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Wounded or starving dogs refusing to attack on command Let's announce just one small but significant upcoming addition....

 - added: wounded or starving dogs may refuse to attack on command

        If your dog is seriously wounded or starving it may refuse to attack on command. Even the suffering dogs still defend
        their masters and themselves from charging predators and enemies, but are just reluctant to act as war dogs who always
        run after a given target completely despite of their own condition. This addition may encourage you to keep your dogs
        more safe and better fed from now on.

This is an upcoming feature, not functional in the current version 3.40.

October 04, 2017, 02:21:40 PM
Re: Anachronistic swords I didn't really want to say anything cause it seems quite an old elephant in the room, but this is part of avoiding swords as weapons for me... Halberds forever, heavy two-handed weapon using spear skill with better edge than point damage. Like 10 or 12 pounds, excellent attack bonus, somewhat poor defense bonus, and only available from foreign traders (maybe equipped by very rare and powerful Njerps). Alternatively to the halberd, a war hammer or great-club, any kind of large, traumatic, bludgeoning instrument. I like keeping bastard swords, they seem plausible as longer, Frankish-import Viking swords; very exotic weapons for the area indeed, but certainly not unrealistic for the (Viking) foreign traders to have. What else would they spend all of OUR furs on?

Edit: Addressed by OP, so I'll say that I only think they should be rare among Njerps due to their likely-quite-high value, and potential overall increase in the opponent's combat ability.

October 06, 2017, 03:39:54 AM
Re: Anachronistic swords Bringing swords into line with historical sources for is a great idea, and probably already in Sami's mind considering his recent weapon changes. Good posts.
October 07, 2017, 01:13:28 PM
Re: Blocking Weapons and Assorted Combat Discussion One way to handle that issue it to equip a single-handed weapon on main hand and use the other to throw javelins or rocks. That way if your enemy closes the distance before you expect it, at least you don't lose yet more rounds to switch to melee weaponry.

Working with a double two-handed set (bow&arrows for distance, two-handed melee weapon) is a perfectly valid method as well but timing becomes a *lot* more tricky and you will frequently end up giving your enemy a free round either to attack you, to close the distance/maneuver in such a way that they, not you, will likely have the first attack, or if not will see you forced to attack/counterstrike with a double-handed weapon used single-handedly for a turn. Because of this, it's mostly viable for characters with good dodge, good armor, or both.

Judgement of when to move towards an enemy or when to move slightly away/to the side to increase chances of the first attack being yours once it comes to melee is useful as well.

October 07, 2017, 09:53:59 PM
Re: Why are spears and javelins with lover damage than arrows yet are much bigger?
Your logic is flawed - everything has realistic range except throwign weponz - spears and stones! Even I CAN aim on 30 m with stone to hit head sized target!

I agree - my logic is flawed, and arm-chair philosophy is always unrealiable. So I decided to turn to empirical evidence. I gathered some items with corresponding weights as their equivalents in UnReal World. I shot a video of tossing items (both in UnReal World and in the real life).

And I must admit that Aramis seems to be partially right - item throwing distances might use some adjusting. Crude javelins in UnReal World fly too far. Or then it is that UnReal World characters are better at throwing items, having a better technique and giving projectiles greater velocity than I could do.

Here are the results for me and my UnReal World character Pekka;

Crude javelins (3 lbs) : Pekka 26 - 30 metres, Erkka 12 - 15 metres
A rock (1 lbs) : Pekka 17 - 20 metres, Erkka 17 - 20 metres
A stone (14 lbs) : Pekka 12 metres, Erkka 7 metres

(I repeated the real life test three times. For the first two runs I had my stone weight messed up, I was using a 14 kg stone instead of 14 lbs one. On the second test I got javelins to 15 metres. But instead of using that clip in the video I wanted to be precise with my stone weight, so I did a third test.)

November 25, 2018, 05:56:37 PM