducing 21st century SJW orthodoxy into a late stone age game would ruin most of its charm for me. So for that reason, I think introducing marriage is a bad idea.
March 11, 2020, 04:01:23 PM
Re: Adding marriage - poll about how you find its priority Since when marriage is something political? Let's leave out 2020 drama out of this, this is a game in another period of time. The elks should decide what to add, if they decide to add something, based on what happened then, aka history, not politics.

I personally definitely want somekind of marriage and even the possibility to have toddlers, even if they will never grow up. For an added challenge and for the fun of it. Since little cubs have been implemented in the game, why not have a few kids too.

March 26, 2020, 11:30:55 AM
Re: Adding marriage - poll about how you find its priority
If they decide to do that they will be called nasty names.
There is a simple solution for abusing people. It's called banning them. So if someone becomes like that, bye. I don't see why the rest of the people have to be punished because of a small minority of aggressive persons.

March 26, 2020, 06:46:41 PM
Re: Adding marriage - poll about how you find its priority
If they decide to do that they will be called nasty names.
There is a simple solution for abusing people. It's called banning them. So if someone becomes like that, bye. I don't see why the rest of the people have to be punished because of a small minority of aggressive persons.

I think I get what Jonottawa is getting at.  Social Justice Warriors.  Essentially people that can leverage a ton of bad press and possibly get the game "cancelled" as far as the mainstream is concerned.  Potentially anyway, but not necessarily.

If this did happen, I don't think such a campaign would be successful if Sami sticks to what is historically accurate and doesn't give in by apologizing for doing nothing wrong.  Him and his team would also have to be careful not to fan the flames of outrage if this came to pass, but I think URW would get through the drama unscathed.

Marriage is on the development table, what form it will take, we don't know.

April 05, 2020, 09:13:27 PM
Re: Adding marriage - poll about how you find its priority I think there are at least two aspects of this,

1. Having and raising a family
This I think this needs to be in the game at a mechanical level anyway, because we're also talking about things like animal husbandry and wildlife having young. It would also be nice to see this for the NPCs; to see children in villages grow up and for them to bond with other village members and also have babies. So ultimately what we're talking about is implementing some life cycle system to the game, which would also apply to human NPCs, and then would also apply to the player. The player should be able to do it, simply because NPCs should be able to do it.

You would find a mate, divide responsibilities, and then I think like others have said, the only real way to manage the baby is for it to happen all of the sudden because there's no good mechanic for it. Perhaps a chance that the wife gets pregnant if you're sleeping in the same room, with the chances going up the more time you spend together, or depending on some emotional relationship between the two of you that is tracked by the game somehow (such as the game determining if you're angry with each other or in positive relations, though I'm not sure how exactly that would be tracked). Then the pregnancy would come to term and there would be a baby.

2. The ceremony
This would be not just finding a mate to bond with, but having some type of ritual to mark the occasion and seal the bond and officially make you married. Generally speaking, I think it would be nice to see things like village festivals and festivities in the game. I can't speak much to what went on in Iron Age Finland, so I'm just thinking of what might go on in a Medieval village, where you might have some festival decorations like wreaths and garlands, and feasts, and music, and singing and dancing. I've been looking at old shepherd's almanacs, and the winter months after the harvest are set aside as a kind of feasting period. Then by May again, you get allusions to festivals again with May wreaths and so on.

The point being that right now it seems that there's no real social life to villages. Like a lot of things in the game, it feels villages exist to be primarily instrumental to gameplay, which is not the wrong focus for the start. But things can be expanded to make villages feel as if they have a life of their own, and then bringing the same mechanics for NPCs to the player also makes sense here.

February 12, 2021, 11:04:40 PM
Re: Losing Braincells While Trying to Find Camouflaged Reindeer I feel your pain, there are a number of quests that involve a search, forest cover is perhaps the worst of these because the only thing that you can find is tracks.  Here are the tips I can think of to help.
  • Search from the center of the circle on the map, the location always seems to be the very center of the search circle.
  • You can use your tracking skill in the zoomed out map, maybe try using it a few times on each square.
  • Sometimes the tracks are mislabeled, you might find bull tracks if you're looking for a cow (how would they know?!).

Bear in mind there's no great penalty for failing a quest, you can sometimes go back to the NPC and tell them you give up.  That might help you get another quest in a more timely manner, but I think I've had two quests active at a single time before.

I have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with the search quests but it always feels rewarding when I find what I've spent time looking for.

December 03, 2021, 03:20:39 AM
Re: Losing Braincells While Trying to Find Camouflaged Reindeer The forest cover quest is the worst of them all, in my view. It just gives you a large area, without any context (terrain), and you can easily pass by tracks at a fairly short distance without being able to see them (especially with spruce hiding most of everything), and the tracks can only be seen in reasonable light conditions, which aren't available for much of the day for large parts of the year. The robber quest doesn't specify any terrain either, but in that case you have both tracks and the robbers themselves (which are always more than one), which reduces the risk of missing them when visiting their tile quite a bit.

Explicitly telling the NPC that you give up speeds up getting a new quest, as the game doesn't have to time out the quest before generating a new one (or maybe even start the cool down counter).
The only quests I've had in parallel with other quests are the ones with a very long expiration time where it can take months to actually be able to perform the quest (e.g. acquire wealth to be able to afford a silver item and then actually find someone [typically a trader] to sell you one, before finally being able to perform the quest itself).

December 03, 2021, 11:07:22 AM
It's been a while... Hi, everyone.
Today I've downloaded the game and played since years.
The love for this game haven't ended, and it feels so good to play it again.

Mila from the Reemiläiset just spent her first in-game day.
Did some exploration around an abandoned camp. It was really rainy.
After wondering around, picking some berries, set a snare-loop and simple traps, noticed she was sweating all the time.
Gotta took off that heavy and warm fur over-coat, beeing chest naked. Soon she'll get some lighter, perhaps a woollen shirt or so.
So far no human at sight, nor activity besides that camp.
In the way back to the shelter, spotted both a glutton and bear.
Reminded her 3 initial rituals, all of them Bear-related.
Night time is aproaching, and Mila just wonder where the road might take her.

Wanna thanks both developers and workers of this amazing game.
And also recalling how I've not sent any squirrel furs so far. Need to contribute economically, and yet you guy keep updating the download section for free. That's really honorable.

And lastly, hope you're all doing well.
Summer is getting closer here. And I hope that in in-game summer as well, Mila and I get surprised and get to have good experiences together.

From South America, Regards¡

December 11, 2021, 03:24:30 AM
Krutzel's Spirited Sprites
Spoiler: Original Post: • show

Hey y'all, I've been drawing sprites for this game for years, but never really released anything myself.
I contributed to Wickham's Graphical Enhancement Project back in the day, and have a few sprites in the base game now, and did all the sprites for Night's Character Designer. Still working on that one, once in a while.

Anyways, I decided to share some of what I have made up to now, currently I'm working on making animals and NPCs in 8 directional sprites, and I'm interested in what you guys think.

Also, I noticed "Galgana's creature sprites" has a few animals with w after the name, does that enable winter version sprites?

I will update when I have more to share, I hope to have a complete graphics pack one day. Enjoy!

Spirited Sprites is purely a graphical mod with focus on realism and esthetics.
A large portion of the pack is adding 8 directional sprites to the game, both NPCs and animals.
All animals are completely remade with 3d references, while NPCs are based on the original game sprites.

Installation and Use:
Unpack in truetile folder and overwrite all.
Alternatively unpack somewhere else, and copy over the files you want.
Copy over wanted files from Spirited Sprites Optional folder. Note the truegfx images need to be copied to the right folder.

Use "a-SS-summer.bat" and "a-SS-winter.bat" to change back and forth from snowcovered graphics.
Press F9 in game to update graphics.

Content and old changelog:

8 directional animals preview:

Changes has been made in released versions.

Old Preview Changelog:

ter-walls - added a few pixels length to support t-juctions.
ter-prepsoil - new tilled soil sprite.
ter-kotacamp - flipped to fit general lighting direction.
ter-ground - new ground sprite.
ter-gcmoss - new moss ground sprite.
ter-cellar - changed perspective to be top down.
ter-road - changed colors to fit new ground.
gui-horizon - new sprite.
it-skis - new sprite for 8 directional movement.
cur-facedirs - reduced size, as 8 dir. sprites make facing easy to read.
cur-pcdirs - same as above.
ter-firepla - Changed colors and contrast.
flo-heather - New sprite for heather. Shown as large patch, instead of small plant.
ter-ypine - new sprite, fits the spruce trees better in style.
ter-bunk - rotated to fit fallen direction east-west.
Dog changed to look like an Elkhund instead of a Buhund.Recolored reindeer sprite.
Started to convert animals to black outlines, as is looks a bit better when sprites are recolored in-game, and increases contrast between sprites. Not sure about this though..
Included wrong wall files. Fixed.
Minor changes to several sprites.

Old Changelog 1.2:
All animals are now included.
remofire - reused my old sprite from Wickhams G.P.
embers - new sprite to fit burt out fire.
suna stove - new sprite for greater difference between the two.
Pine tree, same as the tall version, but shortened. Included as default.
blood - new sprite, less saturated.
Bird tracks made by Galgana - for black grouse, hazel grouse, capercaillie, raven, eagle owl, goshawk and mallard. Thank you!
Tall spruce and completely new pine trees that fits the style better. (optional)
8 directional player characters in 8 directions. (optional)
Snowcovered boulder and evergreen trees. (optional)

Spirited Sprites 1.3.1:

Fixed typo in .bat file. Thank you paulkorotoon!

Npc - all npcs included, same ones as we know and love, now in 8 directional sprites.
Included .bat files as per suggestion of Galgana, to change between snowcovered trees and bloulder + hare winter fur.
Plants - Barley, nettle, sorrel and river reed - More pronounced outlines, and experimenting with multiple plants for plants where it makes sense to grow more dense.
Fire - New sprite in pixel art style.
tahtitaivas - Added northern lights to loading screen. (optional)
logo - added Spritited Sprites logo to main screen. (optional)

Terms of use:
The animal sprites are created by me, and you can use them for what ever you want.
Everything else (with a few exceptions) is derived from the game sprites, and can be used for what ever you want, as long as it is ONLY used to mod UnReal World. (As per the terms stated in truetile readme)
Feel free to contact me if in doubt.
Credits are appreciated, but not necessary.

Due to forum file size limitations, I had to part the zip file in 3. Alternative downloads:

Google Drive

NB, you have to be logged in on the forums to download from the underlying links.

February 18, 2023, 10:26:32 PM